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He Loves You

Ye Qianqian seemed to be lost in thought for a moment. Then, she finally said, “Actually, I don’t dislike your former self at all. I like you the way you are now. You seem to be so happy every day. If you don’t remember anything from the past, you won’t experience any real pain. That’s a wonderful thing.”

“Was I miserable before?” Shen Manting was feeling a little puzzled. “I don’t think I remember anything now, which actually is painful. My husband always calls me: Manting, Manting, Manting. But I don’t feel happy at all. I just feel… sad.”

After all, she was a 12-year-old girl who couldn’t hide her emotions at all.

Ye Qianqian looked at the way she pouted and turned around. She sighed with emotion and said meaningfully, “He loves you.”

“I know,” Shen Manting replied as a bright smile spread across her face. But in a few seconds, her smile disappeared as she said, “But he doesn’t want to play with me!”

Ye Qianqian looked at her in confusion. “What?”

She examined Shen Manting’s angry face and could tell that she wasn’t joking.

It was also at this moment, Ye Qianqian once again realized that standing before her was a 12-year-old girl in an adult’s body. She felt embarrassed on her behalf…

After thinking about what to say, she finally mumbled, “Well, maybe he’s too busy…”

She studied Shen Manting’s appearance, contemplated her words, and said, “Besides, he is much more mature than you, so generally… he wouldn’t know how to play with you.”

She then nodded and said quite firmly, “He has always been rather serious. You should not be too bothered about it.”

“But why can Zhilie play with you?” Shen Manting asked in a daze.

Ye Qianqian was astonished. “What… did you just say?”

“Both of you had a good time this morning,” Shen Manting looked at her in envy and added, “My husband never plays with me that way. I want to play, too.”

Ye Qianqian was speechless.

She thought Shen Manting was talking about those silly games like tag and hide-and-seek.

Ye Qianqian cleared her throat softly and said, “Actually, we were not playing in the morning.”

“What?” Shen Manting was a little confused. “But you were laughing so happily. Weren’t you playing together or something?”

Ye Qianqian was getting embarrassed at this point. “Well, it wasn’t exactly ‘playing,’ and I wasn’t very happy about it either.”

“You were!” Shen Manting was quite sure about it. “You must have been so happy!”

Ye Qianqian said, “Well… then you’re right.”

“Pfft, you’re still trying to lie to me!” Shen Manting said with an expression that meant she had already seen through her.

Ye Qianqian felt a little more embarrassed. Seeing how insistent Manting was, she explained in a serious tone, “I didn’t… we really were not playing. To be more precise, we were… flirting.”

Shen Manting’s eyes widened. She asked, “Flirting?”

She looked as if Ye Qianqian said something completely unbelievable.

Suddenly, Ye Qianqian felt guilty about misleading the little girl. Facing her innocent expression, Ye Qianqian turned her gaze away and said, “Yes… we’re husband and wife. It’s normal for us to flirt and play like that sometimes…”

“Why has my husband never flirted with me?”

Ye Qianqian responded, “I can’t answer that question.”

“Why?” Shen Manting looked puzzled.

Ye Qianqian was quiet for a moment, and then she said, “Well, when he comes back in the evening, you can ask him like this, ‘Honey, why don’t you flirt with me? You see, the people next door are flirting with each other.’

“The people next door…” There was something strange in Shen Manting’s eyes. She couldn’t help but ask, “Do you mean yourself and Zhilie when you say ‘the people next door’?”

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