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Liu Feng nodded. Qian Lei opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but when he saw Lan Mengqin’s threatening gaze, he didn’t.

Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge looked at each other instinctively. Yuanen Huihui had a nonchalant look on his face while Tang Yuge didn’t have much of an expression either.

“If everyone agrees, then it’s settled.”

Everyone unanimously agreed to a new plan. Compared to when they faced the sixth years, the lineup for the first four matches had completely changed. This could be considered an attempt.

Lan Xuanyu thought it through very clearly. Although the lineup had changed drastically, they could at least guarantee their victory through the team battle. If they couldn’t defeat their opponents in the team battle, then it didn’t matter what lineup they had before.

After discussing their plan to go on stage, the remaining time was their own. They had finally arrived at such an unfamiliar and beautiful place, so they naturally had to go out and take a look. Although the academy was located in the mountainous area, there were lakes in some of the mountainous areas and the scenery was beautiful.

However, after eating only vegetables and fruits here a few times, they began to miss the big fish and meat from Mother Planet. As there were soul beasts living here, there was no animal husbandry and it was almost impossible to sell meat. If they wanted to eat meat, they would have to transport it over from somewhere else.

However, the cost of transportation was simply too high, so almost no one ate meat here. All the meat was brought from the students’ home every six months.

Lan Xuanyu felt that if they brought some meat here to sell, they would probably be rich. The space in his Ring of Fate was so big, how much meat could they bring?

If Elder Shu knew that Lan Xuanyu was thinking about using the Ring of Fate to bring meat, he might vomit blood from anger.

The two days of relaxation allowed Lan Xuanyu and his team to recover to their peak state. They all fell in love with this beautiful planet that had rich life energy and a pleasant scenery. If not for the lack of time, they all wanted to stay in Sen Luo City for a longer period of time. It was said that there was meat for sale there, but of course, the price was very high.

“If we have time in the future, we can bring our entire class to the Sen Luo Planet to play. Anyway, we have a warship, so we can just fly over directly and arrive in five days,” Qian Lei said excitedly.

Not only did he like this place, but Fatty Jin also liked this environment.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Let’s wait until we graduate from the Outer Court. After we’re done with the Inner Court exam, everyone can come over and relax when you have time. We’ll apply to the academy for a stay in Sen Luo City. There shouldn’t be any problem.”

“It’s time to enter,” Xiao Qi said.

Lan Xuanyu and his team quickly followed behind him and ascended the stone steps.

The competition venue was at the top of the mountain, which was the highest peak near Shrek Academy’s branch. There was a huge platform at the top of the mountain. It was unknown which mighty figure had created it, but it was huge and spacious.

This was the largest battle arena in the subdivision. It was over 10,000 square meters and resembled a gigantic stadium.

There was a complete defense system here.

At this moment, the arena at the top of the mountain was already full. This place could accommodate over 10,000 people watching the competition.

This Federation’s Central Academy, known as Shrek Academy’s branch, had a total of over 8,000 Inner and Outer Court students. Including the teachers, there were close to 9,000 people. Also, there was a special area here that belonged to the spectator stands for soul beasts.

The moment Lan Xuanyu entered the arena, he noticed the soul beast audience.

That was because the seats in that area were clearly larger than the normal seats, and there were no empty seats there. Most of them looked like humanoid beings, but they more or less had characteristics that were different from humans.

For example, a tall man looked like a human but had the head of a lion and a big tail with circular patterns on it.

Only those seated in the front row of this area looked like humans.

Lan Xuanyu had the Purple Demon Eyes. Although he was quite far away, he could still see the god-rank beast king, Er Ming.

Er Ming seemed to have sensed his gaze and grinned in his direction.

A person seated next to Er Ming attracted Lan Xuanyu’s attention.

That person looked to be in his forties. He wasn’t exactly handsome, but he gave off a peculiar feeling and it was hard to see his face clearly. But as he sat there, he was like the center of the entire battle arena. Everyone’s gaze landed on him.

This must be another god-rank beast king, right?

The two beast kings actually came today. Lan Xuanyu immediately became excited.

When they walked into the venue, the entire spectator stand was silent for a moment as close to 10,000 pairs of eyes landed on them. This was truly under the eyes of everyone.

In the next moment, all the students in the Federal Central Academy suddenly shouted in unison, “Victory, victory, victory!”

The loud sound immediately gave Lan Xuanyu and the rest a fright. That tsunami-like roar brought with it immense pressure. It was the sound of a few thousand soul masters’ fiery energy undulations.

Lan Xuanyu squinted his eyes as the bloodline fluctuations on his body naturally spread outwards. The pressure on him was immediately lifted. His teammates could also feel his blazing blood essence fluctuation. Under his influence, the pressure on everyone lessened.

It was truly not an easy task to represent Shrek Academy in this sparring match!

Xiao Qi, who was walking at the front, was calm and composed with a faint smile on his face. How familiar was this atmosphere!

He had once represented Shrek Academy and participated in the competition.

The immense pressure brought about by the opponent’s home ground advantage was a great training for him and also stimulated his fighting spirit. At the same time, his students also needed this experience.

From his point of view, it was actually a very good thing for Lan Xuanyu and his team to be able to participate in the sparring competition in their fourth year. With their current growth rate, if they were in their sixth year, such a scene would not have much effect on them.

However, if they were to appear here two years later, who knew if these students from the Federation’s Central Academy would still be able to shout. At that time, Lan Xuanyu and his team will be only sixth years, and they will be representing the academy again !

At this moment, the door opposite the battle arena opened and a group of people walked in.

From the moment they entered the venue, the entire place erupted in cheers and the atmosphere was extremely lively.

“Yan Kailun! Yan Kailun…”

“Li Qiuqiu! Li Qiuqiu…”

“Goddess Qingluo! Goddess Qingluo, I love you! Goddess Qingluo, ah ah ah!”

“An Yu is so handsome. An Yu, look at me, look at me! An Yu, you can do it!”

“Big Bear Weiwu, smack them!”

“Xu Meng, Xu Meng, number one controller !”

“Yourou, Yourou, number one striker !”

There were all sorts of cheers that were deafening.

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but laugh. Even without the other party’s introduction, they already knew the other party’s name.

The team that walked over represented Shrek Academy’s branch was similar to Lan Xuanyu’s team in terms of gender—four men and three women. The teacher leading the team was the Federation’s Central Academy dean, Xie Fuquan.

This Dean Xie still had a warm smile on his face and looked like a kind old man. Following behind him was a tall and sturdy young man who appeared to be in his twenties. His shoulders were extremely wide and although he was wearing his school uniform, it was unable to conceal his strong muscles.

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