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The heads said that you brought them out and you even let one of them drop to the ground”, My Grandmother said as she advanced closer towards me. Her eyes was fiery and it was laden with so much anger and cruelty.

I cowed back in fear while moving nearer to the wall that was behind me. I wished the wall could just open so that I could pass through it to the other side, but none of these happened.

She kept on walking towards me while asking me the same question over and over again. She was already a few steps away from me when I noticed a small kni,fe in her hand and something like a calabash has already appeared in her second hand. “Is she here to take my head too. Is she going to cu,t my head with the k,nife. Will she k,ill my brothers too”, I kept on asking myself in tears.

The aura around her was terrifying and stern stare was deadly. When I realized that she was already too near for me to evade or escape, I grabbed the blanket and threw it on myself, covering every part of my body.

Of course, that was not enough to stop her as she yanked off the blanket off my body. I was now screaming vigorously whilst wishing that my Dad could just appear from nowhere and save me from my grandmother.

She was about to pounce on me when I noticed a very rapid change in the atmosphere. I jerked up from my sleep with sweats all over my body. I was sweating thief that just escaped from barrack. “So, it was a dream all along”, I whispered to myself.

I looked around frantically to check if my siblings were sleeping on their bed. To my surprise, none of them were beside me. “Am I dreaming again or what”, I pinched my cheek to be sure.

I got down from bed as fast as I could and I silently opened the door. A light emanated from the living room to where I was standing.

I started walking discreetly to the living room to check the person or people there.

I was shocked by what I saw when I got to the living room.

The first person I saw was Justin, my elder brother, then Judith, and then Jimmy. They were all sitting across each other watching the TV. Grandma was with them too and they seem to be enjoying the movie.

That was when I realized that we were not in the middle of the night. I might not have slept for more than a hour.

None of them noticed that I was behind them, the movie was probably too interesting for them to notice me. I stood on the same spot for more than 10 minutes and they still didn’t notice me.

Surprisingly, Grandma was also laughing and giggling along with them. She was not scary nor was she acting suspicious. She was just acting the same way she did when we got to her place.

That lessened my mind a bit and I felt a bit sense of security. “Maybe I’ll just narrate everything to my siblings when we are inside our room tonight” ,I thought to myself.

Almost immediately after my thought, Grandma turned her head towards me and gave me this kind of look that could best be interpreted as “Do you like the show I gave you in your dream”. It was like she said those words with her eyes. It was so loud in my ears that I shrieked in fear immediately.

I ran back in the room with full speed wondering the kind of being Grandma is.

I shut and locked door in fear, and I started regretting the reason why I left my siblings with her. They were obviously still oblivious of who Grandma is.

The dream rushed back to me like a whirlwind and I started wondering whether the head I saw earlier could really talk.

“Can the head really talk. How did the heads get in the box”, I whispered loudly to myself while shaking me head vigorously like a psycho.

“Are you still doubting what you saw in your dream”, A bass like voice answered.

I could have said it was Grandma, but the voice didn’t sound feminine. I brought my head up slowly to behold my Grandfather’s head staring at me.

They was no hand, leg or tummy. Just my grandfather’s head, and it was just a few inches away from me.

I passed out on the floor.

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