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Come Close I’ll Kill Her

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“I told you this woman is an ungrateful person! How many times have I told you not to fall for her, and you…” Li Sicheng looked away in a fret. “So where is she now?”

“In the hospital. She does not want to see me. She hates me. What should I do? She wanted to break up with me in the first place. After this, I can’t keep her anymore, Sicheng.”

After a moment of silence, Li Sicheng said, “Now, change and go to the hospital to keep her company.”

“She doesn’t want to see me…”

“She has to. You are her baby’s father. You have the right and need to take care of her. It is up to her to hate you, but you must shoulder the responsibility. Ou Ming, get up!” He lifted his 6-foot-tall friend up rudely.

Seeing the huge blood staying on the bed, Ou Ming paused for a second before getting his clothes. Sicheng was right. It was up to her to hate him, but he must do what he should do. He wiped his face with a wet tissue and looked at himself in the mirror, suddenly grinning. Every time when he was helpless, Li Sicheng could always manage to encourage him. He did not even deserve to have such a good friend and brother. Regardless of what would happen in the future, this brother must be for a lifetime.Ou Ming thought carefully as he buttoned his shirt.

However, before he finished changing, he heard the ringtone of Li Sicheng’s cell phone. Li Sicheng picked up the phone and was Li Jinnan. There was heavy breathing, and Li Jinnan’s voice was a little anxious. At the same time, there were noises from a sports car’s engine. “Brother, Su Qianci was kidnapped. Come back soon!”

Li Sicheng was shocked. He immediately rushed out.

Ou Ming was shocked by his sudden move. “What are you going?”

No response.


Su Qianci watched the Bugatti leave, and then entered with Shuang Yu.

However, Shuang Yu suddenly frowned, turned sideways, and directly punched in the direction of Su Qianci. She was shocked and let out a yelp, and then she heard a thump. A short man was knocked down by Shuang Yu, and she was still in shock.

Shuang Yu put the short man down, but when she raised his eyes, her expression suddenly changed, and she roared. The two bodyguards who stood at the door heard the noises and immediately came to help.

Su Qianci was shocked and was about to turn back, but then her hand was suddenly caught. A strong arm wrapped around her neck, and something cold touched her neck.

“Come close and I will kill her.” The voice was cold and sounded rough and familiar.

Tang Zhenghao!

Su Qianci did not dare to move. However, her body could not stop shaking slightly. Breathing rapidly, she was extremely anxious.

Shuang Yu and the two bodyguards immediately stopped their movements. The five men behind Tang Zhenghao were walking forward. Each of them had a long steel pipe in their hands.

At this time, Su Qianci calmed down and said, “You don’t want to be impulsive. If anything happens, he won’t forgive you.”

Tang Zhenghao sneered, ignored her, looked at the several bodyguards, and said, “Such obedient dogs. Ask Li Sicheng to go to the abandoned warehouse in the eastern suburbs alone. If not, the consequences are at his own risk!”

Then, he stepped back holding Su Qianci, got in the car, and went away.

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