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Zhao Feng Appears

Zhao Feng was currently in the area where the transparent palace had manifested. What was once home to a long and unbroken mountain range was now a depression scarred by pits and holes.

Thwish! Thwish!

Two whistles through the air could be heard, heralding the arrival of Zhao Wang and Zhao Wan. Both of them had injuries of varying severity.

The Eye of Myriad Forms could both attack and defend, and Zhao Wang possessed an undying body. Both of them could sustain gruesome injuries made by extraordinary foes.


The little thieving cat called out from Zhao Wan’s shoulder.

“The Golden Jade Race and the Blue Scaled Race?” Zhao Feng muttered, his expression cold.

During the battle earlier, Zhao Feng, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and Little Ling were taken into the Spacetime Robe’s dimension. When the Blue Scaled Race saw that Zhao Feng’s group now only had three people, they immediately staged a counterattack, and the members from the Golden Jade Race had joined them.

Zhao Wang and Zhao Wan had many methods at their disposal, so they were eventually able to escape alive, but the blue-clothed elder that Zhao Feng had enslaved fell victim to their vicious strike.

“Let’s go back!” Zhao Feng indifferently said.

He naturally meant that they should return to Zhao Feng’s territory in the Ancient Dream Realm. With no more experts from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods present, it was somewhat difficult for a group of Zhao Feng’s strength to expand and develop in this area.

Thus, Zhao Feng decided to first return to his region on the perimeter and slowly expand his territory.


Of these people, Zhao Feng was the fastest, so he put everyone else in his Little World and set off.

On the journey, Zhao Feng began to comprehend Instant Movement as he flew through the air. Every few days, Zhao Feng would understand another part about Instant Movement.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Zhao Feng’s body was buzzing with intense ripples of Space Intent that melted into the surrounding space.


The air was rippling with Space Intent, like it was a transparent surface of water.


Zhao Feng leaped, throwing his body into the rippling surface.

Three hundred thousand li away!

Buzz! Bzzz!

The air twisted as a powerful spatial ripple manifested.


Zhao Feng emerged from this rippling region of space.

“Three hundred thousand li with just one Instant Movement!” A look of pleasant surprise appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

He had only just learned Instant Movement. As he grew more familiar with it, he would be able to travel even longer distances.

After trying out Instant Movement a few more times, Zhao Feng used the transmission ability of the Misty Spatial World to return to his original territory.


Zhao Feng released his two clones, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and the little thieving cat.

“Master, why didn’t you have Little Ling help us take care of Sky Feather Island?” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon asked. It had used far too much Origin Destruction Energy, damaging its foundation and causing its cultivation to drop. Thus, it could not help Zhao Feng with this task.

“It wasn’t necessary,” Zhao Feng immediately replied.

With Little Ling’s help, it really would be easy to take care of Sky Feather Island. However, Zhao Feng did not want to let too many people know that he could enter and exit the Ancient Dream Realm whenever he pleased. Besides, with Zhao Feng’s current level of strength and the people available to him, handling the Sky Feather Island was not difficult at all.

“Just quickly recover your cultivation!” Zhao Feng said to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

Zhao Feng was still in no rush to leave. He would wait until the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon recovered its cultivation, Zhao Wan’s and Zhao Wang’s injuries were healed, and he had firmed up his own cultivation.


A figure flew toward Zhao Feng. This person was wearing a robe of blue cloth and had an amiable face with skin like white jade.

“Mm, Zhao Hui.” Zhao Feng nodded.

The Soul Clone with the Eye of Samsara was called Zhao Hui. By now, Zhao Hui had succeeded in refining the Eye of Samsara into his soul.

“Take these with you to help with your cultivation.” Zhao Feng transmitted several techniques, treatises, and secret techniques into Zhao Hui’s mind.

Zhao Feng planned for Zhao Hui to become a doctor. For battle, Zhao Feng already had Zhao Wang, Zhao Wan, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, as well as many ancient beasts. Moreover, the Eye of the Samsara of Life was not endowed with much combat ability.

For these reasons, it was much better for Zhao Hui to be a doctor.

One benefit was that he could help treat the injuries of Zhao Feng and the others.

The second benefit was that doctors could also refine medicines and pills that could improve the cultivation speed of Zhao Feng’s group and resolve the bottlenecks they might face on the martial path.

When he molded Zhao Hui’s body, Zhao Feng selected a large number of life-type materials, creating a body that was bursting with herbal energy and in harmony with the world and nature. This was done to smooth his path to becoming a doctor.

However, if one did not have any talent in the path of medicine, the path to becoming a doctor would be even more difficult to traverse than the path of martial arts. For the time being, Zhao Hui would find it very difficult to reach the level that Zhao Feng desired.


With a flick of his robe, Zhao Feng took his three clones and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon into the dimension within his Spacetime Robe. Time moved ten times slower in the Spacetime Robe Dimension compared to the outside world, and he naturally needed to make good use of it.

After sending everyone in, Zhao Feng entered the dimension himself.


Seating himself cross-legged on the ground, Zhao Feng began to browse the spacetime combat skills stored in the Spacetime Robe.

“Spacetime combat skills are somewhat more difficult to cultivate. For now, I should find the techniques that I need the most and that are most suitable for me,” Zhao Feng muttered.

“Spatial Shift!” Zhao Feng’s gaze rested on this secret spatial technique.

