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Rude Visitors

Time went by quickly.

And soon, it was a brand new day.

The birds were singing, the people were busy and the sky looked okay.

Skye and his men woke up early in the morning, had their breakfast and lazily stayed in their rooms in wait.

And what were they waiting for?

Of course, they were waiting for the high-end carriages that they had requested to be brought over.

In fact, one of the reasons why they didn't go to the palace yesterday, was because they realized how wrong their calculations had been.

First off, they had only brought 3 chests of gold and 40 trunks filled with broken glass.

But unlike the Pyno continent, people in other places typically exchanged 15 chests of gold for a single trunk filled with broken glass pieces.

This was because gold could be mined... But glass was made when lighting struck the shores of beaches instead.

And so it was seen as a heavenly artifact.

So when It came to gold, please!

They had rooms filled to the brim with gold coins and jewelry.

So what was a measly 15 chests of gold to them in exchange for 1 trunk of broken glass pieces?

It was that same logic that caused Skye to bring these 40 trunks of glass pieces and just 3 chests of gold.

But now that these broken pieces were seen as garbage, what should he do now?

As a matter of fact, he had heard that Carona had built several buildings within each region in Carona that was tasked with collecting these glass pieces.

Essentially, these buildings would pay everyone a certain amount of money if they brought their glass bottles or pieces over.

Additionally, he also heard that these glass pieces got sent back to Baymard for something called recycling.

In a way, he was surprised by the outcome, because now, even homeless people moved around the streets looking for these glass pieces so that they can get paid.

And he also heard that they collected used paper as well.

Bottom line, the 40 trunks of glass pieces that he brought over were seen as Garbage!

So that left him with just 3 chests of Gold.

What now?


One should know that to royalty, who had rooms filled with mountains of gold, pearls, rubies and silver that were probably left by their ancestors... what would 3 more chests of gold do?

That was like pouring a bucket of water into the ocean.

It was quite meaningless, and might even be seen as an insult if one wanted to present it as a dowry to royalty.

And so with that dilemma in mind, Skye had requested for a gold necklace to be made.

He had decided to create a great backstory for the necklace to give it worth.

Apart from being precious, jewelry was often regarded as priceless because some famous king or important figures wore it.

And the nobler the previous owner, the more priceless it was.

Which was true, since even back on earth, one of Mary Antoinette's pearl pendant earrings had sold for 32 Million.

Just because so was the wearer.

Sigh... even a shoe worn by a former NBA player could sell for over 150 K.

No matter what time it was, the logic was always the same.

And this was what Skye was banking on.

He wanted to create a story for the necklace that depicted one of his great-great-great-great grandfather's who was a hero at the time.

He wanted to say that the dude had given it to one of his most beloved wives after winning the same war that made him a hero.

Because even if it was a lie, who would really go back to his empire and verify it now?

And even If they found out in the end, wouldn't Penelope be his already?

He had threatened the jewelry designer to have it done within a day, which was almost an impossible task.

But since the guy feared the empire he was from, he quickly did as he was told immediately.

And now, they were waiting for this so-called historic Necklace.

Additionally, as a prince, how could he arrive in such a quiet manner?

He had also requested for high-end carriages to be painted and designed having his seal and identity known.

"But your highness, what do we do with all 40 trunks of glass?"


We'll take it to the glass collecting office and collect all the money we can from them.

Because since we're going to be staying here for long, we'll need all the money we can get."

"Yes, your highness."


The men waited for a bit, and soon... The necklace, as well as their rides had been delivered.

With that, they began their procession to the palace!

'Dudin! Dudin! Dudin! Dudin!'

"Oh my!

Look at that commotion?

Who could it be?"


As a merchant who leaves Carona often, I've seen that symbol before.

They're people from the continent of Veinitta!"


Old man are you sure?"



What do you think that they want?"


The carriage curtain is opening.


What a handsome man!"

"Let me see, let me see.

Oh my God!

I think I'm in love."

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

The ladies all gazed at Skye dreamingly, which made the corners of his lips raise upwards.


His charm was still in full swing.

Now, he was confident that the fatso wouldn't stand a chance against his looks.

Penelope would definitely dump the pig the moment she sets her eyes on him.

And while he was in dreamland, some guards around the city hurriedly made their way towards the palace on horseback as fast as they could.

"Queen Penelope, it's urgent!

People from the continent of Veinitta are on their way to the palace."


When they come, tell them to wait some more.

I'm busy." Said Penelope, who was currently surrounded by 5 high stacks of doc.u.ments.

She didn't even bother to look up when the messenger spoke.

She was just too engrossed in her work.

"But your majesty, they're from the continent of Veinitta."

"And I'm from the Pyno continent.

What's your point?"

[The messenger: (Y^Y)]

'My queen, you're such a bully!'

The messenger didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

And as he was about to speak once more, Carmelo and Adrian came in and patted his shoulders requesting for him to leave.

Their people had also informed them about the news too.


"Now, now, little girl.

Why don't you see them first before continuing with your work?"

"But Grandfather, I didn't say I wouldn't see them.

All I said was that they should wait.

After all, do they expect me to jump around just because they have arrived?

And why didn't they send us a letter informing us of their arrival way ahead of time?

Just one look at their behaviour, and you can tell that they're rude and used to getting their way wherever they went." Penelope said sternly.

She was a busy person with a schedule.

And anyone who couldn't even give her the decency to inform her about any visit could just wait until she was free.

That was the protocol!

Even when the Baymardians came over, they would try their best to send a message a week before they arrived or even a few days before them which showed respect.

But these people marched into the Capital and headed over to the palace just like that?

How rude!

If before she was neutral, now, she looked at them in a slightly negative light instead.

5 points off for Loverboy!

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