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Be Wary of Zhao Wuya and Fan Yuan

“My age is getting on, can’t do much already.” The Great Whale Sect Chief Wu Yue let out a hearty laugh.

Gu Ling and Wu Yue spoke like friends that hadn’t met for a long time, those who didn't know would definitely be fooled to believe they were very close.

In the next second, Wu Yue’s tone changed despite the smile on his face, “I heard the Barbarian God Sect recruited a genius with a king rank godhead, I really need to congratulate Brother Gu ah.”

Gu Ling smiled without revealing much, “I too heard that the Great Whale Sect successfully recruited two disciples with top rank ten godheads, congratulations.”

The muscles on Wu Yue’s face twitched underneath his skin.

Everybody knew that a top rank ten godhead was far from a king rank godhead.

“I’m curious to see this king rank genius, who could it be?” Wu Yue reigned in his feelings and added, “I’m very curious ah, even my nephew Wang Dafeng is no match for him.”

Gu Ling’s forehead creased slightly for a second.

“Sect Chief, he’s that Huang Xiaolong.” Wang Dafeng took a few steps until he reached behind Wu Yue, interjecting the two Sect Chiefs’ conversation, pointing out Huang Xiaolong from the group.

Although Wang Dafeng was Wu Yue’s nephew, certain rules still had to be adhered to. Therefore, in front of everyone, he referred to Wu Yue as Sect Chief.

“Truly a dragon amongst men, an extraordinary aura.” Wu Yue nodded in appreciation, “Pity ah, his aura is dark and his forehead is clouded with a murderous aura, I’m afraid he doesn’t have much longer to live.”

Gu Ling and the other Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders’ expressions darkened.

Wu Yue continued merrily, “Sect Chief Gu, I was just kidding just now, you won’t take it seriously, right?”

“I won’t.” Gu Ling calmly replied, “In my eyes, your nephew also has dark clouds shrouding his forehead, his life isn't that long either ah.”

Wu Yue’s smile stiffened.

“Sect Chief Wu, I’m merely joking with you, you won’t take it seriously, right?” Gu Ling suddenly laughed heartily.

Wu Yue followed forcefully, “Of course not.”

The two went tit-for-tat for a while more before returning to their groups.

The joint training had taken place many times, moreover, the location had always been the Windless Mountain Range, so it was nothing strange that all three sects had built their own residences here.

Leading Huang Xiaolong and the rest to the Barbarian God Sect’s residence, Gu Ling had Grand Elder Sun Jian arrange the inner disciples’ accommodations as they waited for the joint training to begin two days later. Generally, ten inner disciples were placed into one large room, but Huang Xiaolong was given a room all to himself.

“Junior brother Huang, the Sect Chief requests your presence at the main hall.” A short while later, an inner disciple came over to inform Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then followed that inner disciple.

“You can retreat.” Gu Ling waved the inner disciple away.

After that inner disciple left, Gu Ling took out three life-saving talismans from his robe, saying, “These here are three life-saving talismans drawn by the Ancestor using an ancient secret technique. The Ancestor spent a lot of effort on each one in order to save your life three times during danger. Keep them well.”

Huang Xiaolong’s divine sense swept over the three talismans. Sensing the powerful energy fluctuations surging within them, he did not feign politeness, collecting them without a word.

Although the possibility of him requiring these three talismans during the joint training was low, who knew what could happen.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong obediently put away the three life-saving talismans, Gu Ling hesitated before taking out a golden spear from his spatial ring, “ This golden spear was my weapon when I was still a core disciple, something I found in an ancient cultivation dwelling. It has quite a powerful attack, but I no longer use it, so I’ll gift it to you now.”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the golden spear that was filled with ancient symbols, exuding a cold glistening light and aura. Upon closer observation, he could see a faint blood red glow at the edge of the golden light, which had seemingly tasted its fair share of blood.

Huang Xiaolong decisively received it.

“During this time’s joint training, both the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect harbor malicious intent towards you. After entering the Ice Hail Ruins space, try to avoid getting into direct conflict with the other sects disciples if you run into them.” Gu Ling advised.

Huang Xiaolong ‘obediently’ listened, acknowledging his words.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong’s indifference, a deep frown creased Gu Ling’s forehead and he couldn’t help cautioning Huang Xiaolong again, “You must be wary of the Elephant Genesis Sect’s Zhao Wuya and the Great Whale Sect’s Fan Yuan, both of them have high battle prowess, comparable to a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly God. In short, any one of them is stronger than you.”

“Yes, Sect Chief.” Huang Xiaolong’s expression remained unaffected.

‘Zhao Wuya and Fan Yuan?’

Most of the three sects’ upper echelon strongly felt that the first place holder would either be Zhao Wuya or Fan Yuan. Apparently Gu Ling was no exception.

Then again, it was easily understandable that Gu Ling and the others felt like these two were the best candidates for winning the first place.

It hadn’t been long since Huang Xiaolong entered the Barbarian God Sect. Even if he did manage to cause some injuries to Wang Dafeng, startling everyone, in the depth of their hearts, no one really thought Huang Xiaolong had strength comparable to a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator.

Following this, Gu Ling added a few more things that Huang Xiaolong should pay attention to during the joint training in the Ice Hail Ruins space. When Huang Xiaolong left the hall, half an hour had passed.

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s leaving figure, Gu Ling shook his head with a heavy sigh, “I pray that the Ancestor’s decision is the right one.”

Back in the room arranged for him, Huang Xiaolong took out a pile of divine armors and weapons to cultivate the Heaven Splitting Tenet.

After cultivating the Heaven Splitting Tenet in the recent days, Huang Xiaolong detected a minuscule improvement. He believed it wouldn't be long until he reached the peak late-third stage.

The day passed in cultivation.

At some point during the night, Huang Xiaolong stopped, having the mood for a stroll.

Not long after he left his accommodation, strolling leisurely, he heard an angry voice coming from around the corner, “Chen Xiong, what are you all trying to do?! If you dare come over, Junior brother Huang will not spare you lot!”

Huang Xiaolong stilled, this voice belonged to that female disciple called Liu Yan.

“Hehe, Huang Xiaolong? He’s in a pot of trouble himself, he probably can’t even keep his life till the end of the training!” Chen Xiong’s arrogant retort sounded. “Wang Dafeng asked me to pass a message to you two. He remembers the incident from last time, and unless you take the initiative to go look for him, making him happy for a few days to wipe the slate clean, you two know what will happen.”

A sharp gleam flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, his feet heading toward that noisy corner. Upon turning, he saw Chen Xiong and several Sky Dragon League members blocking the two women's path.

Liu Yan and Lin Hui were beyond furious.

When Huang Xiaolong appeared, both young women spotted him and happiness rushed to their faces: “Junior brother Huang!”

Chen Xiong’s group had their backs to Huang Xiaolong, thus thought the two women were trying to trick them, causing them to burst into laughter.

“Liu Yan, do you really think simply calling out ‘Junior brother Huang’, we’ll really bel—” Chen Xiong taunted with nonchalance as he turned around, then his mouth opened wide, frozen on the spot. His expression turned ugly in an instant.

Other members of the Sky Dragon League felt something wasn't right with Chen Xiong’s reaction, so they too turned around and stiffened.

Huang Xiaolong was approaching them, closer and closer.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong…” Chen Xiong’s tongue twisted as he and the other Sky Dragon League members subconsciously retreated in fear.

Huang Xiaolong spoke as he came closer, “Wang Dafeng didn’t tell you all that his lower part was rendered unusable by me the last time? It seems it has recovered.”

Indescribable fear crept into Chen Xiong’s eyes as his thighs tightened between his legs.

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