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What if it’s two boys?

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Li Sicheng had never restrained himself as much as he did today, careful not to hurt her and the baby. But after all, there had been no sex for him in several days. As he got more and more heated, he disregarded the pain on his hands and fell on the bed with her in his arms. He made sure that he did not touch her belly.

The baby was now more than three months old, making her belly show, which was bigger than ordinary mothers. He looked at her belly and couldn’t help but reach out and touch it. He said, “Is it possible to be a boy and a girl for real?”

“I don’t know.” Su Qianci saw his idiotic expression, and smiled. “It takes four months before we can find out, and the doctor will not tell us the gender, afraid that we might have a preference.”

Li Sicheng looked at her belly and could not help smiling. Finally, lying beside her and taking her into his arms, he whispered, “I hope it to be a boy and a girl, if not, two girls are great as well.”

“How do boys offend you?”

“Boys are hard to manage. I heard that my mother almost went crazy, having to take care of me and my two brothers.”

The three brothers were all really naughty, and Li Sicheng was the most rebellious. Li Jinnan was no good either. Although Li Beixing looked like a good boy, he was actually filled with bad ideas, even worse than his two younger brothers. Thinking of the possibility of his wife having two boys, who would be as naughty as them, he felt quite scared…

“If we are really having two boys, you will have to put up with them.” Su Qianci squeezed his nose. “Boys and girls are the same.”

When Li Sicheng was going to say something, she pinched his mouth and looked majestic. “Now, sleep!”

Sleep it is. Having stayed up all night in an intense environment, he was very tired. He fell asleep comfortably with his wife.

When she woke up, Su Qianci didn’t know where to go. She glanced at the small alarm clock next to the bed and found it was past 8 PM.

He rubbed his head, picked up the phone on the bedside, and saw dozens of missed calls. As soon as possible he picked it up, and Cheng You’s call came through.


“Yeah.” He responded and hurt himself when he stretched. He quickly put his hands down.

“Tang Mengying ran away. At three o’clock in the afternoon, she injured the nurse and dressed up as that nurse.”

Li Sicheng heard the news, and his groggy eyes suddenly became sharp. “Didn’t I tell you to reinforce the guards?”

“Yes… I did, but…”

“Is she caught?”

“She got away… someone outside picked her up and took her into a car directly…”


Cheng You didn’t dare to speak. Li Sicheng seemed to have calmed himself down and asked, “What about Rong Rui?”

“Rong Rui?” How did you suddenly mention Rong Rui?

“It best have nothing to do with him.”

Otherwise, he would not take into account the relationship between him and Cheng You!

Cheng You knew that it was serious, became alert, and said immediately, “No, Rong Rui has already broken his relationship with her. It is impossible for him to do it.”

Li Sicheng became silent and then said, “Then ask him to come work for the Li Group as your assistant. You will be his immediate superior. He can have the same salary as you. Let him think about it.”

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