Spatial Shift shared the same nature as Instant Movement, but Spatial Shift placed even more emphasis on distance, maximizing the distance one could travel. A single Instant Movement could travel several hundred thousand li, but one Spatial Shift could cover tens of millions of li of distance, the equivalent of a short-distance Teleportation Array in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

But Spatial Shift had very high requirements. One needed to have at least Level Six Space Intent to use it. Zhao Feng could put it aside for now and continue looking.

“I found it… a spacetime eye-bloodline technique!” Zhao Feng’s eyes glimmered.

Zhao Feng had the strongest theoretical foundation in eye-bloodline techniques, so spacetime eye-bloodline techniques were the most appropriate for him.

“Spatial Lock Eye, Spacetime Seal!” The cultivation methods for these two spacetime eye-bloodline techniques appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind.

Spatial Lock Eye: lock down a region of space, making it impossible for opponents to use spatial movement techniques. With powerful enough Time Intent, one can also hasten or slow the flow of time in the region.

Spacetime Seal: focus Space Intent on a single point, locking onto a single person and forbidding them from releasing any Space Intent. If paired with Time Intent, can stop the opponent’s body, acting as an immobilization technique.

The Spatial Lock Eye was a middle-class divine technique while the Spacetime Seal was a high-class divine technique. Thus, Zhao Feng decided to start with the Spatial Lock Eye.

He split his mind into various portions, with the first sliver of his mind cultivating the Spatial Lock Eye.

The second strand of his mind cultivated the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body.

The last strand of mind was used to study the Void Eye Slash. Ever since Zhao Feng had broken into the Mystic Light Realm, this eye-bloodline technique had gradually fallen out of his repertoire, but now that Zhao Feng was stronger and had some mastery over Space Intent, he began to think about modifying and strengthening this technique.

These days of cultivation passed by very quickly. On a certain day, Zhao Feng’s body suddenly rose to a new level.

Zhao Feng’s body was sparklingly translucent, its surface shining with the radiance of five-colored lightning.

Boom! Hisss!

The five-colored lightning and a terrifying physical power burst out of Zhao Feng’s body.


The surrounding space faintly trembled.

“The Sacred Lightning Body has reached late-stage level seven!” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

The new Five Elements Divine Power working together with the power of the Tribulation Lightning made it even easier for Zhao Feng to temper his Sacred Lightning Body. As a result, it only took him several dozen days to achieve this breakthrough.

With his late-stage level seven Sacred Lightning Body, Zhao Feng could rely purely on physical strength to crush a Rank Two True God.

After firming up his cultivation, Zhao Feng used this strand of thought to research the Soul Splitting Technique, and then he entered a period of closed cultivation.

After ten-some days, Zhao Feng opened his eyes, but this was only to test out his eye-bloodline technique.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Slash!” Zhao Feng’s gaze focused on a certain point.


A spatial vortex appeared, and then a white blade of crystalline lightning exploded forth.


The white blade left a dreadful white radiance wherever it passed.

“Not good enough. The spatial ripples are too large. Space Intent experts will be able to easily notice it!” Zhao Feng’s expression sank.

Tribulation Lightning Eye Slash was a new technique Zhao Feng had created by combining the Void Eye Slash with other techniques. The Tribulation Lightning Eye Slash had incredible power, so if it was directly used on someone, it would be easily discovered.

Zhao Feng continued to research and test. Half a year passed in the blink of an eye, but this was only a bit more than half a month in the outside world.

“Master, I’ve recovered to the level of a Rank Two True God!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon came to Zhao Feng’s side and said.

“Since that’s the case, let’s go out!” Zhao Feng opened his bright eyes.

Sky Feather Island:

The Sky Feather Island Lord, True God Guisha, and the many True God experts of Sky Feather Island were still standing guard at this place. Four months had passed, but during these four months, no spatial ripples had been sighted in the vicinity.

This made many people wonder if Zhao Feng was no longer in this dimension. However, until the Sky Feather Island Lord said something, no one dared to leave.

“Big Brother, perhaps that brat has already left this place?” True God Guisha asked in doubt.

“Impossible! Since he’s hiding in this region of space, as long as he moves, he will create a spatial ripple!” the Sky Feather Island Lord said, his face cold and gloomy.

In truth, he was also beginning to wonder if Zhao Feng was no longer in this dimension. If this Zhao Feng was hidden in this dimension and could go without showing himself for four months, then he probably had the ability to remain in hiding for even longer.

Although four months was like the snap of a finger to True Gods, if they didn’t resolve this matter, it would be like a fishbone in their throat, making them spend every day in suffering.

“Mm? It’s appeared!” Suddenly, the Sky Feather Island Lord’s face froze in shock, his eyes exploding with a chilling light. After four months, he finally sensed a ripple in this dimension.

“Attack!” the Sky Feather Island Lord roared.


A gray-white light shot out of the Sky Feather Island Lord’s hand, the cold energy causing people to tremble in fear.


The cold gray-white light left an icy mist behind as it traveled through the air.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

All the experts present immediately circulated their Divine Power and aimed their attacks at where the Sky Feather Island Lord had attacked.


The world thundered and rumbled as shockwaves of Divine Power spread in all directions. Even the Space Sealing Array laid on the ground began to waver.

“I wonder if it succeeded!” True God Guisha found himself a little expectant. The attack just now contained the power of nearly twenty True God experts.

“Haha, such a large audience! I truly kept all of you waiting a long time!” Brazen laughter resounded through the air.

As the dust settled, a figure slowly emerged, with golden hair and silver robes, handsome and elegant.

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