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Preparations For The Big Day

The man waited for his master to finish his usual rants…. and before he spoke.


\”Master, if you don’t mind me saying….. I think it’s best for you to first finish your meal before we discuss any further.\”

\”Who here is the master?

You or me!!

Get on with what you want to show me.\” Nopline said, while spitting all over the place.

\”As you wish master!\” The man said.


‘Boum! Boum! Boum! Boum!’

4 sliced off heads had been dropped to the floor by the scar-faced man.

Nopline looked at the heads, and immediately threw up at the sight of the already dried up blood around their neck regions.


The heads were pale and white….. and the stench coming out from them, almost made Nopline black out.

‘Bluhhhhhhh!!! Bluhhhhhh!’

Of course, Nopline couldn’t control it.

But rather than vomiting on the food in front of him….. he turned to the side and vomited on those servants who were still on all 4’s.


Even though they had brought him towards the table, and had placed him on a chair there….. Nopline still had them stay like dogs beside him.

After all, one never knew when he/she needed to take a ‘dump’.


Those closest to Nopline closed their eyes and prepared themselves to receive their master’s ‘blessings.’


\”Are you trying to kill me?

Why didn’t you tell me that there were dead heads in that trunk?

Fine! Fine! Fine!

Who do those heads belong to?\” Nopline said, while wiping his mouth with his sleeves.


Long story short, the heads belonged to some of the few powerful men in terique… who were resisting his sister’s rise within the Palace.

This brother and sister pair, had always planned on ruling the entire Terique.

So if anyone stood in their way, he/she would have to die….. no matter what!



This would be a message to those old foggies in the Capital.

So….. How are the preparations going?

\”Master….. the men had notified me that in a few more months, we will be ready to advance.\”



-The Royal Palace, Arcadina–


A curvy woman quickly ran towards her son.

\”Good boy!

You’ve finally arrived!!

Quickly! Quickly! Quickly!

Get it!\”

The woman said, while pulling her son into her bedroom chamber.

From there, she closed her windows, and doors…. as well as lit several torches around the dark room.


As glass wasn’t made yet, what they did…. was have windows made entirely of wood.

So when the window was closed, all the sunlight from outside would be shut out…. making the room dark.


Very swift, the woman lit all 6 torches in her now dark room… and hastily sat her son down.

\”Tell me… how’re your preparations going?\”

\”Mother… everything is set!\”

\”Good! Good!…. you are truly mother’s shinning star.

Mother has been waiting for this day for over 12 years now.

Finally, I’ll be able to kick that bastard’s behind for all that he had done to me!!\”

\”Mother… don’t worry.

Trust your son!\” Connor said proudly.


Somewhere in another courtyard, James was also having a conversation with his mother as well.

Except, the woman was irritating the shit out of him.

\”Why are you in my courtyard?\”

\”Little James…. is this any way to talk to your mother?\” The woman said, with a painful expression on her face.

\”Mother?… Pui!!!

Take a good look at you!

What happened to the strong woman I used to know?\” James said in disgust.


Like he had said, he had never been close to her because she was busy chasing his father when he was still a kid.

So he didn’t love her, or care for her at all.

From the moment his mother gave him up over fighting for Alec’s favoritism…. James understood an important point in life.

To win, one had to take everyone as a disposable piece.


What the hell would he do with that?


\”I… I… I know that I neglected you alot when you were young.

But must you really treat me so?\”

\”Hmmp!!….. do you really think that I care about you?

I had put up with you previously, because I thought that you had some value in father’s eyes.

But who would’ve known that you would act like a raving lunatic just because of the death of one measly w---e’s….\”


Before he could even finished his sentence, the women had smacked him hard on his left cheek.


\”How dare you insult your dead sister.

Have you no shame?!!!\” Said the woman, who was fuming mad at this point.


Since when did her son become like this?

Or was this his true nature all along?

Immediately, tears flooded her eyes…. as she slowly pinned everything on herself.

If only she hadn’t tried to win that bastard’s favor back then.


In truth, she had done that to secure her children’s futures.

One should know that the palace was a deadly place, and if she didn’t act fast… maybe both of them would’ve died at very young ages.


Her body was her treasure, and she had willingly given that treasure out to Alec for her children’s sake.

But ironically, her so-called love had made them hate her even more.


She laughed hysterically, as she felt like maybe this was her retribution for all the bad things that she had done in this life.


\”James who was initially angry at that slap just now… was now terrified, as he heard his mother’s creepy laughter.

How could one laugh and cry at the same time?

Thinking up to here and looking at her haggard appearance, James had concluded that that it would be better for him to distance himself from this weirdo…. lest she ruined any of his plans.


\”Somebody come!!

The third queen has turned mad!

Save me!!\”


And so just like that, the pitiful woman hot dragged out of the courtyard in a disgraceful manner.


In another courtyard, a young man, a young lady and their mother… were also having their own private meeting as well.


\”It’s great to have you back brother!

So tell me, are you prepared?\” The young lady asked curiously.

\”Ai!!!…. leave your brother alone.

He knows what he’s doing.

Soon we will personally deal with all these worthless buffoons around here.\” Said their mother.

As for the young man…. he slightly smiled, while listening in on their conversation.

‘Just a few more days’, he thought.’


With all the Legitimate Princes around, the family reunion was indeed complete.

But why had they all gathered at the same time?


\”Your majesty!…. these clothes look superb on you.\”

\”Truly outstanding!\”



Within another Grand Courtyard, several people sorounded a broad shouldered man….. who was currently observing himself using a silver mirror.


Alec stayed silent, as he listened to the rain of compliments coming his way.

He nodded in approval, as he thought that this outfit would be perfect for the Palaces’ upcoming event.

Soon….. It’ll be his 45th birthday.

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