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And then……

Silence.Silence so complete.Absence of sound.Cat just sits in her chair sulking.

The door burst’s open

Marco and his men storm into the room.

Their assault weapons

trained on the only living thing in the room.

Marco:You Kitchen!.

You bedroom.You the back!.

The gunmen scatter.

Marco had his inquistive eyes on Cataleya.

One of the gunmen jams a gun to her head.

She does not move a muscle.Does not blink

the gunman crack the gun and was about pulling the trigger.

Marco:Hey!,what are you doing?.

The other gunmen were busy tearing the house apart.Looking for the smart memory card.

Gunman:Don luis said kill everyone!.

Marco:He said no names.

Gunman:she would remeber us.

He is about to pull the trigger.


the gunman stops.

Marco:She’s a kid

Gunman:so what?

Marco:what the heck! do you mean so what?.

You take a kid,teach them,they have values

Gunman:i couldnt even get ten bucks for her in the street.

The gunman cracks the gun and was about pulling the trigger


Marco:Are you stupid or what? Here!.

Marco hand’s him some cash.

Marco:here is twenty assholes.Go do your job.

The gunman took the money and went and join the others in ripping the house apart,looking for the memory card.

Marco calmly goes to the fridge,take a bottle of water,

cracks the cap.And drink from it.He sits opposite Cataleya on the dining table.

Marco:(softly) remember me Cataleya?

she shake her head

Marco:i was at your name is Marco,and i was a very good friend of your dad.I know this terrible for you to see

All this while,his men are searching.

frisking the bodies of the dead couples,even tearing the heels of their shoe.

But they cant find the memory card,It was with Cataleya.

Marco:some things are too complicated for a kid to understand.This is one of them.But am gonna make it simple for you to understand.


Marco:You know who Don luis is?

Cat responds nodding her head.

Her hands slip to under the table to feel if the dining knife was there.She hides it there.

Marco:of course you do.He was your father

best friend.He’s like an uncle to you.You know he has been good to your family?.

Again Cat nodes.

Marco:this house.The food you eat,the clothes you wear.Even your school fees.All this comes from Don luis.You know that?.

Cat nodes.

Marco:but when someone is good to you and you are not good to them.Then bad things happen.

Things like……

He pointed to the dead couples.

Cataleya looks from the bodies of her dead parents.And looked back at Marco

No emotion in her eyes.


Marco:good.Your father had something that belongs to Don luis.A little thing.No bigger than……

He holds up his thumbnail.

”Do you know what am talking about?.”

Cat nodes

She gripes the knife handle.

Marco:well,if you give it to me,Don luis will be very grateful,he will make sure you are clothed,feed,and sent to the very best school.But if you dont give it to him.He will be unhappy,and you see what happen when he’s not happy


Cat nodes

Marco:you are a smart girl,and in this life,smart girls get everything they want.

What do you want.

Cat raises the knife from under the table.

ready to drive it to Marco hand.

Marco:if you give me the little thing.i promised to give you anything you want.

What do you want Cataleya.just tell me.


in a flash,the knife is whiped out and buried into Marco’s open palm.

Driven with such force

the knife pierces through the back of his hands And sticks to the table.pinned his hand.

Marco want to scream but they is so much pain.He opens his mouth,but nothing comes out.

Cat:(in his ears)

To kill Don luis!.


The men look up,but before they can react.

Cataleya races past them.

Marco:Get herrr!

He yelled in pain.

A huge one came rushing at Cataleya.

but she kicked him on his Groins.

A skinny one want to grabbed her,but she lowered her head.

Took a stool from the floor and smashed it on his head.He staggers back!






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