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Sent Flying in a Single Move

As Zhao Feng charged into the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension, Pure Yang Palace members still had no idea what was going on. Logically speaking, with Shadowstream Peak attacking, Zhao Feng should have helped them stave off this external foe. Once they pushed back the enemy, Pure Yang Palace could once more assist Zhao Feng in opening the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension. If Zhao Feng fled, the three of them would find it very difficult to deal with the four God Lords of Shadowstream Peak.

However, to Pure Yang Palace’s surprise, the Shadowstream Peak God Lords did not immediately attack upon arrival.

“You idiots! You let an outsider into the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension!” The bull-horned elder cursed. Pure Yang Palace had such a precious treasure hidden in its territory, but it knew nothing about it and even let an outsider get access to it.

“Could there be some secret hidden there?” the Pure Yang Palace Master noticed that something strange was going and asked.

Zhao Feng had traveled a great distance to reach this place, saying that he needed to investigate something, and in the end, he even rushed into the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension. That, combined with the actions of Shadowstream Peak and everything that had been said just now, made him feel suspicious.

“Idiot, your Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension might be hiding secrets and treasures of the Heaven Mending Race!” the bull-horned elder yelled, not hiding anything.

His true goal in attacking Pure Yang Palace was the treasure of the Heaven Mending Race. Destroying Pure Yang Palace was secondary. Now that someone had gotten in the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension ahead of them, they needed to get inside as quickly as possible. Thus, now was not the time to fight to the death with Pure Yang Palace. It would be far too late if their delay caused Zhao Feng to obtain the Heaven Mending Race’s treasures. And the strength of Pure Yang Palace was necessary to open up the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension again.

For this reason, the bull-horned elder told the secret to Pure Yang Palace.

“What? The Heaven Mending Race’s treasure?” The Pure Yang Palace Master felt like he had been struck by a thunderbolt.

The other two God Lords were also rather dazed. The Heaven Mending Race was the 6th ranked mythical race. This race possessed Primal Chaos power, an incredibly powerful energy that had almost no counter. They could have never imagined that a low-level secret dimension would be hiding such a secret.

Normally, they would have never believed Shadowstream Peak’s words, but Shadowstream Peak had come to attack and then suddenly stopped. Moreover, Zhao Feng had cast aside everything and charged into the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension. After putting everything together, Pure Yang Palace was forced to acknowledge the truth.

In truth, the Elders of the palace had spoken to them about the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension. They said that True God geniuses had died within, and even though some Elders went inside to investigate, they hadn’t been able to figure out what was going on.

As God Lords, they were too lazy to care about such trivial matters. At the time, they had even thought the Ancient Gods of the palace to be incompetent, unable to handle such a trifling matter. They never would have expected there to be such a major secret.

“Hurry and open up the secret dimension again! If you let that kid snatch away the treasure, it seems to me that your Pure Yang Palace will become the joke of the entire Tongtai Zone!” the bull-horned elder coldly derided.

The Pure Yang Palace God Lords glanced at the Shadowstream Peak group. Although Shadowstream Peak was the one that had told them all this, it was still their sworn enemy, someone they had to be vigilant against.

In the end, the two factions reached a temporary agreement. Shadowstream Peak would not attack Pure Yang Palace for now, but Pure Yang Palace had to open up the secret dimension and let Shadowstream Peak’s forces go in.

“All of you withdraw from the territory of Pure Yang Palace!” the bull-horned elder ordered, having all the Ancient God experts of Shadowstream Peak retreat.

The God Lords of the two factions then joined together to reopen the secret dimension.

Every time a secret dimension was opened, one would have to wait until one could open the dimension again. Opening a secret dimension twice in one day was extremely difficult. For this reason, all the God Lords of both factions needed to work together to open it again.

Afterward, the Pure Yang Palace Master took the other two God Lords into his interspatial dimension. The bull-horned elder did the same for the God Lords of Shadowstream Peak and God Lord Cloudmoon.

This was because once one went through the passage into the secret dimension, one would be randomly teleported. In this way, they would prevent themselves from getting separated.

“Zhao Wang, I didn’t think you infiltrated our Pure Yang Palace because you sought our treasures. Since that’s the case, this old man won’t be polite!” The Pure Yang Palace Master angrily huffed before rushing into the passage.

Within the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension, Zhao Feng appeared in a swamp.

The moment he appeared, the auras of several Rank Five True God beasts came from the swamp down below.


Several black-armored gigantic crocodiles charged out of the black swamp, their bodies emitting black fog as they roared at Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s Heavenly Closure Seal weakened a little, allowing powerful energy to leak out.

Sensing this energy, the crocodiles immediately howled and fled back into the swamp, their bodies trembled as they begged for Zhao Feng to spare them.

Zhao Feng couldn’t be bothered to worry about them.

“The legacy of the Heaven Mending Race should be hidden inside this secret dimension, but the people of Pure Yang Palace never noticed it. This means that it must be in an extremely well-hidden place!” Zhao Feng conjectured.

But he was still rather confident in himself when it came to finding treasure.


Firstly, he sent out his Second Heaven level Divine Sense and began to search. However, this secret dimension was rather large, so Zhao Feng’s Divine Sense could not cover it completely.

Zhao Feng activated his left eye, using its see-through ability to observe the area.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

He repeatedly blinked around as he began to comb through the dimension, using his Divine Sense and left eye’s see- through ability together.

