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I promise not to resist

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Su Qianci blinked and did not understand what he meant.

“I hurt the Tang family like that, so Tang Zhenghao will never give up his revenge. And even without Tang Zhenghao’s participation, the gang has already been eyeing us.” He paused, and his eyes became sharp. “Or, they have been eyeing you. Remember the gunshot at the capital last time?”

Su Qianci gazed at Li Sicheng, was unexpectedly calm, and asked, “Are they working together?”

“Yes.” Li Sicheng nodded. “Watch out for Rong Anna and Bo Xiao. I suspect that the man who held you hostage previously was him.”

Su Qianci heard that and did not look surprised at all. Obviously, she had already thought about this possibility.

He pulled her into his arms and whispered, “You guessed it?”

“Yes, I thought about this possibility. They are afraid that I will recognize them, so when I went to the capital, they wanted to kill me.”

There was approval in his eyes. He nodded and said, “I sent people to investigate them and even followed them for a while, but they were very cautious. They always disappeared right in front of my men. For nine days, I haven’t found any evidence. The enemy is in the dark. This gang is definitely capable since it can fight the police for so long and remain safe and sound.”

“It’s better to take the initiative to attack rather than sit around.”

“We are a private enterprise. The more glorified we look and the better our reputation is, the more important we are to the authority. Combined with the ranks of grandfather, father, and brother, the gang would not dare to touch us no matter how bold they are.”

Li Sicheng was very confident, his eyes lighting up. His handsome face had the glory of a winner.

“It turned out to be like this…” Su Qianci was a bit dazed, basically understanding what he meant.

He reached out and rubbed her hair. “You don’t need to know about this, as long as you know every decision I make, I will guarantee that you and our family are safe.”

He was waiting. When Tang Zhenghao couldn’t help but make a move and expose him to the public, he would take the opportunity to kill him. Tang Zhenghao or Rong Anna or Bo Xiao. If only one of these three people fell into the hands of him or the police, then the breakthrough would be reached. At that time, they could be taken care of once and for all, allowing him to relax.

Su Qianci looked up at his face. Noticing her gaze, he looked down into her eyes. He saw her round big eyes blank and heard her asking, “What about you?”

Her voice was soft. He held her hand and curled his lips. “I will be fine.”

“Last time when I suddenly couldn’t find you, I was scared to death. I thought you had an accident.”

“How come? I am stronger than you think.” Li Sicheng kissed the top of her head. Seeing that she was really scared, he couldn’t help laughing. “There will be no next time. If I disappear without telling you like that day, then you can wait for me to come back and punish me. I promise not to resist.”

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