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An Exciting Month

"Your majesty, 87% of people we invited have ordered vending machines for their establishments.

These last 2 weeks, we have been delivering the machines to them, so tomorrow, the machines will be in the academies, stores, government buildings and many other places.

Even the Zoo ordered a few too, and the Park ordered some for its staff as well.

The barracks also sent orders too, and we customized their vending machine designs as well.

In short, a selected few chose to customize their own too."

Landon massaged his chin deep in thought while nodding.

"HmHm. That's good.

But now, I want to know just one thing.

What about the international/none-Baymardian merchants?"

Tim looked at Landon and smiled.

"Your majesty, I knew you would ask about that.

As planned, we are ready for them too.

The solar-powered vending machines are all good to go!"

Landon's eyes lit up!

Good! Very good!

Back on earth, there were many solar-powered vending machines... But the most noticed one was that used by Coca-Cola.

They were sometimes found on beaches, outside resorts and so on.

They had solar panels attached to the top of the vending machines.

Landon wanted many around the Pyno continent to enjoy these machines too.

In fact, business owners might make more profits having this outside their stores now.

As for the matter of safekeeping it... no matter how one looked at it, stealing money from it took time.

And only those with the keys would be able to open the compartment where the money was located.

Of course, one could always resort to destroying the vending machine.

But would one do it in broad daylight, when the machine was just outside the store with the store staff keeping a watch on it?

Not likely.

And at night, the machines could be taken back in and locked up.


One should know that ever since the creation of Baymardians products, many businesses had learnt the hard way and levelled up their security.

When mattresses and even pillows came out, many wooden stores were broken into and robbed.

Some even got accidentally burnt.

With that, they started remodelling their stores with stone and iron doors.

And when the Baymardian locks with alarms, they were even more pleased.

Some people asked the blacksmiths to create metal doors that needed up to 20 locks on them.

So every 3 or 4 inches on the door, they would be a space where they could put locks in.

And they got 20 of the thickest Baymardian alarm locks and locked their doors.

But that wasn't all.

Within the stores, Many also created dungeon-like barred doors too.

So after opening the main door, they would still need to open the barred doors as well.

Again, because of the emergence of police officers patrolling these areas at night and day, the crime rate had drastically gone down.

That said, not everyone had levelled up their stores.

So Landon knew that only those who felt they could genuinely protect their goods would but the vending machines.

Surprisingly, after Tim had spoken to a few merchants who came here, they placed large orders for some vending machines.

Of course, it would take time for the international merchants to be aware of them.

But that wouldn't be a problem.


Because all the cruise sh.i.p.s would have vending machines here and there.

And the word would spread way faster, making more people aware of it.


As for solar-powered machines, over the years, Baymard had made many that were now essential items across the continent.

Take for example, the off-the-grid/solar-powered plastic compact washing machines and drying machines.

Sure, it was smaller and could wash or dry less load than actual washing machines here in Baymard, but for many outside Baymard, it was a life-changer.

Now, people could do laundry while cooking or even do laundry while relaxing after a full day of work.

It was just convenient, and many didn't know how they lived without it.

It was the size of a rectangular laundry basket, and its plastic exterior made it easy to carry, handle and even take on the road.

Back on earth, these sorts of machines could be bought on JD, Amazon, Alibaba and many others.

It was just suitable for people who lived off the grid or in their vehicles travelling on the roads.

Landon didn't see any reason not to provide them.

With the basic manufacturing principles down, just change the power input to solar rather than plugging on walls for electricity.

Of course, the structures were made lighter using plastic, and a few internal elements were re-calculated and tested again since it was now made of plastic and not metal like most big washing machines.

All in all, it was reasonably easy to do.

Also, one shouldn't forget that Baymard had new territories.

So he felt it a little unfair for the Capital city to get Vending machines and whatnot, while the other places had to wait a few more years to enjoy these things... that's why he was very keen on solar energy.

Also, since these solar vending machines would be mainly categorized into 2;

•Those that only took Pyno coins

•And those that both paper money and coins (for those within the New territories, since they would be mixing in with the Arcadinians from time to time... At least until a few more years.)


"Your majesty, lastly, the Money changing machines were also a hit.... especially with the banks, government buildings, even the ports."

Landon nodded and closed the report.

"Alright. Now that it's all out of the way, what about the other projects?"


Your majesty, I thought you'd never ask.

Next week, the Aquarium resort will be open to the public as well.

I even saw the commercials and adverts all over the place.

The newly appointed President and those on the board of directors invited me for the launch next week... And I believe you also have an invitation too, your majesty.

As for the Arcade Centre, they too sent their invites as well.

I believe they'll be opening the place a week and a few days after the Aquarium resort opens up.

Your majesty, all the themed pinball games, claw-grabbing ones and Pac-Man games were all sent to the Arcade centre."


Landom smiled broadly when he thought of Pac-Man.

Finally, he would finish this damn mission and head on to the next.

He still had a long, very long way to go.

And he wanted to at least begin his next mission for leaving the Pyno continent at the end of the year.

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