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I heard that human flesh is not good for you

Shen Luo’an’s gaze was as deep as a bottomless ocean.

Shen Manting vaguely sensed a hint of danger, but it was precisely this danger that made her eagerly look forward to what was coming.

Her soft palms lingered on his object. Shen Luo’an was getting stiffer and stiffer with each passing second.

“Manting…” Shen Luo’an murmured in a hoarse voice and pressed her up against him. The burning desire in his voice made her flinch.

“Honey…” Shen Manting suddenly felt scared. Her hands were getting hotter on his body.

She quickly withdrew her hands from him, but she heard Shen Luo’an whisper, “Don’t move.”

Shen Manting was startled by his words and did not dare to move a muscle.

At the same time, she gazed at him with a puzzled expression. “What is it?” she asked him timidly.

Seeing her helpless look, Shen Luo’an immediately felt a twinge of inexplicable guilt.

His tense body became more and more uncomfortable.

He closed his eyes in defeat and released her. “It’s nothing,” he said hoarsely.

Shen Manting felt empty inside when she saw that he was about to leave.

She grasped his hands and said, “Honey.”

Shen Luo’an felt the desire in him burn even more intensely. He gazed at her as he tried to contain his most primitive desire inside his body.

The cloakroom was nearly pitch-black since they left the lights off.

It was very dim inside compared with the room outside.

Shen Manting’s eyes were sparkling with delight. She looked at him and took his hands in hers. “I was so happy when you kissed me,” she said.

A boom sounded in Shen Luo’an’s head.

Her words were like the blazing sun that lit up the darkness.

Her presence was both alluring and inviting to Shen Luo’an, which made it even more difficult to control himself.

He took her arm and pulled her into his embrace once again.

Not even Shen Luo’an knew what he was about to do.

It was a completely spontaneous decision. When he came back to his senses, Shen Manting was already in his arms.

Shen Manting glanced up at Shen Luo’an.

Her huge, innocent eyes were full of confusion.

Gazing at Shen Luo’an, she said softly, “Honey, you look a bit different today.”

Shen Luo’an’s throat tightened. He asked hoarsely, “What’s different?”

What’s different?

But Shen Manting couldn’t tell. Her cheeks were getting hotter as she met Shen Luo’an’s burning gaze. “You’re just different. You feel different all over.”

But as soon as she looked down, she noticed his raised bulge.

She couldn’t help but reach out and poke it. Shen Luo’an immediately drew a deep breath.

“Don’t touch it.” Shen Luo’an said in a deep and tolerant voice. “Just don’t touch it.”

Shen Manting was a little frightened. She stared at Shen Luo’an and immediately drew her hand back. “Honey, do you feel uncomfortable?”

Of course he felt uncomfortable!

Shen Luo’an blushed. He held her hand and pressed it down.

Shen Manting only managed to touch a piece of his trousers. She looked up at him in confusion.

“Could… you help me if I feel uncomfortable?”

“Of course,” Shen Manting looked up at him. “I’ll go find Nanny He and get some medicine for you.”

She struggled to get up as she spoke.

But before she could move, Shen Luo’an held her down and said, “You’re my cure.”

Shen Manting stared at him in a daze.

Then she said with a hint of fear, “Honey, are you thinking of devouring me…”

Shen Luo’an’s gaze deepened. “Is that okay?”

His voice was tinged with desire.

Shen Manting flinched when she saw him like that. She responded, “I… I heard that eating human flesh is not… good for your body, and… it also tastes bad.”Her petite body shank back in fear.

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