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The End of the War

Two streams of light streaked through the sky, one fleeing and the other was pursuing. The one running was the Blazing Gold Race’s God Lord Fire Cloud while the one pursuing was the Spiritual Race’s peak Rank Nine Zhao Feng.

When everyone saw this sight, their first reaction was to wonder if they were seeing things. A mighty God Lord was being pursued by a peak Rank Nine?

“Zhao Feng was this strong?” The Second Elder’s body went stiff, and his face paled in disbelief. Even at his peak, he had not believed he could defeat God Lord Fire Cloud, but Zhao Feng…

“I didn’t think that, while we were defeated, he alone was able to defeat a God Lord!” The Third Elder shook his head in shock, sighing at his inferiority.

Ever since Zhao Feng had come to the Spiritual Race, he had time and again displayed shocking cultivation and strength. In just a few decades, he had gone from a True God junior to someone who now surpassed the Third Elder.

Now that he thought about it, perhaps he really didn’t have the right to take Zhao Feng as a disciple back then.

Meanwhile, the other two Blazing Gold Race God Lords were even more flabbergasted. They never would’ve imagined that a single peak Rank Nine junior would overturn the situation they had created using the Cursed Words of Deaths.

“God Lord Fire Cloud, you idiot!” the Blazing Gold Race Patriarch furiously bellowed.

Such an excellent opportunity had been completely ruined by God Lord Fire Cloud. He was now being chased by a peak Rank Nine and would probably become a laughingstock throughout the entire Ziling Zone.

“Haha!” The two other Spiritual Race God Lords were constantly laughing, completely surprised by this development.

This battle was truly hair-raising. Fortunately, in the end, the Spiritual Race didn’t lose.

Thwish! Thwish!

God Lord Fire Cloud fled toward the distant horizon, and as he heard the furious roar of the Blazing Gold Race Patriarch, he lowered his head in shame.

At this moment, God Lord Fire Cloud sensed powerful pulses of Divine Power coming from behind him. Several Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning sword bolts were shooting toward him.

Ding! Thwish!

God Lord Fire Cloud did his best to dodge, but he was still struck by two of the sword bolts.

“Where are you going!?” Zhao Feng roared as he exploded through the air.

In truth, without using the Time Law, Zhao Feng would have found it very difficult to keep up with God Lord Fire Cloud.

Even if he did catch up, Zhao Feng wasn’t guaranteed to kill God Lord Fire Cloud. God Lords had extremely tenacious vitality. Moreover, even a God Lord of the same level had to be wary of a last-ditch counterattack from a dying God Lord. If not, both of them could end up dead. And Zhao Feng was only a peak Rank Nine.

While he was chasing God Lord Fire Cloud, he was not keeping too close. His only goal was to suppress God Lord Fire Cloud and prevent him from catching his breath. Once the Second Elder and Third Elder finished recovering, they could bring an end to this battle.

“Patriarch, we should retreat, right?” God Lord Fire Cloud built up his courage and messaged the Blazing Gold Race Patriarch.

“This situation is extremely bad.” The other Blazing Gold Race God Lord agreed with God Lord Fire Cloud’s suggestion.

With God Lord Fire Cloud being chased down by Zhao Feng, the two of them would find it very difficult to fight against the Spiritual Race.

The Spiritual Race’s Second Elder was recovering from his injuries at this time, and there were several Medicine Dao experts at his side who were thinking of ways to suppress the Words of Death temporarily. Once the Second Elder and Third Elder recovered enough strength, and given that the Spiritual Race had many more half-step God Lords left than the Blazing Gold Race, the Blazing Gold Race would suffer an even greater defeat.

“Retreat!” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch, his face twisted in rage, clenched his teeth and bellowed.

While the green hills lasted, one did not have to worry about lacking firewood to burn.

“Retreat!” The Blazing Gold Race members down below began a wholesale retreat.


God Lord Fire Cloud joined the two other Blazing Gold Race God Lords, the three of them engaging in a fighting retreat.

“Kill!” the Spiritual Race Patriarch roared.

