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Into the Ice Hail Ruins

Huang Xiaolong continued stepping toward Chen Xiong's group.

This made Chen Xiong even more afraid and anxious,"Huang-g, Huang, Huang Xiaolong, what are you doing? If you dare to lay a finger on me again, my Big brother won't spare you this time!"

"Is that so?" Huang Xiaolong sneered, "I should thank you for reminding me." Huang Xiaolong's leg kicked out, the force sent both Chen Xiong and the several Sky Dragon League members into the air, clutching their crotches as they crashed to the ground and writhed in pain. Sharp shrieks pierced through the silent night.

Huang Xiaolong completely ignored Chen Xiong’s group after that, facing Liu Yan and Lin Hui as he asked, “Are you two alright?”

Liu Yan and Lin Hui finally regained their senses, adamantly shaking their heads and repeating, “We’re fine, we’re fine.”

“Let’s leave this place.” Huang Xiaolong said as he passed by Chen Xiong’s group. Noticing the venomous hatred in the depth of Chen Xiong’s eyes, Huang Xiaolong raised his foot and sent another kick between his legs.

The cracks on Chen Xiong’s birdie worsened.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, but now was neither the right moment nor place to kill with Chen Xiong. Once they entered the Ice Hail Ruins, if this he still couldn't see the truth, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t mind helping him reside there for eternity.

A short while after Huang Xiaolong and the two young women left, several Sky Dragon League members arrived. Seeing the miserable state 9f Chen Xiong’s group, all of them were flabbergasted. In the next moment, they panicked, trying to heal their injuries as quickly as possible.

Two hours later, Chen Xiong stood inside Grand Elder Cao Yang’s residence.

Since core disciples weren’t allowed to accompany them this time, Chen Hao told Chen Xiong before he departed to look for Grand Elder Cao Yang if there were any problems.

“Grand Elder Cao Yang, you must absolutely ensure that Huang Xiaolong dies, kill that dog Huang Xiaolong!!” Chen Xiong roared with fury, his eyes blood red as if he had succumbed to insanity, “That dog, I want his lower body chopped into ten thousand pieces, I want him to wish for death!”

Perhaps due to Chen Xiong’s overexcited emotions, his lower body throbbed again in pain, causing him to hiss.

As Cao Yang looked at the hysterical Chen Xiong, his brows scrunched slightly, speaking in a solemn voice, “I have my own plans, you can leave for now.”

Chen Xiong wanted to say more, but noticing the upset expression on Cao Yang’s face, he tactfully nodded and left the hall.

Watching Chen Xiong leave, Cao Yang snorted with disdain, “Unruly and reckless. Just a useless trash.” If it wasn’t for Chen Hao, he would have slap the little worm to death just now for daring to roar at him, telling him what to do.

Outside his courtyard, Huang Xiaolong separated from the two women.

Soon, the night ended, giving way to another new day as sunlight gradually brightened the sky on the horizon.

The Windless Mountain Range was clouded throughout the four seasons. The strange thing was, just like its name, one could never feel any wind current blowing around these mountains. Some ancient masters believed there was an ancient wind-sealing formation below this Windless Mountain Range, which caused this phenomenon. However, no one could confirm whether such a formation really existed or not.

No one had found any clues related to it in tens millennia.

On the second day, when morning arrived, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from his room. Today was the beginning of the the three sects’ inner disciples joint training.

Arriving at the assembly point for the Barbarian God Sect inner disciples, Huang Xiaolong sensed a piercing killing intent from Chen Xiong’s group, then flashed them a cold sneer. It seems the lesson last night failed to teach this Chen Xiong some tact, and instead intensified his killing intent toward Huang Xiaolong.

Liu Yan and Lin Hui also noticed Huang Xiaolong’s arrival, but were too self-conscious to greet him in public.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived, the surrounding inner disciples’ gaze shifted nervously, deliberately avoiding his eyes, clearly drawing a line between themselves and Huang Xiaolong.

Clearly, what happened to Chen Xiong’s group last night had spread among the inner disciples.

A while later, the Barbarian God Sect Chief Gu Ling, Grand Elder Cao Yang, Huang Junfei, Lin Shen, and several others made an appearance.

Gu Ling’s gaze swept over the present disciples, leading them toward the Ice Hail Ruins’ entryway without another word.

The entryway to the Ice Hail Ruins was located right above the center of the Windless Mountain Range which wasn’t far. Roughly an hour later, the large group reached the location.

When the Barbarian God Sect’s group arrived, both the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect groups were already waiting.

The Elephant Genesis Sect Chief stood next to the Great Whale Sect’s Chief Wu Yue, a short old man. His features were extremely common, yet Huang Xiaolong was able to sense a palpitating aura around him.

“The Elephant Genesis Sect Chief, Pan Jue!”

Whilst Huang Xiaolong was observing the Elephant Genesis Sect Chief Pan Jun, as if detecting Huang Xiaolong’s gaze, Pan Jue turned to look at Huang Xiaolong. His eyes were akin to two sharp ancient blades, thirsting for Huang Xiaolong’s blood.

However, a bright light surged out from Gu Ling’s body, dispersing all the pressure pressing down on Huang Xiaolong.

“Brother Gu, you’re late. Me and Brother Pan have been waiting here for you for quite a while.” The Great Whale Sect Chief Wu Yue suddenly spoke.

The Elephant Genesis Sect Chief merely nodded at Gu Ling in a perfunctory manner, as if they had already greeted each other.

Gu Ling too responded with a lukewarm greeting to Pan Jue, then kept to himself.

About twenty minutes later, the Elephant Genesis Sect Chief Pan Jue looked at the weather and said, “It is time for the joint training to start. Two Sect Chiefs, let’s cooperate to open the space entrance.”

Gu Ling and Wu Yue’s expression turned dignified, nodding their heads in agreement.

Thus, the three sects’ Chiefs circulated their godforce, both hands moving in the air, forming a series of odd seals and sending them into the ground below.

In an instant, a bright light appeared, becoming more dazzling by the second. Three unique entryways now opened without reservation in front of them. Each entryway was a hundred meters tall, a dozen meters wide, enough to accommodate several hundred disciples entering at the same time.

When these three entryways stabilized, Gu Ling, Wu Yue, and Pan Jue bellowed at the same time: “All three sects’ disciples listen up, use your best effort to enter the entryway!”

In a split second, the three sects’ inner disciples flooded in like locusts to wheat.

Due to Huang Xiaolong’s ‘talent’, he was in the first batch of disciples to enter the Ice Hail Ruins.

Once inside the Ice Hail Ruins, Huang Xiaolong’s body quivered as the scenery before his eyes changed into a cold, icicle world. Looking toward the horizon, all Huang Xiaolong could see were snow mountains after snow mountains.

Other than white, there was no other color.

However, the snow actually exuded a soft green and yellow light.

“This is green ice!” Huang Xiaolong was astounded

This was the one of the coldest types of ice, but more importantly, the coldness it exuded could affect one’s reason and perception. This green ice could trap some of the disciples in hallucinations, but that didn't include Huang Xiaolong.

His eyes looked around as his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead rotated, exuding a majestic fire element godforce. When he did so, he could sense the presence of the Crimson Flame Beads.

Based on Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, combined with his supreme godhead’s fire element godforce, as long as the Crimson Flame Bead was within ten thousand meters from him, he would be able to sense any energy fluctuation.

“Eh?” Huang Xiaolong sensed two weak fire element energy fluctuations just a little over one thousand li away. Intrigued, his body disappeared in a blur.

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