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Undoing the Curse

Under the will of the Sacred Land, the two races stopped their war and decided to make peace. As for the specific details of the peace treaty, those would have to be hashed out at a later date.

“God Lord Verdant Origin, does the Sacred Land have a way to undo the Cursed Words of Death?” the Spiritual Race Patriarch called out to God Lord Verdant Origin, who was preparing to leave.

The Ancient Shaman Race was the 2nd ranked forbidden race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. All of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races knew of just how terrifying its many secret arts were.

The Second Elder was still under the effects of the Cursed Words of Death. Although the Spiritual Race had ways of temporarily suppressing it, they could not completely remove it. This meant that, while the Second Elder could survive, his strength, cultivation, and other aspects would slowly fade.

“The Cursed Words of Death?” God Lord Verdant Origin turned solemn as he focused his pair of dark green eyes on the Second Elder. A moment later, pure Life energy flowed into the Second Elder’s body.

The Second Elder felt like various small injuries on his divine body were immediately healed while even major injuries were rapidly recovering. At the same time, he sensed that the corrosive effect of the Words of Death had suddenly slowed down.

Suddenly, God Lord Verdant Origin ceased the activation of his Eyes of Life.

“It’s no good.” God Lord Verdant Origin shook his head.

The upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race were somewhat disappointed, though they had expected this conclusion.

“If the Lord Life God himself took action, the Cursed Words of Death could definitely be removed. Other God Kings might also be able to do it….” God Lord Verdant Origin added.

“The Life God!” The Spiritual Race members were shaken, a look of yearning appearing on their faces.

The Life God was the holder of the Life God Eye, one of the Gods of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Everyone was completely sure that he had a way of undoing the Cursed Words of Deaths.

But they didn’t even know if the Life God was at the Life Sacred Land, much less if they could pay the price for requesting the aid of a God.

“Heheh!” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch coldly laughed.

Their Blazing Gold Race had lost a God Lord, but even though the Spiritual Race’s Second Elder wasn’t dead, he had basically lost all potential and would be slowly ground down by the curse.

The war between the two races had ultimately been won by the Spiritual Race. Now that the war was over, both sides entered a period of rest and recuperation.

The two races had fought over a vast area, causing innumerable losses and casualties. The Spiritual Race’s first priority was to reconsolidate its administration over the factions within its territory. In addition, the Spiritual Race had gained half of the Blazing Gold Race’s territory, so they needed to take control over the factions in this land and reconsolidate them.

While the two races were reconsolidating, the glorious feats and achievements of those who had participated in this war began to spread. Quite a few people who had once been completely unknown ended up becoming renowned through this war. Even more people obtained some lucky opportunity or comprehended some principle through the war and rapidly broke through into new levels.

But the one with the most resounding reputation was naturally Zhao Feng. He had killed countless members of the Blazing Gold Race’s upper echelon, killed its strongest half-step God Lord, and had even defeated God Lord Fire Cloud, reversing the entire battle.

Each of these glorious feats was extremely difficult to pull off, but Zhao Feng had singlehandedly achieved all of them.

Given Zhao Feng’s past feats, he was now one of the most focused-on figures in the Ziling Zone. And his demeanor and appearance made him the idol of countless young women in the Ziling Zone.

Upon returning to the Spiritual Race, he was welcomed by a noble and gorgeous woman dressed in purple robes.

“Brother Feng, you’re back!” Zhao Yufei charmingly smiled, a loving look in her eyes as she embraced him.

In truth, Zhao Feng returned to the Spiritual Race long ago, but the two never had a chance to meet.

This soft and warm feeling of embracing caused Zhao Feng’s heart to inexplicably thump, and he gently smiled.

The two of them went to Zhao Feng’s residence.

“Yufei, I didn’t think that you would obtain the legacy of the God Martial Race!” Zhao Feng was extremely glad.

Although he didn’t know what the legacy Zhao Yufei obtained exactly was, in these ten-some years, Zhao Yufei had gone from Rank Seven to peak Rank Eight. She was now extremely close to Rank Nine.

Zhao Feng came to learn that Zhao Yufei had not only obtained the legacy of the God Martial Race’s techniques, but also a Divine Kingdom of the God Martial Race. Within this Divine Kingdom, cultivating combat skills, comprehending Intents, and raising one’s cultivation level were all more efficient.

This cultivation Divine Kingdom was also like the Spacetime Robe in that it provided more time to cultivate.

In addition, Zhao Yufei had obtained quite a few treasures that could raise her mental abilities and comprehension abilities.

One month after the war, the Spiritual Race returned to normal operation. It began the process of honoring and rewarding those in the Spiritual Race who had made outstanding achievements on the battlefield.

As expected, Zhao Feng’s achievements were kept for last.

“Zhao Feng, in this war between the two races, killed twelve half-step God Lords, including the Blazing Gold Race’s Elder Jin and several other powerful half-step God Lords. Afterward, he joined in the fight against God Lord Fire Cloud and was able to singlehandedly defeat him. In the final pursuit, he performed an outstanding feat in hindering God Lord Fire Cloud and contributing to his demise.” Even the Second Elder was rather shocked after he announced all the achievements.

In truth, Zhao Feng had also killed many peak Rank Nine and regular Rank Nine Ancient Gods, and he had also breached many enemy strongholds. However, since the list of achievements was far too long, they decided to only mention the important ones.

Countless members stared at Zhao Feng in admiration and envy.

With regard to his rewards, Zhao Feng was promoted to Elder and was now able to enjoy many special rights and privileges. He was also given many expensive resources and a large number of contribution points.

At the start, Zhao Feng wasn’t that interested in the rewards or contribution points he could get from the war. But after the war, the spoils and contribution points Zhao Feng had accumulated obtained his interest.

