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Three-Tiered God Altar

With a single blow, Zhao Feng had pushed back the Shadowstream Peak Master and intimidated all the other God Lords. Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Power came from the fusion of his Spacetime Law with many kinds of Intents. It could easily crush the Divine Power of a Second Heaven God Lord.

God Lord Cloudmoon’s expression became unprecedentedly calm as she stared at Zhao Feng. One blow had sent a Second Heaven expert flying, and the one who had done the deed was just a peak First Heaven. Just where did this person come from?

Zhao Feng’s identity as the Ninth God Eye had been exposed in the Chixing Zone in the southeast, but the Tongtai Zone was on the western edge of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, extremely far from the center. Many people here only knew that the Ninth God Eye had appeared, but they did not know any specifics.

“This kid is very powerful! He can’t be allowed to get the Heaven Mending Race’s treasure!” The Shadowstream Peak Master’s face tensed.

On the other end, God Lord Cloudmoon had the same idea.

Although Zhao Feng’s one strike had pushed back the Shadowstream Peak Master, as this was the first clash, the Shadowstream Peak Master had not used his full strength. One could even say that he had been careless.

Now that they had some understanding of Zhao Feng’s strength, they naturally wouldn’t hold back. If they all worked together, they would definitely be able to push back Zhao Feng.

Gradually, the three God Lords of Shadowstream Peak gathered around God Lord Cloudmoon.

God Lord Cloudmoon was a Second Heaven God Lord who was actually somewhat stronger than the Shadowstream Peak Master. Shadowstream Peak only had leadership because it had three God Lords.

“Still not willing to leave?” Zhao Feng raised a brow.

It seemed like the allure of the Heaven Mending Race’s treasure was truly very large. Even though he had shown off a little of his strength, he still wasn’t able to scare them away.

Since that was the case, he would give them an even harsher lesson!


Zhao Feng suddenly vanished, leaving only spatial ripples in the air.

“Careful! He’s on the offense!” God Lord Cloudmoon immediately called out.

The other three immediately tensed. They had four God Lords on their side, but Zhao Feng remained fearless, even choosing to attack them.

“Illusion Cloud Slash!” God Lord Cloudmoon stood in the center, wildly swinging around the Cold Moon Saber in her hand.

Bzzzz! Hwoosh!

The world suddenly seemed to turn into a moonlit night, but there was a chilling killing intent lurking in the background. In the darkness, countless illusory crescent blades were flying back and forth.

“Die!” Zhao Feng immediately swung his Chaos Origin Divine Sword, extinguishing all obstacles in his path.


The three God Lords of Shadowstream Peak used their secret arts, and countless black shadows immediately charged out of the darkness to surround Zhao Feng.

“Is this the secret art of Shadowstream Peak, Shadowkill Mantra?” God Lord Cloudmoon’s eyes flashed.

The Shadowkill Mantra of Shadowstream Peak could create special attacks from all shadows and dark objects to invisibly kill enemies. Ordinary Divine Power attacks of the same level would just pass through these shadows without having much effect.


The countless shadow spikes shrieked through the air as they converged on Zhao Feng.

“Chaos Heaven Black Hole!” Zhao Feng harnessed his Chaos Origin Divine Power and formed a distorted black hole.

Zhao Feng could easily deal with the attacks of one God Lord. However, four God Lords working together represented significant firepower, and the attacks of Shadowstream Peak were rather special, so Zhao Feng decided to use his defensive skill.

Bzzz! Hwoom!

As these attacks landed, they were all gradually dispelled by the distortion.

“What a powerful defensive skill! It was actually able to block the power of the Shadowkill Mantra!” The Shadowstream Peak Master was stunned.

He had never before seen any kind of power that could so completely counter the Shadowkill Mantra. He had no idea that Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Power was not countered by any kind of power. In other words, it could somewhat counter almost all energies.


Within the Chaos Heaven Black Hole, Zhao Feng was invisible, obliterating all the attacks in his path.

“Get out of the way!” God Lord Cloudmoon immediately called out.

The four of them working together couldn’t even break through Zhao Feng’s defenses. How could they fight like this? And in terms of speed, not even the Shadowstream Peak God Lords, who were skilled in concealment and movement, could match Zhao Feng.

“Die!” Zhao Feng slashed his sword at a First Heaven God Lord.


This middle-aged God Lord had a pitch-black body that seemed to be made of liquid. It was rather similar to another expert with the Shadow Race bloodline that Zhao Feng had encountered.

The secret skill of this bloodline could greatly reduce the damage inflicted by an attack, but Zhao Feng’s Divine Power attacks were so powerful that a First Heaven God Lord could do little to reduce its power.

The sheer power of the Chaos Origin energy and its distorting and devouring nature wiped out the life of this First Heaven God Lord of Shadowstream Peak, his body shattering into bits and scattering.

“Run!” God Lord Cloudmoon and the Shadowstream Peak Master shivered and immediately fled. If they had been the target of Zhao Feng’s sword, they would have either died or been heavily injured.

Zhao Feng did not pursue. His primary goal was to find whatever the Heaven Mending Race had left here.

“How could he be this powerful? What do we do?” the remaining First Heaven God Lord of Shadowstream Peak fearfully asked.

“His Divine Power is simply too formidable. It can even counter our Shadowstream Peak’s secret arts!” The Shadowstream Peak Master was extremely unwilling to give up.

“His Divine Power is rather similar to the Heaven Mending Race’s Primal Chaos power. Could he be an inheritor of the Heaven Mending Race?” God Lord Cloudmoon had an astounding theory.

