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After the security men identified Folake as the brain behind Maris suspension from


it became obvious to Folake that the war had just begun.

But nonetheles she had to find a way of fighting back,else she

could meet her waterloo.

So,she walked boldly out on them and went to meet Benny in the hostel.

Immediately Benny saw her she noticed that something is wrong somewhere.So she questioned her closely.

”Folake,what is the problem? You don’t look alright.” Benny asked

”Benny,the battle line has finally bee drawn.” she replied ”Between me and these devilish cultists of the marine world.” She added.

”Folake please do not speak in riddles.

What is the problem?.

Benny asked again

”They have found out

that i set Maris up and you know what that means.” Folake answered

”What? How?” Benny asked axiously.


”The security men told

them.It’s like they psyched the security men and just as they were describing me to them,i walked past and the security called

me to come and meet students who want to be my friends.

when i saw the reaction on their faces.

I knew the game is up

But i couldnt careless

they can do their worst.”

Benny shouted and put her hands on her head.

She told Folake that she must report them to the school authority immediately before they harmed her,but Folake said she would never do such a thing.

”Since everything is now open,i think the only option for me is to fight them back the

way they want it.I just

wish you could join me

in this war,nothing would happen to you.

The two of us can defeat them easily because i know god will be with us.” Folake said and Benny cut her short

”Not me!, i have told you that i can’t join you because am not seeing what you are seeing.” Benny said and when she saw the marine girls coming their way,she promptly left Folake.


Pinky and her friends came and confroted Folake much to their suprise.They thought she would be intimidated but were amazed when she fired

back aggressively.

”So,after all you have

done,you still went as far as setting us up? You are finished.” Anita threatened

”i don’t feel threatened because you can’t do more than what you have done already.” Folake fired back

”Don’t worry! By the

time we are through with you,You will regret ever coming to this school.” Isabel threaten looking at her with undisguised hate.

”He that is in me is greater than Whatever is in you.So,

i am not panicking because darkness will never outshine light.I only advise you people to renounce membership of the marine kingdom now that you still have the chance.”

She advised

”Okay,we shall see.”

Isabel said and they left.

Even though Folake sounded Bold,she still knew she was in for some horrible time.


Benny came back to find out what they told

Folake but she refused to talk.

She just ignored her and continued to think of how to counter her now pronounced enemies.

Benny went to her hostel confused.

She knew that Folake needed her in the fight but she was scared the marine girls might harm her.

After all,they hit people where it hurt most.

”if i leave folake to fight this battle alone she might get her head stuck in it but if i join her,we might conquer.The problem is that i am not spiritually strong like Folake.” Benny told herself.

”God if you want me to be part of this,

make me to be spiritually strong like her.Everything is now in your hands Lord.” She asked God before retiring to bed.

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