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Seeing a bodiless head beside me scared the he,ll out of my life and it wasn’t just a mere head, it was a talking head of my Grandfather. I couldn’t fathom what my Grandmother must have done to him, all I know is that my grandmother is a very very powerful being.

“You’re not real!!. You’re not talking to me”, I screamed back at the head while shaking my own head violently as if I was trying to shake the memory off my head.

“Ohhh, the dream is very real. You and your siblings might get to join us very soon. You guys really came at the wrong time”, My Grandfather’s head said to me again with a very wild laughter, making his bodiless head to vibrate with excitement.

“I and my siblings?. Join you as how and how is this time a wrong time”, I asked him even though I was so scared.

“You’ll soon understand. I’ll have to go now. I won’t want the other heads to report me to the mistress”, he chortled and disappeared into the air.

“Other heads?, Mistress?. We are really done for”, I whispered with tears in my eyes.

The thought of my siblings filled my head and I stood up from the ground furiously. I started running towards the sitting room, and this time, I was all prepared to face her even though I knew that I might d,ie.

On getting to the living room, I was surprised to see only my siblings there. Grandma was no longer watching the TV with them.

They seems to still be excited with the movie they were watching and non of them had the idea of the danger we were in.

I joined them on the couch as soon as I saw them. I pretended to be watching the movie with them even though my mind was somewhere else. I started contemplating on whether to tell them about my discovery or not.

Telling them might make them panic and not telling them will put there life in danger. I was now left to choose between the two options.

Jimmy noticed my unusual calmness and he started questioning me.

“Julius, what happened to you. Is the video game still paining you”, he said jokingly and my other siblings joined him to laugh. “Only if they are aware of our current situation. Only if they know that we can die anytime from that moment, they won’t be laughing”, I thought to myself.

I faked a smile and replied them that I was fine. They continued with the movie, and soon enough, they started laughing and giggling at some particular scene.

I started having this feeling of emptiness in me and I started missing my siblings even though they were right in front of me, watching a movie. “If I don’t tell them tonight. Someone might probably die”, I thought to myself in fear.

“I will tell them. I must tell them. For us to be safe, they have to know. Dad and Mum isn’t coming back from Russia anytime soon, so, we have to escape on our own and for us to escape, it depends on me”, I kept on talking to myself.

“Are you sure you’re okay”, Justin, who seems to have been watching me asked again.

“No, I’m not”, I replied immediately.

“What’s bothering you”, Judith asked me excitedly and my two brothers chorused the same question after her.

“Let’s go to our room and I’ll tell you there. The walls have ears”, I whispered in reply and they all seems to be cool with my decision.

They put the TV off and we started walking towards our room, with me at the front while they were all behind me.

I got to the room first because I was walking fast. I was in a hurry to tell them what I knew about Grandma.

I entered the room and I sat on Judith’s bed, waiting for them to catch up with me. They entered the room 30 seconds later and I locked the door immediately.

So, what’s bothering you, Julius”, Justin asked me as soon as they entered.

I was about to clear my throat and begin my narration when I noticed another shocking discovery. Judith was not in the room with us. My eyes bulged out in fear as soon as I noticed this.

“Where is Judith!!?”, I asked my brothers immediately.

“Ohhh. Grandma called her on our way to the room. She wanted to give her some stuff, I guess”, Jimmy answered me with calmness.

“Grandmaaa!!”, I screamed as if I wanted to confirm what he said.

“Yes, Grandma”, he replied again.

Judith going to Grandma’s room is the same thing as being declared dead. Is screamed immediately he told me this.

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