“That’s possible. How else would he have known that a treasure of the Heaven Mending Race was hidden here, and how else would he have found its location so quickly?” The Shadowstream Peak Master grimaced as he firmly concluded.

Their conjectures resulted in Zhao Feng being mistaken for a Heaven Mending Race descendant.

At this moment:

Swishs wishs wish!

The sound of three newcomers approached from the distance. The three God Lords of Pure Yang Palace swiftly arrived, and when they saw the Shadowstream Peak group, they were taken aback.

The Pure Yang Palace Master recalled that Shadowstream Peak had come with four God Lords, so why was one missing? And the other members of Shadowstream Peak didn’t seem to have very good complexions.

Upon being questioned, the Shadowstream Peak Master explained what had happened and their current hypothesis. The three Pure Yang Palace members were similarly shocked. Was Zhao Feng really a member of the Heaven Mending Race?

“Old fellow, why don’t we work together? Otherwise, we’re no match for that kid!” the Shadowstream Peak Master looked to the Pure Yang Palace Master and asked, his eyes bright.

He had so openly revealed what had happened precisely because he had this idea in mind.

“Pure Yang Palace is truly rather timid. Even though an outsider is about to steal your possessions, you’re still so frightened.” The other God Lord added fuel to the flames.

“Okay, I agree!” The Pure Yang Palace Master agreed without hesitation.

He truly didn’t want to hand over the treasures of the Heaven Mending Race without a fight.

When the combined party of Pure Yang Palace and Shadowstream Peak reached the location of the treasure, they discovered that the dimension had already closed. Of course, the six God Lords naturally had the power to blast their way into that dimension.

“Hold on. Let that kid open the way for us. If he encounters anything bad, the treasure will still be there for us to take. If he gets the treasure, we’ll just ambush him and take the treasure off his body!” The Shadowstream Peak Master revealed a cunning and sinister expression.

The other God Lords nodded in agreement. The Shadowstream Peak Master’s plan truly was rather good. Thus, the six God Lord decided to wait in ambush.

The Shadowstream Peak Master, who was skilled in the art of ambush, personally laid the trap.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was traveling through that small spatial fissure into that mysterious dimension that had been hidden for countless years.

It was dark and gloomy in this dimension, and strands of Primal Chaos energy would occasionally flit by. These strands of Primal Chaos energy varied in strength; the weakest were on the same level as someone who had just become a God Lord while the strongest were at peak Third Heaven, and even Zhao Feng had to dodge them.

It was also because of this Primal Chaos energy that Zhao Feng could not spread out his Divine Sense very far and had to slowly make his way forward.

“It seems like, when too much Primal Chaos energy accumulates in this dimension, some of it leaks out from that fissure. Those ordinary True Gods from Pure Yang Palace training in this place have no means of resisting this power and are probably instantly killed,” Zhao Feng conjectured. And because this energy leakage was only temporary, the Ancient Gods who came to investigate couldn’t find anything.

As he pressed forward, Zhao Feng discovered that the energy in his body was being drained away. He was forced to circulate his Chaos Origin Divine Power.

That devouring energy that came from elsewhere immediately weakened, but at the same time, this gloomy dimension became more chaotic. The Primal Chaos energy within became much more lively and began to shoot back and forth.

And far in the distance, there was a dim flash of light.

“Over there!” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

Zhao Feng sensed that the item he was searching for was in that direction.

This dimension was brimming with Primal Chaos energy and was extremely chaotic. Even his left eye’s see-through ability was hindered and disrupted here.

Zhao Feng remained wary as he slowly got closer. The closer he got, the stronger the devouring energy became. Even Zhao Feng was finding it rather difficult to resist it.

Gradually, a massive domed building appeared in front of him. This was a grandiose, ancient, and mysterious building.

With Zhao Feng’s experience, he could naturally tell that this was no ordinary building, but a God Altar – a three-tiered God Altar! This three-tiered God Altar was somewhat damaged, but there were still profound principles of the world carved into it’ and Primal Chaos energy that left even Zhao Feng frightened still flowed within it.

“A God Altar?” Zhao Feng was rather disappointed. Although a Third Heaven God Altar was a priceless treasure, what he needed the most right now was an art!

At this moment, a dim glow suddenly arose from the God Altar.

“Junior, you’re actually disappointed? Are you looking down on this old man?” An elderly and unhappy voice came from the God Altar.

This gave Zhao Feng a rather bad fright. He speculated that this God Altar had been here for hundreds of millions to billions of years, but he hadn’t expected for there to be anything alive within it.

Primal Chaos energy surged out of the massive God Altar, forming a savage and mighty beast that was rather similar to a qilin.


The dark qilin roared. All the Primal Chaos energy in the dimension trembled as it came under the qilin’s control.

“Junior, if you can’t deal with this, you have no right to obtain what is in this place, and there is no need for you to go back alive either!” The voice within the God Altar spoke once more.

Zhao Feng’s expression darkened, but he said nothing. A three-tiered God Altar meant that its owner was at least a Third Heaven God Lord, perhaps even a God King.

As he was in another person’s territory, Zhao Feng decided that it was best to do as the other party said. In addition, he might be able to obtain an art from this God Lord.

The qilin roared before lunging at Zhao Feng. A vast sea of Primal Chaos energy came surging down.

This dark Qilin possessed vast quantities of pure Primal Chaos energy, and its cultivation level was at peak Second Heaven. Ordinary peak First Heavens would be powerless against it and could only be beaten to death.

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