The grudge between the Blazing Gold Race and the Spiritual Race was now at the level where one or the other had to die. It was best if they could completely exterminate the Blazing Gold Race, but if not, they would do their utmost to severely wound it and lower the threat it posed.


The two healthy God Lords of the Spiritual Race led the charge, shaking the world.

“If we let the Blazing Gold Race go this time, they will definitely be coming back!” The Second Elder’s eyes chilled.

With the Cursed Words of Death temporarily suppressed and his strength somewhat recovered, he headed back into the fray.

The Third Elder and the other half-step God Lords and peak Rank Nines also rejoined the battles.

Down below, the Spiritual Race was in the middle of a full pursuit.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The clash between the two races once more reached a peak.

In order to protect the remaining members of the Blazing Gold Race, the three God Lords had to stay in the rear to fend off the Spiritual Race upper echelon members.

The Spiritual Race was technically stronger than the Blazing Gold Race in terms of total strength, but with the three God Lords focusing completely on defense, the Spiritual Race was momentarily unable to do anything to the Blazing Gold Race. After all, the Spiritual Race did not excel at explosive attacks.

The remaining members of the Blazing Gold Race quickly withdrew.

“Let’s go!” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch fiercely glared at the Spiritual Race Patriarch and Zhao Feng one last time before bellowing.

In order to let the rest of the Blazing Gold Race members retreat, the three God Lords had remained behind to bear the frenzied attacks of the Spiritual Race, suffering significant injuries in the process.

“Damn! We’re letting them leave just like that?” The Second Elder was somewhat unwilling.

If he was at his peak, the three Spiritual Race God Lords working together might have been able to severely wound the three enemy God Lords. But now, if the three Blazing Gold Race God Lords put all their focus into running, they would be very hard to stop.

“Since we can’t deal with all three, let’s focus on only one!” Zhao Feng called out as he focused his left eye on God Lord Fire Cloud.

“That’s easier said than done. The three of them are working together….” The Second Elder’s gaze darkened.

The three enemy God Lords were working together to defend as they slowly retreated. Zhao Feng’s plan did not seem plausible.


At this moment, Zhao Feng’s body thrummed with Time Law energy, which slowly flowed into his left eye.

The Time Law energy Zhao Feng used this time was even stronger than before.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Dreamy mist began to emerge from his left eye, dazzling and gorgeous.

At this moment, all the Spiritual Race members in the area were stunned by the formidable ancient energy exuded by Zhao Feng’s eye.

“Spacetime Seal!” Zhao Feng’s Spacetime eye-bloodline technique suddenly fired. A moment later, a strange Spacetime energy descended on God Lord Fire Cloud’s body.

“Not good…!” God Lord Fire Cloud cried out in panic.

At this moment, he was engulfed by a powerful Spacetime energy that prevented from using Space Intent. His thinking speed and other aspects were slowed down by Time Intent, and his body clearly began to move much slower. Even those two words were said incredibly slowly.

With the boost from the Time Law, Zhao Feng’s Spacetime eye-bloodline technique was far more powerful. The heavily injured God Lord Fire Cloud had very little ability to resist.

“A good chance!” The upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race called out in joy.

They hadn’t expected for Zhao Feng to have such a powerful Spacetime eye-bloodline technique. It was actually able to temporarily restrain even a God Lord and couldn’t be guarded against.

Of course, this was because God Lord Fire Cloud was heavily injured and much weaker than before.

“Die!” The Spiritual Race Patriarch swung his saber again and again, covering the sky in blades of blue crystal.

“Metal-Shattering Strike!” The Grand Elder’s palm unleashed countless dazzling golden crystals.


The golden crystals were both sharp and fast, piercing through God Lord Fire Cloud’s body.

Meanwhile, the Second Elder and Third Elder were using their own powerful techniques.

At this moment, God Lord Fire Cloud was suppressed by Spacetime energy and could not dodge or resist. And no matter how powerful the two remaining God Lords of the Blazing Gold Race were, they could not block the attacks of the entire Spiritual Race. Moreover, they were rather badly injured themselves.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Once the Blazing Gold Race Patriarch and the other God Lord were pushed back, the rest of the attacks directly struck God Lord Fire Cloud.

