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A Crazy Place

The streets of the Capital were bustling and busy like a marketplace.

There were food hawkers, as well as several people who would go out on the streets to advertise and point customers to the directions of their stores.

"Eggs for sale!

Buy 2 for 1 copper coin just down the street."

"New clothes from Baymard here!

Summer is almost upon us, so get your new Summer clothes at Furgeson's store!"

"Quickly everyone!

We have sales on several new Baymardian products in our stores."

"12 Canned Tomatoes for 4 copper coins!

You can't miss this deal!"

Several people hung signboards over their bodies and rang bells to get the attention of their customers.

And instead of writing, they drew what they were talking about.

For example, one man drew an egg, wrote down the number of eggs in a bracket, and then placed an equal sign to its cost.

Of course, only the fast selling products were on their signboards.

"Eggs for sale!"

"New hats for sale!"

"Rare Baymardian newspapers for sale."

The place was as rowdy as ever.

But apart from the busy workers, others just wanted to stroll around merrily.

"Ahhh, Susan!

Nice seeing you here Darling.

You're taking your dog for a walk too?"

"Why yes.

After all, Pet walking is the new fashion.

This is Precious, the new dog that I bought when I visited Baymard 6 months back."


She looks so cute and proper.

And what collection is she wearing?

I love her gorgeous pink sweater and tiny scarf.

Do tell!"

"Oh, you mean this old thing?

Well, I bought it last year from Baymard's Winter pet collection Bay-P47.

Isn't it chic?"

"It is darling."

"Ahh... I see that you're also taking Franchesker for a walk as well.

I love the cute bow tie on her hair by the way.

It's absolutely divine!"

"Thank you, dear.

I do need to visit Baymard again soon, because she needs a proper pedicure and manicure.

And only they seem to know how to trim and style her puffy hair."

"Me too.

It's such a blessing that their spa also offers pet services as well.

My baby is also in dire need of a trim.

Well, since you're here, why don't we go around the newly opened Caronian park?"

"Oh, you mean the one down Eagle's street?"

Why not?

Come along now Franchesker."

"You too Precious."

'Arf! Arf!'

'Woof! Woof!'

As soon as the women left, a hooded man who had just finished buying some goods from a store quickly left and made his way towards a large Hostelry.

It was like an Inn, but way classier

To put it simply, it was typically a massive stone building 4 or 5 stories high with its own horse stables, lawns, water fountains and so on.

It typically had over 300 rooms and was meant for hosting rich clients, unlike Inns and taverns.

They even had lavish bathhouses and maids to do one's every bidding.

The hooded man made his way into the Hostelry, knocked on one of the doors there twice and said a coded word.

'Knock! Knock!'



The door was opened up.

"You're late Thomas." Said another hand, who was currently bolting the door with a large wooden stick.

"You guys don't know how lucky I am to be back.

The people in this city are crazy!"



The hooded man removed his hood and revealed a dashing youthful face.

He went on to grumble about how people actually dressed their dogs here, and how they wanted money on pet food as well.

If he had a dog, it would need to go and hunt for itself, or eat all the bones and leftovers from his meal.

Why waste money on its health and other trivial matters?

Worse, they even dared to trim its nails and fur.

What the hell?

Were the people in the city so idle, or was there something that he was missing?

"So you were late because of gossip?"


No one asked you Cobe!" Thomas yelled while looking angrily at another man in the room.


"Yes, your highness!"


Did you get it?"

"Of course, your highness.

I got the shaving cream for men, shampoo, hair oil, soap, body scrub, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Your highness, I also got you a brand new watch as well.

After queen Penelope sees you, she will definitely be mesmerized."

"Alright, enough talking.

Hand the bag over and leave.

In fact, everyone should do the same as well.

You all can stroll around the city and explore to your heart's content.

But I want you all back by 10 P.M on the dot.

Is that understood?"

"Yes, your highness!"


Now, get out."

With that, they left Skye to himself.

Right now, all he was focusing on was beautifying himself even further.

What he wanted was to blow Penelope's mind when she saw him.

In his mind, he imagined her face turning red from shyness, just as countless other women had done in the past.

He was too good looking, and he knew it.

Back in his empire, even married men whose wives were his mother's age would blush and even make passes at him.

He was a pro at sweet-talking them, and all of this also aided him behind the scenes many-a-times.

sometimes... As women would make demands for him to their husbands after bed-making.

And when their husbands got suspicious, they would just say that they had been planning to join him with their daughters or something like that.

He was indeed what people on earth would describe as a Casanova.


Skye quickly followed the instructions on the pages of each item and cleaned himself up.

And after looking at himself in the mirror, he had to admit... His body felt cleaner, as a lot of dried body flakes had fallen off due to the soap and body scrub.

He looked at his hair that seemed to sparkle, and couldn't help but nod in satisfaction.

Indeed, he looked more dashing than before.

He smiled at his reflection and his confidence level flew off the roof.


Queen Penelope, tomorrow, I will make you mine!'

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