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Jasper: What do you mean you have used the money we are supposed to use in cooking soup for this week already?

Nathaniel: I used it in church.

Jasper: For what?

Nathaniel: I gave it to the lord.

Jasper: What do you mean you gave it to the lord?

Nathaniel: I went to church today and gave it out to the lord.

Jasper: As offering or what?

Nathaniel: Not as offering. I gave it out as a donation to the lord’s house.

Jasper: I don’t understand you Nathaniel, What are you really saying?

Nathaniel: I said I gave it out to the lord for his building.

Jasper: What do you mean by building?

Nathaniel: My church is building a new house for the lord and they needed Donations, I gave out the three thousand naira I had with me as my own part of Donation to the Lord.

Jasper: I can’t believe you did that Nathaniel, we barely have enough food to eat and for the past three months, I have been the one buying food stuff and food items. Now that I told you to let out some cash, you used it all in church.

Nathaniel: You need not to worry; the Lord will provide another in double portion.

Jasper: Just stop with this your words abeg. How are we going to feed this week because as it stands now, I do not have a penny on me.

Nathaniel: Why do you worry yourself too much, the Lord will provide.

Jasper: ‘Hmmm, I know say if I talk today or tomorrow, you go use bible counter wetin we dey talk about but no worries, I will sort myself out while you sort yourself out too since na like so e go dey dey’

he wore his shirt and was about to step out of the house

Nathaniel: Where are you going to?

Jasper: I am going to see a friend.

Nathaniel: Can I come along?

Jasper: Why?

Nathaniel: As par friends and room-mate concerned.

Jasper: No you can’t. As you see me so eh, I dey go my friend house make I go eat.

Nathaniel: Make I tag along na?

Jasper: No Nathaniel, The Lord will provide for you, you can’t come with me to my friends place abeg’ he said and left.

Nathaniel: ‘I am hungry oooo, what do I do now’ he thought to himself.


Few Days Later after close of work, David came home to an empty house and tried calling his wife’s number but she was unreachable. He went to the kitchen to look for what to eat but didn’t find anything and decided to freshen up and go to bed. It was past 9:45pm when she came in that David woke up from sleep.

David: Sweetheart where have you been, I have been calling your line and it has been switched off.

Mercy: I am so sorry dear, after I came back from work, my battery was low and there was no way I could charge it for I had a programme today in church.

David: Programme today? I thought your programme was Wednesday and Fridays? Today is Tuesday.

Mercy: Yes but it was a different kind of programme of which I was almost late and went to church after preparing white soup and Fufu for Pastor and his wife to eat.

David: White soup and Fufu.

Mercy: Yes, Garnished with Chicken.

David: Hope he liked it?

Mercy: ‘Yes, she said I should thank you also for the food items you sent to him and the cash’ she said smiling.

David: Really?

Mercy: Yes, He blessed and prayed for me for he said I am one of the few people who remember him always.

David: He said that?

Mercy: ‘Oh Yes’ he did.

David: Good to know.

Mercy: Yes and by his grace, we are blessed.

David: Amen.

Mercy: Errrmmm, how was work today?

David: It was a bit stressful but we thank God.

Mercy: ‘Okay, let me prepare indomie for you to eat then’ she stood up and was about to go when he stopped her.

David: There will be no need for that, just dish out white soup for me to eat. I don’t want to eat any indomie this night.

Mercy: You don’t want to eat any indomie?

David: Yes, I want to eat white soup also.

Mercy: Ermmmm, which white soup?

David: What do you mean which white soup? The one you prepared for Pastor and his wife na.

Mercy: “Oh that!” She said smiling. ‘I didn’t and never prepared white soup for you except for Pastor.”

David: You mean you never kept some for me?

Mercy: No, I never had the intention of preparing one for you not to talk of keeping some for you.

David: Hmmmm.

Mercy: You know that I was so tired when I got back from work and had to use my last strength in preparing that, I thought if you come back you will want to eat indomie or rice and stew.

David: and you had the time and strength to cook white soup and pounded fufu for pastor.

Mercy: Yes, because he is our man of God who has been interceding on our behalf. We need to show him our love, affection and respect.

David: Hmmmm.



What can you say about the Couple “Mercy and David”? Any advice for Mercy and for her Husband?

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