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It’s been so hard for me

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Li Sicheng gradually calmed down, put on his clothes, and opened the door to return to his room. As soon as he entered, he saw a small bulge on the bed. Going forward, he gently lifted the quilt, and at a glance, he saw the small head of Su Qianci with her hair messy. She opened her reddish and moist eyes.

He lifted her up and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

She ignored him, flicked his hand away, and lay down.

He took off his shoes and joined her under the quilt. Pretending to be dumb, he said, “Is there treasure in there, huh?” He climbed inside, suddenly cuddled her, and looked at her face. He sounded pleasantly surprised. “A treasure for real. So precious.”

Su Qianci broke into laughter, but deliberately put on a stern face and pushed him. “Go away.”

“I still want to see the treasure. I won’t go.” Li Sicheng deliberately moved in her direction and held her tight.

She twisted her body, turned, and reached out to remove his clothes.

He was a bit stiff, holding her hand, and said, “I haven’t taken a shower yet.”

She ignored it. Wriggling free, she took off his jacket. He could not persuade her, simply lay flat, and took her into his arms. He whispered, “Shall we sleep? I didn’t sleep last night.”

“Let me look at it,” Su Qianci whimpered. “How is the injury? Why don’t you dare to show it to me?”

Knowing that he couldn’t keep it a secret, he whispered, “It’s just a little scratch. It’s okay.”

“Get up, let me see.”

Li Sicheng couldn’t bear to see her cry. He had to sit up and take off his clothes.

Su Qianci saw the red grazes all over his body. Some of them were swollen and bleeding, but not serious in general. Finally, she let out a sigh of relief. She reached out and pressed his skin. He frowned and looked at her directly.

“Well-deserved,” Su Qianci did not mean it. Then she pressed him down. “Don’t shower. You just had it taken care of. Sleep now.”

Since she had seen it all, Li Sicheng was no longer afraid. Pulling her close, he bowed down and kissed her.

Although she was kissed suddenly, she had already gotten used to his attacks. Holding his neck, she responded ineptly.

Li Sicheng was somewhat pleasantly surprised by her response. The shallow kiss became more and more deep, and the tip of his tongue touched her lips and went into the depths. Gradually, his lips moved down to her chin, her neck and her collarbone. He was like a devout believer, worshipping his faith.

Su Qianci’s heart leapt. And her breathing became more and more rapid. She reached out and pushed him. “You are still…”

“There is no injury there.” Li Sicheng’s lips were stuck on her skin, and his voice was a bit vague. “I can continue.”

“Lewd…” She blushed.

He pushed her top up. His voice was low and charming. “That I am, but only for you.”

Su Qianci held his neck tighter, curling up her pink toes.

“The first trimester is over at last. It’s been so hard for me.”

“Ah… don’t bite there…”

“Here it goes.”

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