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True God Spirit Demon’s Origin

“You’ve finally come to send yourself to death?”

Zhao Feng suddenly appeared in the sky.

His appearance immediately stabilized the morale of the Great Gan Dynasty army. Only Zhao Feng could deal with True God Spirit Demon.

But his words were, in their view, a little too arrogant. The two of them were both restricted to the same level in the amount of power they could use. Achieving victory would be incredibly difficult, let alone killing their foe.

“Mm?” True God Spirit Demon, seated on his bone throne, stared at Zhao Feng.

He discovered that he was somewhat unable to see through this person.

One had to understand that, in his prime, True God Spirit Demon was a Rank Six True God. Although he had only recently returned to being a Rank One True God, he still had the insight and experience of a Rank Six.

“Zhao Feng!?” Several Demigods among the non-humans blurted out Zhao Feng’s name in panic.

But when they looked at True God Spirit Demon, they calmed back down. With True God Spirit Demon here, even Zhao Feng was no longer that frightening.

“No wonder the Great Gan Dynasty refused to surrender. It invited a very capable person!” True God Spirit Demon’s expression turned serious.

Meanwhile, he immediately messaged the members of the Dark Moon Dynasty, requesting information on Zhao Feng.

Your Excellency, before you, Zhao Feng was the strongest expert of the Continent Zone, but there has been no sign of him for the last few decades. It was rumored that he went to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods fifty to sixty years ago….” a Demigod of the Dark Moon Dynasty told True God Spirit Demon everything he knew.

“Even if this person really did go to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, sixty years isn’t enough to accomplish very much, much less allow him to return to an outer dimension….” True God Spirit Demon had a deep understanding of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

How could a person from an outer dimension who had entered the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods mature so quickly that they would be able to return to the outer dimension? One had to realize that True Gods were extremely commonplace in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, and in the wars between major factions, low-rank True Gods were just cannon fodder.

Thus, he conjectured that Zhao Feng hadn’t gone to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods at all, instead living in the Continent Zone under a different name or spending the last sixty years in seclusion.

“If you are willing to submit to this True God, I can guarantee that once you enter the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, you will receive better treatment than a typical True God, granting you a higher starting point. Think about this very carefully!” True God Spirit Demon looked at Zhao Feng and proudly declared.

“Is Zhao Feng confident about defeating True God Spirit Demon?”

“It’s hard to say. True God Spirit Demon seems to feel like his victory is certain….”

The members of the Great Gan Dynasty began to worry.

From True God Spirit Demon’s tone, he seemed to have a very deep understanding of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

The Dark Moon Dynasty members chuckled to themselves in surprise. At the very least, by serving True God Spirit Demon, they might be able to enter the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods with his assistance. True God Spirit Demon seemed to have quite some skill, so following him would allow one to have many opportunities.

“Hah, you don’t even have the right to be my slave.” Zhao Feng coldly laughed. This person actually wanted him to submit? One had to understand that any one of his subordinates could beat True God Spirit Demon black and blue.

“Haha, the ignorant and brash are bound to die gruesome deaths!” True God Spirit Demon stood up, his body exuding an oppressive and evil aura.

The experts from both dynasties were immediately rendered incapable of raising their heads. All they could do was tremble in fear.

But Zhao Feng was completely unaffected and continued to float in the sky.

“Who sent you?” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused. Why would a True God wander over to an outer dimension? What was his goal?

“Someone about to die doesn’t need to know that much!” True God Spirit Demon’s face chilled, and then he vanished from his throne.

A moment later, he appeared in front of Zhao Feng, sinister and bizarre energy spreading out from him.


Endless ghostly mist spewed out of his body, condensing into various strange and savage heads.

“Die!” True God Spirit Demon roared, the ghostly heads around him opening their maws and lunging at Zhao Feng. “Junior, even if we’re using the same level of strength, you’re still no match for me!” True God Spirit Demon laughed.

They could use the same level of strength, but he was a Rank Six True God in his prime. His understanding and skill were both far above normal.

True God Spirit Demon’s powerful assault and his proclamation had countless members of the Great Gan Dynasty turning nervous.

“This True God Spirit Demon must be some bigshot of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods! If he’s so confident, Zhao Feng is definitely no match for him!” Demigod Taichi began to panic.

“Is that so?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled, and then he vanished, escaping True God Spirit Demon’s circling attacks. A moment later, he appeared behind True God Spirit Demon.

“Intrusive Dream!” Zhao Feng’s left eye began to rotate, a dreamy maze appearing within.

At this moment, the dreamy light emitted by his left eye was shining over the entire world, turning it from gloomy and dark into a dreamy paradise.


A moment later, the world returned to normal. Zhao Feng and True God Spirit Demon were standing in the air, motionless.

“What happened to them?” Countless people from both dynasties were shocked and alarmed. However, they did not dare to approach Zhao Feng and True God Spirit Demon.

Within the Dream Dimension:

“What’s going on? This place is…” True God Spirit Demon sensed that he had suddenly entered some sort of dreamscape. But everything in the dream seemed incredibly real.

“Kid, was this your doing?” True God Spirit Demon stared at Zhao Feng.


Strange black mist began to rise from his body.

“Eh? There’s no spatial restriction here?” True God Spirit Demon suddenly realized that he could use his full Rank One True God strength in this dimension.


