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Honey, Are you Silly?

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“Do I really look handsome?” Shen Luo’an examined his clothes and smiled. “It’s not so often that I get to hear a compliment from you.”

“Hee hee!” Shen Manting giggled, her eyes twinkling with joy. She straightened the tie and said, “If you like it, I’ll compliment you every day!”

Then, she skipped toward Shen Luo’an and said, “Let me fasten your tie for you!”

Shen Manting was in a very bright mood today. She stood on tiptoe and wound the tie around his neck.

Shen Luo’an had never felt anything like this before.

It was a feeling that he was cherished, desired, and adored by her.

He felt warm and fuzzy inside as he gazed deep into her eyes.

Shen Manting kept fastening his tie with blushing cheeks.

“Like this, like this…” Shen Manting was talking to herself as she fiddled with the tie and examined the knot. However, she couldn’t manage to fasten it properly no matter how hard she tried. “Why can’t I do it right? I followed the instructions in the video!”

She scratched her head and looked up swiftly. She saw that Shen Luo’an was staring at her.

She didn’t know whether he had been staring at her like this the whole time, but the way he looked at her nearly made her drown in his gaze and presence.

Shen Manting blushed again and said, “I forgot how to do it.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Luo’an winked at her. “Take your time.”

Shen Manting nodded and kept on at it.

But her initial determination had been watered down a bit.

Shen Manting noticed that Shen Luo’an kept staring at her. She felt her face getting hotter and her movements were getting stiffer.

Finally, she couldn’t bear it any longer. She stomped her feet and said, “Hey, stop looking at me like that! You’re making me too nervous to remember how to fasten the tie!”

Shen Luo’an chuckled and shifted his glance away from her. “Fine, I won’t look at you then,” he said.

Shen Manting did not believe him. She glanced up discreetly to peek at him.

She noticed that Shen Luo’an wasn’t looking at her anymore.

As if he didn’t care about her anymore.

This feeling made Shen Manting even more upset.

She tossed the tie aside and said, “Forget it, I can’t do it.”

Shen Luo’an laughed. He felt waves of affection for her inside his heart.

When he studied her delicate face, he noticed that all her previous anticipation had turned into an expression of defeat.

Suddenly, he couldn’t help but embrace her in his arms.

Shen Manting was startled. Then she glanced at him, looking a little scared.

“Manting,” Shen Luo’an embraced her and whispered softly, “Manting, Manting.”

“Ah…” Shen Manting looked at him timidly and shrunk back with a little uncertainty. She asked, “Honey, are you all right?”

The smile on Shen Luo’an’s lips widened even more. He held her chin with his hand and kissed her passionately.

Shen Manting felt as if she were attacked suddenly, but soon, her body seemed to melt into a pool of spring water, feeling indescribably tender.

Shen Luo’an’s tongue gradually reached deeper into her mouth and lured hers out to linger with his.

His kiss was deep and affectionate.

It was even deeper and more passionate than the last time.

Shen Manting’s hands unconsciously wandered onto his shoulders. Her whole body seemed to lose its strength as she clung onto his body.

His body was inching closer toward her.

Shen Manting could sense his desire and enthusiasm.

A firm, hot object rose from his hips and pressed up against her. She felt a strange sensation, which made her somewhat uncomfortable.

But Shen Manting was a little curious. She reached down and touched it tentatively.

In an instant, Shen Luo’an had already tensed up.

Shen Manting suddenly felt all the strength escape from her limbs. Then, her whole body was pressed against the door.

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