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Intrusive Dream

“Who’s there!?” all the experts called out in shock, their hearts thumping.

The people in this hall were the top-class experts or leaders of the Great Gan Dynasty, but this person managed to infiltrate this place without anyone realizing it.

The first person that came to everyone’s mind was True God Spirit Demon, and all of them became vigilant. But when they got a closer look, they were left dumbstruck.

“Grand Elder, welcome back!” Bi Qingyue was the first to stand up.

The words “Grand Elder” made the identity of this silver-haired man obvious: the strongest expert of the Continent Zone, Zhao Feng!

“Welcome back, Grand Elder!” Supreme Emperor Dark Night called out.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night was also one of the major figures of the Hall of Gods. He was now a late-stage Sacred Lord, only one step away from becoming a Sacred King.

All the members of the Hall of Gods got down on their knees.

Zhao Feng had some impression of a few of them, but the majority were strangers.

“Zhao Feng!?” Demigod Taichi felt his knees go weak. He had never imagined that the person who caused a change in who ruled the Great Gan Dynasty would appear once more.

Indeed, the existence of the Hall of Gods eventually seized control of the Great Gan Dynasty from the Grand Imperial Hall.

However, after Nan Gongsheng and Kun Yun left, the Hall of Gods was bereft of Demigods, allowing Grand Imperial Hall to seize back control.

But the Hall of Gods had a rather sturdy foundation and powerful allies throughout the dynasty. Six of the Eight Great Clans had thrown their lot in with the Hall of Gods, and it had deep relationships with both Sky Suspension Palace and Sky Sword Pavilion. Thus, Grand Imperial Hall decided to wait a while and draw away these other factions before finally toppling the Hall of Gods, but the arrival of True God Spirit Demon had disrupted all their plans.

Demigod Taichi would have never imagined that Zhao Feng would return from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Based on what he knew, in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, one had to be part of a major faction and pay an enormous price to return to an outer dimension.

If True God Spirit Demon hadn’t appeared, he might have already started to attack the Hall of Gods. If Zhao Feng had returned at that time, Grand Imperial Hall would have probably been completely wiped out.

“Brother Zhao, it really is you!” The Sacred Emperor of the Great Gan Dynasty was also extremely excited.

The current Sacred Emperor was naturally the former Ninth Prince. He was primarily able to ascend to the throne because of Zhao Feng. Alas, the Great Gan Dynasty was currently in an awful state.

“Zhao Feng, you’re back!” The others were also excited.

Quite a few of them didn’t have any sort of relationship with Zhao Feng, or even an adversarial one, but at this moment, the fate of the Great Gan Dynasty was on the line. The appearance of this former strongest expert of the Continent Zone gave them hope.

“Bi Qingyue, tell me everything that has happened,” Zhao Feng indifferently said.

“Yes, all this is because of a person called True God Spirit Demon…” Bi Qingyue told everything that she knew.

The Hall of Gods had a team meant especially for intelligence gathering, and it had an extremely detailed report on True God Spirit Demon.

Twenty-five years ago, a person calling himself True God Spirit Demon had appeared in the Continent Zone. At the time, this person wasn’t even a Sacred Lord.

From the moment he appeared, he began to wantonly commit crimes. Although he offended many, True God Spirit Demon would always kill his pursuers.

He later on attracted the attention of major factions like the Hall of Gods and Grand Imperial Hall, but by then, True God Spirit Demon was immensely powerful. The attempts by the major factions to surround and kill him all failed.

In those twenty-some years, he went from someone weaker than a Sacred Lord to a True God, becoming the strongest expert of the Continent Zone.

“Why did he ally with the nonhumans?” Zhao Feng was rather confused.

“When that person was wreaking havoc throughout the Great Gan Dynasty, he didn’t let the Dark Moon Dynasty go either. When he reached the True God level, he happened to be in the Dark Moon Dynasty, and his formidable strength intimidated the Dark Moon Dynasty into yielding.” Bi Qingyue answered Zhao Feng’s question.

