Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E09

9 months ago

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Years had passed and she had forgotten who she was, or what she is looking for. She couldn’t even remember her name nor how she looked like when she was alive. She became a wondering Spirit searching for that which she lost. A faceless ghost with a strong desire to find something; something that is long gone.

That desire grew so strong that it created a gravity around her, so powerful enough to be felt by humans, her desire materialize into what is known as this present day Miss koi koi. She became a melevolent Spirit cursed to search aimlessly within the boundary of the Dormitory, how could she possibly know what she is looking for, if she found it. A sad paradox of Miss Kola.

Senior Sampi skipped his Chemistry lectures together with Senior Scorpio (An handsome guy who is obsessed with Zodiac signs) they sneaked into the school secretary office to find the truth. It was easy for them as the secretary was fast asleep.

“check any files you see for the truth” Senior Sampi ordered. They searched for close to 30 minutes until senior Scorpio called the attention of senior Sampi to a suspicious file. The file contained all the students that died in the school.

They were about four students in the file. The duo went through the files and discovered about three out of the four students went disappeared mysteriously. In exactly thesame way Uche disappeared. why the other died in the Dormitory.

And the oldest record was the death of this particular student, whose name was Saheed Emmanuel Daniels.

“The very first death causes all this. Saheed Emmanuel Daniels is connected to miss Koi Koi somehow, who is this boy, and what is his connection” Senior Sampi said.

senior scorpio “Wait… S.E.D said Madam koi koi is looking for something. what if what she is looking for his revenge… it is obvious this boy was killed”

Senior Sampi “Revenge is another way to put it,if she was looking….

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