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Honey, Why don’t You Flirt with Me?

Ye Qianqian stared back at her and said, “What? That’s not the point! The point is, you have to ask him yourself. You shouldn’t ask me this kind of question!”

“Oh.” Shen Manting nodded quickly. “I get it now. I’ll ask him tonight why he won’t flirt with me.”

Ye Qianqian finally heaved a sigh of relief. “Yes, that’s much better. But don’t tell him that I taught you this. Otherwise, I’ll be in trouble if he thinks I’m a bad influence on a child like you.”

Shen Manting looked at her with a playful smile and said, “But you’re the child. I’m taller than you. You appear more like a child than I am.”

Ye Qianqian was getting a little frustrated. “I shouldn’t have told you this much,” she sighed.

She seemed to have corrupted her thoughts!

The way Shen Manting thought and expressed herself was not like a normal adult.

Although she was not completely mentally retarded, there was no way Ye Qianqian could treat her as an equal.

Shen Manting stared at her and asked, “How long have you been married to Zhilie?”

“It’s been two years,” Ye Qianqian replied as she glanced at Little Moon, who was playing with the grass on the ground. “I married him the year Big Brother brought the child back.”

“Well, when did my husband and I get married?” Shen Manting stared at her. “I feel like we’ve been married for a long time, yet at the same time I don’t think it’s been that long either.”

When Shen Manting said that, she suddenly felt like she was a little too naive.

She coughed and said with a straight face, “I’m just curious… since you are married and wear a ring on your finger.”

Shen Manting stared at Ye Qianqian’s hand. On the ring finger of her left hand was a glistening, beautiful diamond ring.

She then studied her own bony, sallow hands. They didn’t look as fair and tender as Ye Qianqian’s hands at all.

“I don’t have a ring on my finger.”

Upon hearing her words, Ye Qianqian instinctively hid her hand from her view.

She shifted her glance away and suddenly felt a bit guilty.

Why didn’t she think of this problem?

Why didn’t she have a ring on?

It was because Shen Manting and Shen Luo’an were never even married in the first place!

Shen Manting didn’t want to wear Shen Luo’an’s ring at all!

She knew about it, but how on earth could she tell Shen Manting?

It was too difficult for her to speak about it!

Looking at Shen Manting, she coughed softly and said, “Maybe it’s because you’ve been in a coma for too long. Look at your hands, they are way too thin. How could you even wear a ring on those fingers?”

“Mm-hmm!” Shen Manting felt a little satisfied by her answer. “I think the same too. Actually, I saw a diamond-studded, heart-shaped ring hidden under the blanket the other day. I tried to slip it on my finger, but it was too big, so I put it back under the covers.”

Shen Manting said with a longing look in her eyes, “But it was really very beautiful!”

Looking at the way she spoke, Ye Qianqian felt both amused and saddened at the same time.

She nodded and reached out to hold Ye Qianqian’s hands. She said in a soft voice, “I’m glad you like it. Big Brother loves you very much. As long as you believe in him with all your heart, he won’t let you down.”

Shen Manting felt a little confused by her words. She didn’t quite understand what she was really trying to say.

But when she heard that Shen Luo’an loved her, her heart instantly burst with joy. She nodded. “I know he loves me very much. I can feel it. No one has ever been so kind to me before, and I love him very much, too.”

However, her voice gradually subsided as she spoke. She held Ye Qianqian’s hands tightly and whispered, “Qianqian… would you teach me how to seduce a man?” She looked at her expectantly with her timid, sparkling eyes.

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