But in the end, he found nothing.

“It seems like I underestimated this treasure’s hiding place.” Zhao Feng stopped.

But there was one other possibility: the intelligence was mistaken. Perhaps there was nothing special about this secret dimension at all. But the possibility of this being true was extremely small.

“Right, Primal Chaos energy!” Zhao Feng suddenly recalled that his Primal Chaos energy back then had reacted to this place.

The Primal Chaos energy he had cultivated was extremely similar to the Primal Chaos energy of the Heaven Mending Race. Perhaps he could use it to pin down the location of the treasure.


Zhao Feng extended a hand, and a dark ball of chaotic energy slowly appeared from it.

The moment this energy appeared, it began to suck in all the surrounding energy.

Suddenly, the Primal Chaos energy began to flash. At the same time, Zhao Feng felt a pull.

“It’s over here!” Delighted, Zhao Feng flew in the direction the pull was coming from.

It didn’t take long before he arrived at a lush mountain forest.

For some reason, the trees in a certain part of this forest began to suddenly grow faster, so fast that he could actually see them growing. The ground was also rising higher and higher, forming a small mountain slope.

“Primal Chaos energy, progenitor of all things!” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

Primal Chaos energy could devour other energies, but it could also produce energies of different attributes.

Upon careful observation, Zhao Feng discovered a small spatial fissure deep underground.

He recalled that this spatial fissure had not been here on his last pass, but releasing his Primal Chaos energy might have created resonance with the Primal Chaos energy within, causing the fissure to widen.

“It’s down there!” Zhao Feng smiled as he prepared to charge in.

Suddenly, the earth began to shake, and an immense energy descended.


An ethereal moonlight blade shot through the air with incredible speed toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng dodged to the side.

Boom! Bang!

The massive moonlight blade left an unfathomably deep fissure in the ground.

“Haha, this kid is rather capable! He actually found the hiding spot of the Heaven Mending Race’s treasure!” The bullhorned elder heartily laughed as he arrived on the scene.

With him were three other God Lords, all of them extremely excited.

“Peak Master, this kid has outstanding strength. He was the one who interrupted us and caused our assassination to fail!” an elder in the team messaged. He still remembered the immense pressure Zhao Feng had exuded as if it had happened yesterday.

“Hmph, kid, seeing as you found where the Heaven Mending Race’s treasure is, we can spare your life! Get out of here!” The bull-horned elder coldly snorted.

Their first priority was to get the treasure as quickly as possible. He was confident that Zhao Feng would not choose to fight against such a powerful group.

“I’ll give you one chance to leave. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Zhao Feng’s face chilled. He should have been able to get in and out without anyone learning what he was up to, but Shadowstream Peak’s appearance had upset his plans.

Similarly, Zhao Feng’s goal was only to get the legacy. If Shadowstream Peak showed tact and withdrew, he would not pursue.

“Kid, you’re seeking death!” The bull-horned elder was enraged.

A mere peak First Heaven God Lord actually wanted four God Lords to withdraw? This was the biggest joke in the world.

God Lord Cloudmoon had a cold and gloomy expression.


She waved her hand once more, sending a moonlight blade streaking through the air. At such a close distance, a typical First Heaven couldn’t possibly dodge. If they didn’t die, they would still pay a heavy price.

But Zhao Feng had no need to dodge. An unreal silver glow radiated from the Spacetime Robe, blocking the moonlight blade.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng circulated his Chaos Origin Divine Power and punched, shattering the attack.

“Junior, you’re rather strong!” God Lord Cloudmoon’s eyes turned grave.

In the exchange just now, she saw that Zhao Feng possessed extraordinary strength. This was to be expected though, or else Zhao Feng wouldn’t have made such an arrogant demand.


The three God Lords of Shadowstream Peak flew out together, shooting forward in dark streaks of energy and attacking Zhao Feng from three different angles.

The founder of Shadowstream Peak was a Shadow Race expert, and the majority of Shadowstream Peak’s arts and skills were connected to the Shadow Race.

“Brat, die!” A silver-gray hook appeared in the bull-homed elder’s hand, exuding a chilling light.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Power, instantly condensing into a Chaos Origin Divine Sword, which he swung.

Boom! Bang!

The two weapons clashed, creating a heaven-shaking explosion.

But to everyone’s surprise, it was the bull-horned elder who was sent flying backward.

“How could this be?” The bull-horned elder vomited blood, a look of shock on his face.

He had never expected that, in his first clash with Zhao Feng, he would be thrown back by overwhelming strength!

The other three God Lords were also flabbergasted by this scene. The two Shadowstream Peak God Lords who had been preparing to attack suddenly froze, not daring to get any closer.

The bull-horned elder was the Shadowstream Peak Master and was at the Second Heaven, but even he had been pushed back with a single blow. If they carelessly approached, they would just be seeking death.

They were currently counting themselves rather lucky that, when they were chasing Ao Hongguang, they had decided to retreat rather than fight to the death with Zhao Feng. They didn’t dare to imagine what would have happened if they had chosen otherwise.

God Lord Cloudmoon’s expression became unprecedentedly calm as she stared at Zhao Feng. One blow had sent a Second Heaven expert flying, and the one who had done the deed was just a peak First Heaven. Just where did this person come from?

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