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So Many People Are Watching

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His look became complicated as he had a smile like a bad boy. He kissed her lips and whispered, "However you want to punish me."

Su Qianci blushed and hit him. "You wish."

He caught her hand, narrowed his eyes, and teased her, "You mean there will be no punishment?"

"Tut, if there is a next time, I will punish you by not allowing to go to my bed."

"Too cruel..." Li Sicheng frowned with a bitter look. "Is that so serious?"

She smiled smugly, holding his neck and pecking on his lips. "So, you should be careful in the future. Don't act wantonly and remember to tell me before you do something. Let me know what is going on, so that I won't worry about you."

"Yes ma'am." Li Sicheng's voice was low and soft. With a smile, his look was very doting.

Her heart was melting. Looking away with a blush, she pretended to be calm. "Now, go to the hospital for the checkup."

He held her hand and took her waist with the other hand. "Yes, my dear wife."

After all the examinations were done, an old doctor pushed his glasses back on the bridge of his nose and told them that there were two placentas and two fetal hearts in her womb. In other words, they were going to have fraternal twins.

Although he had an idea that there might be two babies, after hearing this news, Li Sicheng was still dumbstruck. Pleasantly surprised, his cold face eventually became filled with overjoy.

"Fraternal twins, two fetal hearts, two placentas?" Li Sicheng repeated the phrases, his heart racing like crazy. An indescribable emotion emerged from the deepest part of his body. "Two children? Fraternal twins?" Repeating that again, his eyes, which were like the brilliant galaxy, became even brighter. "I didn't get it wrong?"

Su Qianci looked into his eyes, curled her lips, and nodded to confirm.

Getting the confirmation, he suddenly laughed out loud and took her into his arms. Tightening his grip around her, he said in a deliberately lowered voice, "Impressive, my wife is so impressive!"

She reached out and touched his palm, which was trembling out of excitement. She smiled, and whispered with a blush when seeing the doctors' teasing looks, "So many people are watching. Act normal."

"Alright!" he responded with a loud voice. It was so difficult for him to hold back his joy, so he kissed her cheek. Trying to contain his smile, he failed and let it grow bigger and bigger. His low chuckles were infectious. It was the first time she had seen him like this. The uncontrollable emotions from him made him look like... a fool. Pursing her lips, Su Qianci looked at him with her face red.

Li Sicheng's eyes were bright, as he looked down at her belly. Feeling it, he whispered to her belly, "Wait for me." And then he walked out of the clinic.

"What are you doing?"

"Making a phone call!"

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