“No…!” God Lord Fire Cloud’s face was stricken with fear.

Not even after being defeated by Zhao Feng was he this afraid because he knew that Zhao Feng could not possibly kill him. But this time was different. This time, he was facing the attacks from many experts of the Spiritual Race.


God Lord Fire Cloud did his utmost to resist the Spacetime energy and activate his defenses. Next to him, one could see the blurry image of a Fire Divine Kingdom.

“Not good! We can’t save him!” The two Blazing Gold Race God Lords sighed before deciding to retreat.

“Die!” The saber in the Spiritual Race Patriarch’s hand gleamed with azure radiance as it unleashed a crystalline whirlpool.


The blue whirlpool descended on the heavily injured God Lord Fire Cloud. A few moments later, it crushed his body into nothing.

Finally, a God Lord had been slain in this battle!

“Continue the pursuit!” the Spiritual Race God Lords ordered.

They could not give the Blazing Gold Race a chance to breathe. They would strike the Blazing Gold Race base and crush everything.

The Spiritual Race army charged toward the Blazing Gold Race territory.

But before they could get very far, the Spiritual Race members discovered that the Blazing Gold Race army had stopped just up ahead. The aura of a powerful God Lord had appeared in the middle of the Blazing Gold Race army.

This God Lord was surrounded by light green light. It was an elderly man with black hair and a dark green left eye that seemed like the origin of life.

“Halt!” The Spiritual Race Patriarch’s face turned grave, and he did not dare to act recklessly… because this God Lord was the Life Sacred Land’s God Lord Verdant Origin.

“Let’s end this war here. How about it?” God Lord Verdant Origin softly asked.

“I trust that the Sacred Land knows of the grudge between our two races. If we let the Blazing Gold Race off too lightly today, they will come back in the future.” the Spiritual Race Patriarch’s face chilled as he bluntly stated.

The Blazing Gold Race was silent. If the Spiritual Race continued the chase, it wouldn’t be able to completely wipe the Blazing Gold Race out, but it would still be able to do immense damage.

“I represent the Life Sacred Land in offering a solution to this conflict between your two races: the Blazing Gold Race will cede half its land and provide an enormous amount of resources in compensation. In exchange, the Spiritual Race will not initiate any invasion of the Blazing Gold Race,” God Lord Verdant Origin said, and then he turned to the two patriarchs.

“What?” The upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race grimaced, clearly not very content with this proposal. After all, the Spiritual Race had won a major victory this time. They could sweep over all the Blazing Gold Race’s territory and claim it as their own anyway.

“Mm?” The two Blazing Gold Race God Lords, however, were only too happy to hear this proposal.

It clearly favored the Blazing Gold Race. However, from the standpoint of the Life Sacred Land, it was only right and proper. The Spiritual Race would end up greatly wounding itself if it tried to completely occupy the lands of the Blazing Gold Race. The overall strength of the Ziling Zone would fall, tempting other zones into attacking.

“Patriarch, this proposal isn’t very good….” The upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race began to converse.

“But if we object to this proposal, we’ll find it difficult to completely destroy the Blazing Gold Race while also invoking the displeasure of the Sacred Land….” The Spiritual Race Patriarch hesitated.

After some more discussion, everyone finally reached an agreement.

“Okay.” The Spiritual Race Patriarch accepted the Life Sacred Land’s proposal.

Firstly, they would receive quite a large compensation in land and resources, which was not entirely unacceptable.

Secondly, they were giving face to the Sacred Land, and given that the Spiritual Race was certain to get stronger after the war, they would be able to improve their relationship with the Sacred Land. If they succeeded in forming a relationship, then even if the Blazing Gold Race experienced a revival and came back, the Spiritual Race would have nothing to fear.

Besides, the Spiritual Race Patriarch did not believe that the Blazing Gold Race would have a chance like this again. At this moment, the Spiritual Race had one more God Lord than the Blazing Gold Race, and they also had peerless geniuses like Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng.

Finally, they had simply suffered fewer losses in the war. The chances the Blazing Gold Race would get its revenge were too low. The matter was settled!

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