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Battle Tactics

TL : GoldenLung

However, Lan Xuanyu really had to discuss this matter with his partners before he could cultivate on Sen Luo Planet for a month.

At this moment, everyone was resting. Lan Xuanyu sat on the bed and composed himself. He recalled everything that happened and thought about it carefully.

The first thing he confirmed was that the reason why he didn’t manage to awaken the Beast God Di Tian was probably because he didn’t sense any real danger to his life. This also meant that Dean Lin Mohua was testing him and never harbored any ill intentions.

Also, it confirmed his identity as the successor of the School of Life. This identity brought pressure but also motivation.

Elder Shu and senior brother Lin Mohua had already brought him to the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well. This place was obviously a secret of the academy. Didn’t Elder Shu say that only Shrek Academy and the soul beasts here had a share? Elder Shu didn’t mention the Federation!

They brought him there to tell him how strong the School of Life was.

He would indeed have to bear the pressure of being the leader of the School of Life in the future, but at the same time, being able to control such resources was extremely good for him.

Senior Er Ming pointed out his bloodline’s problem and said that cultivating at his place could resolve this problem to a certain extent. This was a good thing. He was still worrying about how to find the Heaven and Earth treasures that could help him cultivate. The Ice Fire Yin Yang Well obviously didn’t lack these.

Although he didn’t know exactly how difficult the Ice Fire Golden Body Tempering was, it was definitely worth a try. If he could really increase the strength of his body quickly, it would definitely be a good thing and it would also allow his soul power’s cultivation speed to be faster.

Furthermore, cultivating in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well meant that his soul power’s cultivation speed was much faster than on Mother Planet. In short, it was a good choice for him to stay and cultivate.

As for the Sky Fighter missions, they had already completed a level four mission. As long as they won against the branch this time, they would complete another level four mission. It shouldn’t be a problem for the other students to complete the escort mission after that; they would be able to complete almost half of the Sky Fighter missions in total. Furthermore, they did it in less than two months, so they had plenty of time. While he would be cultivating here for a month, his teammates would be able to complete some lower difficulty missions. This should be possible.

After thinking about it, Lan Xuanyu felt that it was not bad.

“Hu——” Lan Xuanyu heaved a sigh of relief and immediately felt exhausted. After experiencing so much in such a short period of time, he decided to relax.

He didn’t meditate but simply laid on the bed and soon fell asleep.

He slept very well and when he woke up again, it was already morning. He looked at the communication device and realized that it was already the next morning.

He was still hungry. After getting out of bed, he stretched his body and took two fruits from the table before walking out of the room.

The air in Sen Luo Planet was simply too good. It was much better than the air in the other planets that they had been to previously. Even the Sin Planets couldn’t compare to this place.

To the Douluo Federation, this place was like the Federation’s back garden. It was a place with abundant resources but would never be easily exploited.

At this moment, the Federation’s Central Academy was bustling with activity. Lan Xuanyu pushed open the window and looked out. There were many people busy with something on the empty ground.

The uniforms they wore were similar to the ones in Shrek Academy. They were also green, but the markings on them were different.

Shrek Academy’s uniform had a monster mark and those people had the Federation’s emblem.

Lan Xuanyu and his team lived on a higher ground so they had a good view. He saw that many of the students here seemed to be cultivating and some soul masters were conducting actual combat training.

The cultivation method here was the most primitive battle between soul masters. There were no simulators or soul devices.

Lan Xuanyu even saw some clearly strong soul beasts fighting against the students.

This feeling of returning to one’s natural state made him feel both curious and interested at the same time. He was also trying to guess what their battle with the soul beasts would be like.

“Xuanyu, you’re awake!” A joyous voice came from below.

Lan Xuanyu lowered his head and saw Bai Xiuxiu walking past his window.

“You sure can sleep.” Bai Xiuxiu curled her lips.

“I slept very well. What are you doing?” Lan Xuanyu asked.

Bai Xiuxiu said, “We just finished eating, you should go and eat too. We will discuss our tactics after that.”


After Lan Xuanyu had his breakfast, he gathered with his teammates. With regards to the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, he didn’t say it directly under Elder Shu’s reminder. He only told everyone that Elder Shu requested him to cultivate here for a month and made arrangements for the Sky Fighter missions.

No one had any objections because this was the opportunity that the School of Life had arranged for Lan Xuanyu. A month’s time wouldn’t affect the completion of the Sky Fighter missions.

Next was the arrangement of troops. They had already understood the rules in the battle against the sixth years. Three one-on-one battles, one two-on-two battles, and one team battle.

The most important part was undoubtedly the team battle, everyone had to work together.

Currently, their biggest disadvantage was that they didn’t know how strong their opponents were, what kind of Martial Souls and soul skills they had. But this was also their advantage because their opponents didn’t know about them either. It was everyone’s first time encountering each other, so it depended on whose ability was stronger, or it could be said that whose ability was weirder…

“One against one, I want to fight. Two against two, let’s switch to Mengqin and Xiuxiu.” Lan Xuanyu took the initiative to express his stance.

Upon hearing that he wanted to fight one-on-one, everyone was stunned.

Their opponents were probably at least seven-ring and Lan Xuanyu only had four rings. Even with his Dragon God Transformation, he might not be able to make up for such a huge gap in soul power. One on one wasn’t really suitable for him.

But no one objected. They were already used to supporting Lan Xuanyu’s decision. It couldn’t be said that there wasn’t a problem, but in most cases, his choice was right.

Lan Xuanyu said frankly, “Actually, I haven’t faced an opponent in a one-on-one battle for a long time, and it’s even more so after breaking through to four-ring. During the battle with the Dual Swords previously, I understood some of my shortcomings, especially in terms of how to deal with them. Later on, I recalled that we weren’t completely unable to face them at that time, so I felt that I was lacking in actual combat. It just so happens that we’ll be facing an unfamiliar opponent this time, and I want to hone it. The other two one-on-one matches will be Yuge and Huihui. Even if I lose, we should be able to win through the team battle.”

Everyone nodded and Bai Xiuxiu said, “I can feel this problem too. I had the same problem that day and senior Demon Queen helped me look back on it. I should be better now. Having strength but not being able to exert it is the worst feeling. I actually also want to fight one on one.”

“I want to, I want to too! My problem is even more serious. I haven’t fought much recently and have been assisting you guys. I can’t even tell if I’m a support-type or an assault-type soul master.” Lan Mengqin raised her hand.

Then, she ran to Tang Yuge’s side and pulled her hand. “Sister Yuge, can you oversee the 2v2? Let me fight one on one. It doesn’t matter if we lose, you’re here.”

Tang Yuge laughed. “Anything is fine, I’ll just listen to Xuanyu.”

Lan Xuanyu looked at them and suddenly had an idea. He said, “Alright, three one-on-one matches. Me, Xiuxiu, and Mengqin. Yuge and Huihui will guarantee a victory in the two-on-two match. This way, even if both of us lose, we can still win through the team battle. Qian Lei and Frenzie will only fight in the team battle.”

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