“Haaa…” Zhao Feng softly sighed.

The Yuan Qi framework of the Continent Zone was more stable than it was in the past. Logically speaking, the Continent Zone should have been even stronger than it was in Zhao Feng’s time.

If the experts of both dynasties had joined together, they should have been able to deal with a True God. After all, a True God could only actually use power weaker than a True God, or else they would be expelled from the dimension.

Alas, the feud between the two dynasties was too great. This caused the fall of the Dark Moon Dynasty and the imminent destruction of the Great Gan Dynasty.

“Zhao Feng, the Great Gan Dynasty will have to rely on you for this!” Sky Suspension Palace’s Demigod Withered Breath’s eyes twinkled.

Since Zhao Feng had returned from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, he had to be a Tue God at the very least. He might only be able to use sub-True-God power in the Continent Zone, but that just put Zhao Feng and True God Spirit Demon on the same level. At the very least, Zhao Feng could hold True God Spirit Demon down.

“I won’t let him do as he pleases!” Zhao Feng’s eyes were cold.

This True God Spirit Demon had thrown the Great Gan Dynasty into such disarray and even affected the state of the Cang Ocean and the Azure Flower Continent. He couldn’t just let this continue.

All the experts sighed in relief and smiled. Although they hadn’t won yet, they saw hope in their despair.

“Zhao Feng, what sort of plan do you have? We have to eliminate this True God Spirit Demon or drive him away, or else the Continent Zone will never be at peace!” Demigod Taichi inquired.

“That’s right!” The others repeatedly nodded.

In this place, Zhao Feng could only use the same level of power as True God Spirit Demon. A meticulous plan would be needed to kill him.

“We’ll just attack,” Zhao Feng said without thinking.

In the wars in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, he couldn’t even be bothered to kill puny True Gods.

“Zhao Feng, you can definitely defeat him!” a black-haired man said, his eyes flashing with sharp light. This person was none other than Yu Tianhao. He was currently a Sacred King, the member of Zhao Feng’s acquaintances who had made the most progress.

“Absolutely not!” The Demigods present immediately refused.

Even if Zhao Feng could hold down True God Spirit Demon in a head-on confrontation, the Great Gan Dynasty had been greatly wounded and would be no match for the Dark Moon Dynasty. Moreover, the enemy side probably did not know that Zhao Feng had returned. They had to think of a plan that could catch the enemy off guard and eliminate True God Spirit Demon.

Then let’s just wait for him to come over and send himself to his death,” Zhao Feng thought it over before saying. In any case, he had decided to remain in the Continent Zone for a spell.

After saying this, Zhao Feng left.

“Haaa, even though Zhao Feng is a True God, he’s still too young and impulsive!” Demigod Withered Breath sighed.

“Hall Master Bi, try to persuade Zhao Feng!” the Sky Sword Pavilion Demigod said.

The fate of the dynasty was at stake. This was no game.

“The Grand Elder said that we wait here for the enemy, so the Hall of Gods will wait!” Bi Qingyue was unmoved. Normally, she would have listened to the advice of others, but she believed in all of Zhao Feng’s decisions.

The Hall of Gods delegation left.

The other factions could do nothing except accept. Without the cooperation of the Hall of Gods, discussing other plans was pointless. Moreover, now that Zhao Feng was back, at least the Great Gan Dynasty could fight back and didn’t just have to sit around waiting to be massacred.

Zhao Feng spent the following days in seclusion within the Spacetime Robe. He primarily researched the Dream God Eye.

“The God Eye’s awakening can’t have resulted in only the Dreamification ability!” Zhao Feng began to think.

In the end, he decided to try out illusion arts.

Zhao Feng had always been skilled in illusions, and the abilities of the Dream God Eye seemed to be somewhat related to illusions.

“Forbidden Illusion Lost World….” Zhao Feng thought of his Illusion Dao eye-bloodline technique. “I wonder what would happen if I used Origin energy to create an Illusion Dao Dimension?”

