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Arcadina Down


The entire bedroom chamber looked like it had just survived from a tornado disaster.

The bedroom drapes had been ripped forcefully, as one could see visible signs of a struggle between the drapes and their owner.

As for the tables, cupboards, foot stools and any other wooden piece of furniture in the room…. those ones were all either broken or flipped upside down all around the room.


But surprisingly, even though the place looked like thieves had just raided it .. ….. there was a very minute region that was left untouched.

And that tiny space had a table that was filled with numerous mouth watering pallets on it.


Nopline placed his thick hands on his chest, and tried to calm himself down as best as he could.


‘Thumthum!…. ThumThum!\”

He could feel his heart pounding heavily, as his chest rose and fell quickly.

\”You, you, you, you, you and You!

Come here here!!\” He said, while pointing at the servants who were currently standing beside the knights.


Looking at all the shattered ornaments and priceless artifacts scattered around him, how could he allow himself to get injured?

Very quickly, the servants stooped parallel to each other on the floor, in a Dog-like position…. and braced themselves for what was to come.


Nopline’s large behind, soon covered all 5 backs…. as he placed his massive body on the servants backs.

\”Well, what are you all waiting for?

Get to the table now!!\”


As if used to it, the servants began crawling and carrying their heavy master towards the table ahead.



As they moved, the shattered pieces around them….. instantly dug into their flesh, badly bruising them.

But they knew that if they stopped, their master might do worse than having them walk over sharp objects.


Arriving at the table filled with rare delicacies, Nopline angrily picked up an entire roasted bird and forcefully bit into it…. while grumbling and spitting over the rest of the food before him.

‘Chew! Chew! Chew! Chew! Chew!’

‘Why am I surrounded by idiots?

How come there’s no news of that Villain?’ He thought, while looking at his knights in disgust.


Nopline felt like the Heavens were truly blind.

How could that rogue steal from him?

Not just his money, but his slaves as well?

Several months ago, he had received several letters saying that all his camps within Carona had been raided clean.

And now, he had just received a letter saying that one of the campsites in Arcadina had been raided clean as well.


He had a bad promininition about the whole ordeal…. as something told him that the other camps in Arcadina would also be experiencing the same issues as well.

Of course before, he had sent people to investigate the matter in Carona….. and from his estimation, they should’ve arrived sometime in February.


Also, around that time….. he had sent out several messages to his spies around each empire, telling them to look for this Landon Obley guy.

And judging from the distance, those letters should arrive within each empire….. from this month of March, up to May.


Everything depended on how far it took to travel to the Coastal regions of these empires….. as well as travel from the shores to the cities where his spies were currently staying at.

But where he really felt like he had f***ed up on, was the fact that he had underestimated his enemy.


Just like how the Roman’s had initially underestimated Spartacus… and Nopline too, had done the same.

At that time, the Roman government felt like it was too powerful to be trampled on by 1 slave.

And this gave Spartacus all the time he needed, to grow his army to a sizable number.


Likewise, Nopline had felt like this Landon Obley guy was just a cockroach who had gotten lucky.

But now, receiving the letter from Arcadina…. something told him that this bastard would overturn him if he wasn’t careful.

He had to act fast!!


Nopline chewed his food hurriedly, as he continued to rack his brain around all the unexpected events.


\”Yes master!!\”

\”Send 5,000 soldiers to each camp within the other empires immediately!

I fear that this loathsome fellow might attack them when we least expected it!\”

\”But master…. why don’t we send out more men?\”

\”Are you an idiot?

This might be what that bastard is hoping for.

If we do that, then wouldn’t our powers in Terique be weakened?

By that time, he would probably walk in here and attack us.\”

Enough nonsense!!

Don’t forget that our main task is to find out who we are dealing with first.\”



Nopline thought about the matter again, and soon wrote several detailed instructions on numerous letters.

It would be best if they could stop the other assaults from happening.

But of course, life never went as one expected it to.


In fact, one could argue that his plans were a tad bit too late….. as the so called Landon Obley, had already sent out his own men to those empires several months ago.

So no matter how one looked at it, when Nopline’s men arrived at those camps….. their enemy would be long gone.


Nopline chewed his food and went over the contents of the letter.

He was told that the enemy had attacked in the late of night, and had used up a massive number of snow powder to blow everything up.

And surprisingly, they had also arrived in fewer numbers as well.


From all these, one could conclude that his enemy was filthy rich…. as they could afford so much snow powder.

And apart from the Money, they also had skilled archers, who shot the snow powder into his camps.

In Nopline’s mind, the enemy had become rich by robbing him clean.


\”I want this mission done properly!

No more mistakes, you hear me!!!?\”

\”Yes master!\”


Now all of you….. get out of my sight!!!\”



As soon as they left, someone else came in with a small metal chest on his shoulders.

Looking at the scared face man before him, Nopline picked up his goblet of wine and stared irritably at the man.

\”Tell me!!!

Do you have bad news as well?

Is that why you’re here too?

All of you are just too useless!!\”


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