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The Hunger Madness

Landon talked with Tim for a bit before heading back to the other industries.

And just like that, Baymard was about to usher in another wave of excitement.

Time flew by in a heartbeat.

The day turned to night, and night into day again.

Now, it was a brand new day!

The cool spring morning sun shone its golden beams unto Baymard, illuminating the early morning dew beaded like gardens and forest regions.

The wind was soft yet slightly cold, gently dancing across the land below.

The trees laughed once more as they shook in the direction of the wind.

The entire scene looked like moving poetry.

The Autumn temperature was perfect; warm, ambient and kind, making it a season for all.

But unlike the weather that was ambient and calm, the people of Baymard were not.

Something strange happened, which made many jump in shock.

It was a pleasant surprise that they weren't all that aware of.

What was this?



Within a moderate fixed room, a young girl was currently twisting and turning on her bed in annoyance.


How could it be morning already?

She felt like sleeping in and taking a sick day off Classes within the Medical & Healthcare Academy, but she didn't dare!

Missing a day's worth of lectures would definitely put her in a difficult position sooner or later.

Of course, if she were genuinely sick, then she would miss it.

But since she was okay, then she would go.

Sigh... Her tiredness was a result of the assignment, which she did till 2 A.M this morning.

She decided to take another 5 minutes of rest before finally waking up.

But when she woke up later, she realized that an entire 30 minutes had gone by in a twinkle of an eye.


The marathon began.

Eyla leaped out of bed and ran her hands through her messy hair, all the while dashing away like a hurricane.

Her mind was in a complete mess as she turned her apartment upside down.

Soon, it didn't take long before she ran cold water, cleaned up, and rushed out.

As for breakfast, hello? Look at the time!

She was already running late.

So, where did she have the time to sit down and have breakfast?

Rather than taking the elevator down her apartment room, she took the stairs and made her way into her blue Jeep.


She banged her door and drove off.


She was really hungry, but she decided to get something only after taking her first 2 lectures.


Because it was the same person teaching both courses, and he was the strictest teacher she had ever had.

A total of 5 absences without any medical report was akin to getting kicked off the class for some time.

The maximum time he usually gave was a month.

In the medicine, that was almost akin to stumping her growth.

In medicine, both theory and practice were critical and essential.

So after the first lecture course came the Practical course that followed immediately after that.

They got taught how to do new sutures and other vital things.

So imagine missing an entire month.

In her opinion, that was just medical suicide.

She didn't dare miss 5 lectures because of her belly.

Another key thing was that anyone who came 16 minutes or more late wouldn't be allowed to enter the class again, and their names would get marked as absent.

Of course, she could always speak out mid-lecture after getting into class, but he felt like it wasn't worth it because even though her professor was strict, his classes were gold.

She didn't want to miss a single word she said.

So she could only eat after both classes.

What else could she do?


And in nothing short of a miracle, she made it to school, 3 minutes late to class.

She looked at her watch and stuck to her plan of going to class first before eating.

But when she passed by one of the hallways, she saw something that made her bug out of their sockets.

What was this?

It wasn't just her who saw it, as a few others also stopped in their tracks.

They saw several snacks like ch.i.p.s, candy bars, pizza, sandwiches, microwave food and so on there, as well as bottled and canned beverages through a clear glass screen.

"Bro, what do you think it is?"

"I think it's a new type of fridge. Look at it!

It has the same boxy look as a fridge."

"No... Fridges don't have clear glass windows on them. Rather, I think it's a display box that shows what will be added to the cafeteria later on."

"You're right! After all, the bakery also has such clear display glasses that allow you to pick what you want too."

"A display box? Why didn't I notice that our school was wicked?

Do you know how hungry I am? How can they just display such things here knowing very well that the inky way we can get it is through the lineup in the cafeteria?"

"Why do I feel bullied all of a sudden? The Cafeteria rush hours are usually in the mornings before 10 A.M and at noon. It just so happens that I'll only be free during Cafeteria rush hours. So isn't akin to killing me?"

"I wasn't this hungry before. But now, seeing this has tripled the hunger. Damn, damn, damn! I feel like crying."

"You're still feeling it? For, I'm already in tears. Why are most of my courses in the early hours of the day? It's not fair!!"



Everyone's heart fell into their bellies as they stared at the clear glass screen like Zombies who were looking at prey.

They swallowed dryly, unable to thoroughly wet their parched throats.

It was as if their brains had only remembered that they were hungry because the food and drinks on the other side of the glass seemed to awaken the monster within.

All of them now regretted their actions of waking up late.

Could it be that they would die before their next free time?

Everyone felt overly depressed.

Some even decided to leave and not torture themselves anymore.

But when they were about to go, someone called everyone's attention again.

"Guys, I think we have it wrong."


Everyone turned to face a boy who was busy reading something painted on it.

"It's not a display box.

Apparently, it's something called a Vending machine."

Everyone looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

Vending Machine?

What was that?

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