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David: and you had the time and strength to cook white soup and pounded fufu for pastor.

Mercy: Yes, because he is our man of God who has been interceding on our behalf. We need to show him our love, affection and respect.

David: Hmmmm.

Mercy: which one is hmmm again?

David: why didn’t you leave just a little for me? It seems to me like Pastor is more important than your husband?

Mercy: Hahahaha…is that jealousy that I denote in your voice? Oya Pele. I am so sorry, I didn’t know you will be interested, please forgive me.

David: its okay, I want to sleep.

Mercy: Won’t you eat again?

David: I just lost my appetite, beside its late and indomie or rice is not what I want to eat.

Mercy: But I have apologized na, look here, you know we have to keep honoring our pastors because they are sent by God to us. He has blessed us in so many ways that our life today is a testimony. Look at our only child Jacob; how he is doing so well in school, I am only praying that one of these days, God will bless me with a daughter to wipe away my tears.

David: I have told you times and times again that you should not worry about having another child; God will hear our prayers in his own time

Mercy: And that is why we must keep obeying the words of our Pastor for God’s work to manifest in our lives immediately, not only that, we must appreciate him also in our little way.

David: I have heard, I am not angry that you gave him food, I am only angry because you didn’t even remember that I am your husband when you were doing that.

Mercy: I am sorry, do have a place in your heart to forgive me and I promise it will never happen again?

David: You are forgiven.

Mercy: Can I go prepare you something now?

David: It is already late oooo. Don’t worry, let’s just go to bed.

Mercy: ‘Alright then, I will prepare something better for breakfast’ she said and joined him in bed.


Mark, the elder brother to Nathaniel invited him to his house on a Wednesday to discuss issues with his junior brother.

Mark: Nathaniel, I called you here because there is something I want to discuss with you and it is very urgent.

Nathaniel: Okay brother, what is it?

Mark: Nathaniel, What are you really doing about looking for a job?

Nathaniel: Brother, we have talked about this and you know how naija is when it comes to looking for a job. Man know Man, but I am still believing in God for a miracle upon my life.

Mark: Why don’t you apply for this N-Power scheme that the government is doing to provide jobs to its citizens?

Nathaniel: Brother, how much do they pay na? thirty, forty thousand naira, it is too small for my kind of person.

Mark: But isn’t it better than nothing?

Nathaniel: Brother, I am still believing God for a better job. I am a man and I serve a big God who is mighty in all aspect. I believe that with time, God’s favor and mercies will pave a way for me concerning a job.

Mark: you served your fathers land three years ago and yet no job, don’t you think it is time you come down from your high horse and learn a skill or make do with any available job you see.

Nathaniel: Why do you worry yourself over nothing? I have told you times without number that my God will do it for me in no time. I serve a living and ever faithful God, he will do it for me in his on time. Stop worrying.

Mark: God help those who help themselves. You can’t continue saying God will do it in his own time when you are not putting any effort in coming out of the misery you are into. If you keep up with this God will help you without doing anything about your situation, you will be doomed for life.

Nathaniel: Brother, the birds of the air do not struggle for the food they eat, how much more me, made of his own image and likeness.

Mark: Eh eh! Why then do you keep calling me for money every time you are broke? And even at this your age when men are living on their own, you are still squatting with a friend. I am very sure that the person you are squatting with is tired of you as it is.

Nathaniel: Brother he is not. He is a very good man. I know that soon, fate will smile on me and I will appreciate my friend for putting up with me in his own little way. You need not worry about him

Mark: When are you going to rent your own apartment and start taking responsibility of yourself? Arent you ashamed of yourself that at your age, you are still depending on other people for your daily bread?

Nathaniel: How can I when I do not have a job? when I get a job, everything will change.

Mark: Settling down nko?

Nathaniel: Everything will work out fine when I get a job.

Mark: Hmmmm, he thought for a few minutes ‘Would you like to work in an oil and gas firm?

Nathaniel: Are you asking me that question? Any job that is good and pays well is what I want na.

Mark: I am not so sure but I have a friend who says his uncle has an oil and gas firm and they are looking for an engineer, I will see if I can get in touch with him so that he will link you up. I am sure he will agree if I beg him on your behalf.

Nathaniel: Wow brother, I will be so happy if this one clicks. Please do all you can to ensure that I get the job.

Mark: I am not promising but I will try my best. In the meantime, I will need you to send me your CV to my mail box first thing tomorrow morning.

Nathaniel: I will do that ones I get home.

Mark: Good and by the way, it is time you get an apartment.

Nathaniel: How can I get an apartment now that I do not have any source of income and I also do not have any dime on me.

Mark: I know but we will have to think of something while you are busy looking for a job. I don’t like the fact that you are squatting with a friend when you should be your own man.

Nathaniel: How do I get an apartment then?

Mark: I have someone who just moved out of his apartment to his own house and it is a self- contain, his rent expires in two years, I will talk to him to see if you can be the new occupant of the place.

Nathaniel: Really, that is good news ooo. Thank you brother.

Mark: you are welcome.

Nathaniel: but if you have all these planned out why were you now asking me question about looking for a job in the first place.

Mark: Because I wanted to see how serious you are and also wanted to know if you have changed.

Nathaniel: What do you mean change?

Mark: Nathaniel, you are intelligent and nice but sometimes I wonder why you don’t apply common sense in what you do.

Nathaniel: What do you mean?

Mark: You do not care about anything else other than serving God with all your heart. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying worshiping God is wrong but you have to also think about life and what you want from it and work towards it. God has given us the grace to succeed in life. You will not lie down on your bed waiting for success to knock at your door step. You need stay outside your comfort zone and hustle for this success. Remember ooo that Success is achieved by Hard work not by luck. You need work towards it.

Nathaniel: Are you saying that I am not serious with my life?

Mark: From all indication, it shows that you are not.

Nathaniel: Then, permit me to say that you are very wrong. Do not worry brother I will surprise you one of these days.

Mark: You! Nathaniel, surprise me? Hmmm.

Nathaniel: I will shock you one of these days. Don’t worry.

Mark: I pray.

Nathaniel: By the way brother, where is your wife and the kids, the house is so quiet.

Mark: They went out.

Nathaniel: Okay.

Mark: Ermmm, Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: Yes brother.

Mark: If the plan works out, you will be getting married immediately it’s done.

Nathaniel: Married ke?

Mark: Yes.

Nathaniel: How can I marry when I do not have any woman as I speak with you?

Mark: That is not an issue, I have someone in mind that you will like.

Nathaniel: Hope she is a good Christian?

Mark: ‘She is your spec’ he said smiling.



What brings success in life: Is it by luck or hard work?

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