Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E10

9 months ago

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Attention: You have made it this far nawa o…

Senior Sampi “Revenge is another way to put it,if she was looking for Revenge, she would have killed those people who killed Saheed then now, maybe she isn’t satisfied”

Senior Scorpio “In the law of the universe, you have to give to receive… we can get Uche back by giving her what she wants.”

Senior Sampi ” what law? you Don start with your zodiac nonsense, Now you are sounding like S.E.D, funny enough S.E.D might be right… first time that mumu dey make sense.

Senior S.E.D “Shebi I told you people…you think say I dey lie ba?”

senior Solo “Boss S.E.D. wetin we go do na, You be Boss shey make we continue money give madam koi koi goat… Aswear I go drop all my money o”

Senior Terdo (a skin bleached bearded senior, with red lips) “Guy as I hear this so I no fit sleep o”

Senior S.E.D ” We need to sacrifice somebody for her to leave”

Senior Scorpi “sacrifice kini… na your papa we go sacrifice… I no dey that one o. you wan kill person pikin”

senior S.E.D. “Calm down na… I meant someone should volunteer na… He would just have to walk up to madam Koi koi and say he is Saheed Emmanuel Daniel shikena and the spirit will take him and leave and probably Uche will come for us”.

Senior Sampi “Are you sure about this… If that is the case I will volunteer… but not this night o… I am the school father to lots of juniors… there is no way I will let anything happen to them.

To be Continued…

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