Zhao Feng began to circulate his Origin energy.

Three days later, he had used the Dream God Eye’s Origin energy to create a mental dimension. There was a simple maze in this dimension, but everything was in dazzling dream-like colors.

“So real!” Zhao Feng sent his mind into this dimension, but he felt as if this was a real dimension.

In addition, in this dimension, Zhao Feng could change anything he wanted. After being changed, everything would still seem as real as could be.

“I need a research subject!”

In researching God Eye arts, it was best if he had a target.

Zhao Feng turned his eyes to the nearby Black Destruction Dragon.


He focused his left eye.

The Black Destruction Dragon immediately awakened with a start. As Zhao Feng’s left eye focused, the Black Destruction Dragon’s Soul Intent was inexplicably plunged into another dimension, but its body remained where it was, motionless.

“This is…?” The Black Destruction Dragon felt like it had fallen into a strange dream, but everything in this dream seemed exceedingly real. Even his master’s energy seemed no different from the real one.

“Eh? What’s going on?” Zhao Feng stared at the Black Destruction Dragon. He sensed that both it and himself were inside a strange Dream Dimension. He could clearly make out every scale on the dragon’s body, could sense it breathe, and feel the blood flow through its body.

“This is way too real….” Zhao Feng looked at the Black Destruction Dragon, formed a Chaos Origin Divine Sword, and casually slashed.

“Master? What’s wrong with you?” The Black Destruction Dragon was alarmed.

“AhCaught off guard, it was struck by Zhao Feng’s sword, a wound appearing on its body.

“What’s this?” Zhao Feng was dazed. The Black Destruction Dragon’s scream was incredibly real, causing him to stop attacking.


His mind withdrew from the Dream Dimension, and all the images vanished.

“Ah…!” The screams of the Black Destruction Dragon resonated throughout the Spacetime Robe Dimension.

“This… how?” The Black Destruction Dragon was in disbelief as it stared at the gruesome wound on its body. It was exactly the same as the wound that had been made in the dream!

Everything that happened in the dream came true. This was far too frightening!

“What happens in the Dream Dimension also occurs in reality!?” Zhao Feng stared at the Black Destruction Dragon in shock.

Just now, only the Black Destruction Dragon’s mind was in the Dream Dimension he had created. And yet, when he attacked the Black Destruction Dragon in the Dream Dimension, the Black Destruction Dragon’s real body was also wounded.

“Could it be…? Little Black, let’s try again!” Zhao Feng was extremely interested and smiled at the Black Destruction Dragon.

“No… Master, this isn’t some joke!” The Black Destruction Dragon paled.

But it didn’t matter if it refused.

Zhao Feng spent the following period researching this ability in the Spacetime Robe.

He could pull the minds of others into his Dream Dimension. In the Dream Dimension, wounds inflicted on others would be reflected in reality!

Zhao Feng called this ability Intrusive Dream.

One day, everyone in the Hall of Gods sensed an oppressive energy.

“They’re coming!” Everyone in the Hall of Gods began to take up their positions.

A vast army was approaching.

Gradually, a violet-haired old man appeared. This old man was seated on a massive throne made from countless bones. He appeared like a supreme emperor. This person was True God Spirit Demon.

Behind him was the Dark Moon Dynasty’s vast army.

“Hall Master Bi, why hasn’t Zhao Feng come out yet?” Demigod Taichi anxiously asked. He felt like Zhao Feng was treating this like a game.

The other experts also felt nervous.

“You have ten seconds to tell me your decision,” True God Spirit Demon looked down and casually said.

“Ten… nine… three…” True God Spirit Demon slowly counted down.

The members of the Hall of Gods gradually began to panic.

“One. Since you’ve refused to surrender, don’t blame.” True God Spirit Demon’s eyes chilled.

But before he could finish, an icy voice interrupted him, “You’ve finally come to send yourself to death?”


Zhao Feng appeared in the sky.

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