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He lost his own baby

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Inside the luxuriously decorated European-style room, the vintage-patterned curtains blocked all the light. The room was dimly lit, and one bottle after another was lying on the floor, next to the man. On the big bed in the middle of the room, a large piece of blood stain was shocking to look at. In the whole room, the alcohol smell was mixed with blood, unpleasant and sickening. Ou Ming leaned against the edge of the bed, holding a wine bottle in his hand. The thin beige shirt on his body was covered with blood. His drunken eyes clearly reflected the long and straight figure.

“You came…” Ou Ming smiled, but his tears rolled down again. “Sicheng, huh…”

Li Sicheng did not expect to see such a scene. Bloody, violent, decadent. At this moment, Ou Ming looked nothing like himself. This was clearly a poor toad! His first reaction was to check Ou Ming’s body. “Are you injured?” The big hand pulled his clothes open and found that his skin was smooth. No bleeding whatsoever.

Ou Ming pushed him away and said, “It’s not me, it’s her… all her.”

Li Sicheng was a bit shocked but much more relaxed. Gazing at him, Li Sicheng asked coldly, “She is dead? You killed her?”

With so much blood, it was either death or serious injury. But, how did Ou Ming have the heart to do this? He liked that Yu Lili so much!

Ou Ming’s eyes were half open, he took a long breath, and chuckled. “The blood belongs to my child. My baby is gone, killed by myself.”

“What do you mean?” Li Sicheng looked at him, took his bottle, and threw it aside. “Is that woman pregnant? She miscarried?”

Ou Ming shut his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks. He said painfully, “She wants to break up with me. She actually wrote down how much I paid for her over the years and threw the books at me, saying that she will pay back. Tut…”

“Then, did you hit her?”

“Hah, hit her? How can I do that…” Ou Ming reached out to touch the bottle and his hands were shaking.

Li Sicheng was quick-eyed, holding his hand and looking at him. “How can there be so much blood? Can the baby still survive?”

Ou Ming’s hand trembled even more. He watched Li Sicheng, holding his head and shaking his head. “I don’t know if she is pregnant. If I know, I will definitely not treat her like that. I did not mean it, but…”

“You… got her in bed?”

So, that was why there was so much blood in bed? Ou Ming did not speak, only looked at him fixedly. This attitude was tantamount to a yes.

“You…” Li Sicheng suddenly found that he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to scold him, but did not have the heart to do it, seeing him like this.

“Where is she?”

In the room smelling of liquor and blood, Ou Minghong looked at him and said with a low voice, “She was sent to the hospital and the surgery has been done… The baby is more than two months old. She did not tell me. She was planning to run away, and then have an abortion secretly. She didn’t even give me a chance to know. She didn’t want to stay with me. She didn’t want to have my baby. For years, she felt nothing… nothing for me…”

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