After killing twelve half-step God Lords, Zhao Feng had obtained ten supreme-quality divine artifacts and innumerable high-quality ones. He also had many resources, medicines, precious treasures, and his interspatial dimension was practically stuffed.

Fortunately, Zhao Feng had the Black Destruction Dragon and the group in the Ancient Dream Realm, allowing him to successfully handle all the resources and treasures that he had no use for.

After organizing everything, Zhao Feng entered secluded cultivation.

Zhao Feng had used almost every technique available to him in this war and had even dueled with a God Lord. He had come away with a great harvest.

After taking several cultivation resources, Zhao Feng began to cultivate.

After using the Time Law multiple times, he had gained an even deeper understanding of time, allowing his Time Intent to directly break into Level Eight.

The other Intents all had significant boosts as well. Only his Space Intent remained at the peak of Level Eight.

“It seems like reaching Level Nine Intent isn’t that easy.” Zhao Feng was not too anxious to advance.

Although he said that it wasn’t that easy, his Space Intent was actually extremely close to Level Nine. Once he reached Level Nine, Zhao Feng would be able to call himself a half-step God Lord.

While cultivating Intents, Zhao Feng was also comprehending Chaos Origin combat skills and modifying his eye-bloodline techniques.

“Oh? My Origin energy has apparently gotten even purer!” Zhao Feng sensed that the Origin energy in his God’s Spiritual Eye had become even more refined.

Sending his mind into the God Eye Dimension, he saw that the dreamy silver ball was slowly revolving.

But Zhao Feng noticed something strange. He recalled that the lines forming the image of an eye on the dreamy silver ball were only just glowing, but now, the lines were a dreamy color just like the rest of the ball and appeared abnormally dazzling and striking.

This dreamy color had essentially dyed every part of the eye image. Only a very small portion of a line still retained the original color.

“Just what does this mean?” Zhao Feng was both confused and expectant.

The abilities of the God’s Spiritual Eye could be described as extremely heaven-defying. When using Origin energy, it could even turn dreams into reality, turning the impossible into the possible.

“I need to study just how to properly use the Origin energy of the God’s Spiritual Eye!” Suddenly, Zhao Feng thought of an excellent research subject.

Later that day, Zhao Feng went to find the Second Elder.

“Might I ask what the condition of the Words of Death within the Second Elder’s body is?” Zhao Feng asked in concern.

“Alas, although it’s suppressed for now, there’s still nothing that can be done about it!” the Second Elder bemoaned. He had no need to hide this from Zhao Feng.

“Right, in a little while, the Divine Kingdom Trading Ring of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods will be holding a large auction. If you need anything, you can go and check it out,” the Second Elder recalled something and said.

Divine Kingdom Trading Ring? This was the first time Zhao Feng had ever heard of this, but he did not press further. He had come to visit this time for another matter.

“Second Elder, can I take a look at the Cursed Words of Death in your body?” Zhao Feng changed the subject.

His goal was precisely to use the Cursed Words of Death for an experiment. In addition, he could use this chance to undo the Cursed Words of Death!

“You have a way of interacting with the Cursed Words of Death?” The Second Elder stared in shock at Zhao Feng. Since Zhao Feng had randomly brought it up, he naturally began to think along this line.

But now that he thought about it, it seemed impossible.

“I will not hide it from Sir; in the past, this junior also suffered from this curse and was only able to cast if off through possession and rebirth. Even so, this junior still has some understanding of the Cursed Words of Death.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

When the Second Elder heard that Zhao Feng had also suffered from the Words of Death, he became a little excited, but then he calmed back down. Possession and rebirth was not a good solution and could not be used by the Second Elder.

“Okay, I’ll let you try,” the Second Elder agreed.

Zhao Feng had suffered from the Words of Death before, so he definitely had some understanding of it, and the Second Elder still clung to a thin thread of hope.

The Second Elder seated himself within a secret chamber. Zhao Feng activated his left eye and peered through the Second Elder’s divine body.

Just where does this child’s eye-bloodline come from? the Second Elder couldn’t help but wonder as he sensed the indistinct energy from Zhao Feng’s left eye.

Meanwhile, Zhao Feng was completely focused on observing the Cursed Words of Death in the Second Elder’s body.

An almost undetectable black thread had spread throughout the Second Elder’s body. Zhao Feng also discovered that there was an immense energy suppressing this black thread, preventing it from causing any further corrosion.

I wonder if the abilities of my God’s Spiritual Eye are effective against the Cursed Words of Death! Zhao Feng couldn’t help but get a little excited.

The Words of Death were so terrifying that even the number one Ancient Race had feared them. The methods of undoing this curse were extremely limited and harsh.

Zhao Feng’s left eye focused on a small part of the black thread in the Second Elder’s body. This black thread was extremely thin. If Zhao Feng wasn’t using the God’s Spiritual Eye, he probably wouldn’t have noticed it.

Disappear… disappear! Zhao Feng activated his Origin energy as he focused his mind on this thought.


The dreamy silver ball in the God Eye Dimension gave a jolt, and then dreamy mist began to vanish into the world. In a flash, that thin black threat was covered by a dreamy luster in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

A moment later, that tiny piece of black thread disappeared. More and more pieces of black thread began to vanish, but the Origin energy of the God’s Spiritual Eye also began to rapidly fade.

In comparison to the black thread that seemed to extend endlessly through the Second Elder’s body, the disappearance of a few portions was almost negligible. But as a God Lord, the Second Elder could keenly sense even the subtlest changes in his body.

The moment he felt a small part of his divine body had been relieved of a burden, its vitality reigniting, his eyes flashed with a sharp light.

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