The black mist behind swelled to three times its original size, and one massive head after another floated up to look down upon Zhao Feng.

“Die!” True God Spirit Demon roared, the ghostly heads surging toward Zhao Feng.

The savage and sinister heads were on the verge of engulfing Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng continued to stand there, completely unperturbed.

“What an idiot!” Zhao Feng called out.

Disappear! An intense thought appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind. A moment later, all the heads of black mist vanished like puffs of smoke.

“This… how?” True God Spirit Demon’s face paled in disbelief.

“In this place, it doesn’t matter how strong you are!” Zhao Feng smiled.

In this Dream Dimension formed from the Origin energy of the Dream God Eye, he was God, controller of all.


Several thick chains suddenly appeared around True God Spirit Demon, tightly binding him and making him incapable of movement. At the same time, sharp swords appeared in the air, all of them pointed at True God Spirit Demon.


In a flash, one hundred and three swords stabbed into True God Spirit Demon’s body.

“Ah…!” True God Spirit Demon’s wretched screams echoed throughout the Dream Dimension.

Swoosh! Swish!

The sharp swords pierced straight through True God Spirit Demon’s body.

In the outside world, one bloody wound after another appeared on True God Spirit Demon’s body, leaving the members of both dynasties shocked.

In truth, Zhao Feng could have instantly killed True God Spirit Demon, but given the mess True God Spirit Demon had made of the Continent Zone, Zhao Feng needed to torture him a bit in order to vent his rage. Moreover, this was also a perfect time to test out his Intrusive Dream.

“Aaaah…! Please spare me! I wasn’t sent by anyone! I’ve always been in the Continent Zone…. Spare me! I’m willing to be your slave!” A few moments later, True God Spirit Demon began to beg for his life.

“I said before, you’re no good!” Zhao Feng’s expression chilled.

True God Spirit Demon’s words didn’t convince him.


He appeared next to True God Spirit Demon, his powerful soul energy surging as he began to search True God Spirit Demon’s soul.

“This soul energy… Ancient God, half-step God Lord… no, God Lord!?” True God Spirit Demon was scared out of his wits.

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was incredibly powerful. He had only ever encountered one God Lord in his life, and Zhao Feng exuded the exact same kind of Soul Intent!

“Eh? This fellow was telling the truth…?” Zhao Feng learned everything from the memories in True God Spirit Demon’s soul.

As it turned out, True God Spirit Demon had escaped from the Imperial Tombs. Coincidentally, Zhao Feng had run into him before; he was none other than the mysterious expert beneath the bronze pillar.

At the time, it was precisely Zhao Feng’s group that had accidentally caused a crack to open in the seal, giving True God Spirit Demon a chance to escape. On a certain level, this was Zhao Feng’s fault.

As for why True God Spirit Demon had remained in the Continent Zone, he apparently wanted to know what it felt like to rule over everything.

Zhao Feng could somewhat understand. In wars between the five-star factions of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, ordinary True Gods were just cannon fodder, but in the outer dimensions, True Gods were supreme.

Besides that, True God Spirit Demon had another goal. He wanted the key to open the Imperial Tombs, held by the Sacred Emperor of the Great Gan Dynasty.

The Imperial Tombs clearly resided in a high-level ancient dimension. There were probably many treasures hidden within, and there was also a Heaven’s Legacy Race city inside. For True God Spirit Demon, who need resources to recover his cultivation, this truly was an enormous temptation.


Zhao Feng’s mind withdrew from the dimension, and the images before him vanished.

In the outside world, the members of both dynasties could only watch while countless wounds appeared on True God Spirit Demon’s body as he inexplicably screamed.


The screams stopped, and True God Spirit Demon’s body plunged to the ground.

On the other side, luster returned to Zhao Feng’s eyes.

“Your Excellency!”

“How could this be?”

Countless experts from the Dark Moon Dynasty yelped in surprise. They sensed that True God Spirit Demon was devoid of energy and already dead!

In contrast, the Great Gan Dynasty members were all frozen to their spots, unable to comprehend what had just happened. From start to finish, Zhao Feng hadn’t even done anything while True God Spirit Demon just screamed and screamed until he was suddenly dead!

“This, this… how did he manage to do this!?” Demigod Taichi was flabbergasted.

Earlier, he was still wondering if Zhao Feng was any match for True God Spirit Demon. In the end, True God Spirit Demon only glanced at Zhao Feng and then died a miserable death!

“He really did have the skill!” Demigod Withered Breath was stunned and extremely excited.

When Zhao Feng said that he would just attack, they all felt that it was just the rashness and arrogance of youth.

“In the future, the two dynasties are not to invade each other!” Zhao Feng growled.

The nonhumans also lived on the Continent Zone. He couldn’t just massacre the entirety of the Dark Moon Dynasty. “Run, hurry!” The Dark Moon Dynasty army crumbled as everyone fled in panic.

“It’s over. Go and do whatever it is you should be doing.” Zhao Feng turned to the Great Gan Dynasty members. Afterward, the remaining factions began to leave the Hall of Gods.

But Zhao Feng told the current Sacred Emperor to hold on for a moment.

“Brother Zhao is interested in the Imperial Tombs?” The Sacred Emperor took out a gray-white stone plate. This was the key to opening the Imperial Tombs

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