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The Taxi pulled up at the front of the Agency, and soon… Evans and his friends ran out in a flash.

\”You forgot your change!!\” The cab driver bellowed.

\”Keep it!!\” They replied without even looking at him.


Standing before them, was a massive dome-shaped glass building… with the name: Baymard’s Revenue Agency’ on it.

And standing around the building, was a massive crowd of people, that moved around haphazardly.

Some were going in, some were going out, while others stayed around the building happily talking about their refunds.

The scene was joyful, as laughter and excitement continuously filled the air.


Evans and his friends quickly weaved their way through the crowd, edging through the dense flow of people…. until they had finally arrived at a large hall, which had the longest waiting lines that they had ever seen.

Each line was like a snake, as it swirled its tail around the hall.


There were 8 lines in total, and at the front of the lines, was a large glass wall….. which had staff workers on the other side of the glass wall.

It looked like a bigger version of a western Union or Money Mart counter… as the workers communicated through the glass.


Before joining any line, Evans took out his letter of refund that showed his submission date and how much he would receive….. and placed it on a ballot box at the start of line 4.


\”Scully… how much time is left before the place closes up?\”

\”Hmm…. ahhh!

29 minutes left!!\”

Looking at the fast moving line, Evans sighed from relief, as he felt like he would be attended to before time ran out.


5 minutes after he had stood on line 4, a staff who was holding another ballot box…. quickly swapped it with the one he had just dropped his letter into.

It seemed like they were going to start preparing money for all the names in that box… and they would start from the names at the very bottom of the box.

This way, the envelopes would be given out at the front line in a chronological manner.


Time flew by quickly, and the line moved on lightning speed…. and soon, Evans was at the front.

\”Identification please… it could be your driver’s license, passport or Identity Card.\”

\”Here you go!\”


The worker swiftly checked everything, handed him a letter filled with cash and a few cents… and told him to recount the money here, so as to make sure that no BAYs and cents had gone missing.

\”Have a good day Mr. Evans!\”

\”You too!… You too!\” He replied foolishly, while turning to take his leave.


‘Hmmm…. hmmmmm…hmmm’

Evans hummed and smiled, as he waited for his friends outside the hall.

He squeezed the money in his pocket and started giggling, while imagining how he would spend it.

They had just given him 3,119.32 BAYS… just like that!!


As a full time worker, he had been working in Baymard for a Year and 5 months now.

He started work in November of year 1024….And had been working till now, March 1026.


Even though this refund was only for the year of 1025, he was thoroughly pleased with the amount that he had.

The entire thing stimulated him to work more hours this year…. so that next year, he would get even more money back.


Soon, his friends came out one by one… and they all decided to go out for drinks this night in celebration.

\”Rico….. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

I can’t believe they just handed it to us just like that!!

This is a lot of money!!\”

\”I’ll do more than pinch you, if you keep hitting my shoulders that hard!

Well…. I’m also shocked too.

I thought that they were joking with us.

But holding the envelope in my hands, I feel like I’m on top of the world right now.\”

\”On top of the world, try ascending to the heavens.

In my mind, I’ve already left you mortals behind.\”

\”You wish!!\”

\”Hahahhahaha!!!!\” They laughed.


\”No for real, what would you all do with your money?

For me, I’ll finally start my payment plan on that green Jeep that I told you about.\”

\”We’ll be rooting for you bro… after all, we need a personal driver for such occasions.

For me, I want to buy all the good I can get… you know I’m a foodie.\”


What a waste of money.

For me, I’m saving mine at the bank….. all of it!!

Isn’t ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ in June?

Dude, by then….. something new would be produced again.

And knowing the type of person I am, I’ll probably go crazy if I can’t get my hands on it.\”

\”Dude….. Forget it!!

In my case, I can’t risk that now.

My wedding is in 7 months time…. so I need to start paying for a home, as well as open at least 2 bank accounts for my unborn children.\”



And so… the group of friends set out with their refund money in their pockets, and their own personal goals in mind.

But of course, whether they actually did what they said they would….. that was a story for another day.


As for the rest of the citizens who had received their money or were about to receive their refunds….. they have soon gone shopping, as well as come up with imaginary lists in their minds.

The malls and stores were busy, as people felt like they had too much money at hand right now.


Some paid their children’s tuitions, while others paid their rent for the next 4 to 7 months instead.

And of course, others prepared in anticipation for Black Friday.


All in all, Everyone was pleased with this Tax Refund system.

How could they not?

In the entire Pyno continent, which empire would return people’s taxes if the government took too much?

Their King was such a sincere ruler who would never cheat them.

And it was exactly this kind of honesty, that made them feel proud to be a part and parcel of Baymard.


Of course, while some people were busy making more money….. others had ended up losing more than just money.


–Hapol City, The Empire Of Terique—-


‘Drappp! ….. Draaappp!!!’


Ornaments were sent flying and chairs were being smashed.

Within a massive bedroom chamber, several knights were currently kneeling their master… who was busy tearing down his chamber in a fit of rage.

\”I’ll kill him!!

I’ll kill him!!

I’ll kill Jim!!!

Find me that Landon Obley or else!!!\”

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