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inside Don luis lounge.

Cataleya’s dad,Don luis,and Marco were sitting.

Don luis:i cant believe this.You wanna leave this business after all we have achieve together?. shit!

Fabio:why not.?

Don luis:because i love you like a brother

Fabio:i also love you like my brother

Don luis turn to Marco who was puffing a ciggarethe.

Don luis:Marco can you believe this guy.?

We started this when we were little…..How old were we Fabio


Don luis:Ten years old bastards stealing apples in the market.

After all we’ve been through.And now we’re untop he wants to leave.D--n!

Fabio:Luis,i’m gonna be honest with you.I want to start a new business.I mean legit and real one.I wanna open a big boutique.I want to be indipendent,am leaving this shady deals.

Don luis:think about all the dough we achieve from this deals

Fabio:do you know how many times we should have been dead?

Don luis:i dont even wanna count.

Fabio:neither do i.But you gotta think how lucky we are to be still alive

Don luis:yeah,thats right.and what about the future of this thing we built.

Fabio:its yours.its not my thing anymore

Don:i’m gonna hold you for that. you Bastard,well,am gonna miss you.

Fabio:me too,bye Luis

And with that,Fabio exits the lounge.Don luis watched him as he leaves.Sighs deeply

pours himself some whisky.

Don luis:Marco


Don luis:Go kill this mothefucker.He doesn’t deserve to leaves.He betrayed me already.Gooo!

Marco:your wish Boss




Fabio car comes to a screeching halt’s.

He come’s out of his car.Saw his armed bodyguards at the front of the house with their rifle,ready to blow up any intruder.Fabio waved at them and run upstairs.

Cat is still at the dining table,when she hears the screeching of tires,the fast footsteps outside.

Fabio burst in.His wife sees his tension filled face.


Fabio:we’ve got ten minutes.(Panting)

His wife started panicking.

Mom:Cataleya,go park!

Cat:i’m packed mama

Cataleya is strangely calm,just sits at the table.watching as Fabio shifted the family picture frame and took out a small chip hidden inside the picture frame.

Fabio:listen to me darling.Just incase of anything.This……

(He holds the chip up).

This is your passport.

Do understand?.

She nodes.He places the chip in her hand.

take’s out a card from his pocket.

Fabio:you find yourself alone?. you go to the address on this it to the man at the gate.

Cat:ok papa

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As Fabio bodyguards keep a sharp lookout.

two S.U.V’s came rolling down the street.Their fingers were on the trigger.

ready to shoot any intruder that want to take Fabio’s life.

The two S.U.V rolled up.The blackout window rolled down and Marco and his men came out.

Marco:Hola.we want to see Fabio.

Bodyguard:He’s not home.

Marco:mind if we wait?

Bodyguard:your time.



Fabio removes a medal from around his neck,drapes it over Cat.

Fabio:and this, will keep you safe.

Cat looks down at the medal.

on it was an imprint of a flower.

Fabio:thats a Cataleya comes from one place on earth.

our mother,

your grandmother used to grow them.i would wake up to the sight of them.the smell of reminds us of who we are.

He kisses her forehead.His wife appear at the doorway with two suitcases.

Mom:i’m ready.




(Marco on a phone call with Don luis)

Marco:they said he’s not home yet

(He listens.)


He hangs up.puts his phone back in his pocket.walks up to Fabio mens.

Marco:change of plans

He pulls out his gun,

shoots them point blank.



As they were about to exit the house through a rear door,

the shots ring out.

the saw Marco and his mens heading to the room they are.


He pushes his family back inside.

Fabio run to the window and sees his men on the loosing end of a gun battle.

Fabio:Too late,get ready.

The mother drops the suitcases and runs to the rear room.

Fabio comes to the unnaturaly calm Cataleya.

Fabio:i love you very much

Cat:i love you too papa

His wife run into the room toting two big assault rifles.she tosses one to Fabio.

Both of them take up shooting position.

Cataleya sit at the dining table watching.

facing the front door,

hands gripping their rifles,sweats dripping down their faces,

chest beating.the couples stood waiting.

ready to blow anyone that comes through the door.

But they never get the chance.


Machine gun fire shatters the window on both side of the room,tearing into their bodies before they even get one shot off.

Cataleya watches in tears,mute,shocked as her parents bodies are riddled with heavy caliber rounds making them twitch and fell down lifelessly.Their blood splattering across the room.

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