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”God has exposed you today.You better mention all your colleague in this because i am sure you are not the only one that does it.” She urged her

Maris did not say anything.She just cried like a baby.

The principal paraded her in her party dress at the assembly ground before all students and teachers.

”i will use her as an example to other naughty students in this school who have been succeeding in their evil acts.Many days for the thief,but one day for the owner of the house!.She would be expel from this school permanent

the only thing that can reduce her punishment is if she mention her partners in crime.Otherwise she would be expeled.”

the principal said and Maris raised her head in tears.She stared at her friends and they used eye signals to warn her never to attempt exposing them.

when the principal saw that Maris was not ready to give away her partners in crime,

she asked the security

men to take her back to the guard room.


”i wish to commend the student who exposed her.I want her to come out here for proper commendation and appreciation.We need such students as our school functionaries. come out and i assure you that nothing would happen to you.

The school will adequately protect you

the principal assured her.

Benny stepped on folake’s toes as a signal for her to reveal herself,but folake refused.

When it became obvious that the mysterious student was not ready to come out,the principal

urged the students to

emulate such behaviour that exposed evil in the school.

Maris was later given two months suspension and Benny congratulated Folake for another job well done.

”But why didnt you go out to the assembly ground for the principal to reward you? After all those ogbanje’s would still suspect you that you were the one behind it.” asked benny.

”do you know why.”

Folake said.

”Why.” Benny asked


”they may suspect but they won’t be sure

of it.Besides,i dont want to expose myself in this school at all.”

Folake replied.

”Okay,so what is next now?” Benny asked.

”I dont know! i just have to be careful and even concetrate more on my studies

especially now that they will find it difficult to meet.This thing is really affecting my lifestyle and our exam is fast approaching.” Folake complained and benny nodded.

Maris friends swore with their lives to find

who set Maris up and as well deal with her.

They suspectf Folake but needed to be sure it was her before meting out severe punishment to her.

”i think the only way we can find and confirm this wicked person is through the

security meng” Anita said.

”Yes but how do we go about that? they might even expose us

if we meet them for this.” Isabel said

”Not when we bribe them not to do so.” Anita assured them.


”How do you mean?” isabel asked

”You dont need to be told that those men are hungry and need money.They will not hesitate to tell us if we offer them huge sum of money.” Anita said eargely

”Good thinking! This is surely going to work

and god help that girl called Folake if she happened to be the one.” Pinky threaten

”i dont imagine that now.we shall meet them this evening.i will personally give them ten thousand naira with some gifts that they wont be able to resist.” Anita promised and they applauded her.

Later in the evening while all the students were playing.

Anita and her friends went to meet the security men.They approached them with

such friendly looks that made the men wonder what the beautiful girls were up to.

”Yes,what can we do for you?”

one of them asked them.

”Actually,we came to appreciate you people for the good jobs you guys have been doing in this school.” Anita told them.


”Especially this last one you did,’ the girl that went to party.” Isabel added.

”Thanks to you but are you sure you are not like her? fine girls

like you no dey stay one place.” one of them asked and they denied it outright.

”No! we are diffrent o! How can we do such a thing? do you want our parents to kill us?” Anita replied as she handed them the gift and money.

The men gratefully accepted the gifts and when they saw the money,they shouted.

”what? All this for us? thank you very much.” they appreciated.

”it’s our pleasure! we are not happy that the girl who implicate

her did not come out at the assembly ground so we could know her and make her our friends.That is the type of friend worth keeping.” Anita chipped in.

”Okay,maybe the girl doesnt want publicity.She must be a very good girl because she had once inform us of a robbery case last night.” the men said and the girls looked at each other and remembered that night that their meeting were scatterd


The security men began to describe Folake and of course they knew from the description that she was the one.

Coincidentally,Folake walked past as they were still with the security men.

Immediately the men saw Folake,they shouted excitedly.

”That’s the girl.Hey you,come and meet your want-to-be friends.”

They said and when Folake turned and saw the girls,she knew that the battle line had now been clearly drawn.

The girls stared at her

with a murderous looks and Folake quietly walked away.

As Folake walked away from them,an aura enveloped her and she stopped.

She instantly became fearless and bold.

”Since these marine cultists want war.I will give them war.

Whatever music they play,i will dance to their satisfaction.It is total war.No retreat,no surrender.

I am sure the power of darkness can never prevail over light.Or can it?. No.This is a fight for liberation and i know my God will never forsake me.”

she said and went away eyeing them the way a hawk eyes a chick.



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