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Crushing Power

“Zhao Feng, you’ve finally come out!” As True God Guisha yelled out, ghostly Divine Power began to seethe around his body. The loathing and pressure that had built up in him for four months were instantly unleashed.

“This is him?” A few True Gods who had never seen Zhao Feng were clearly surprised.

An ordinary Quasi-God caused True God Guisha to summon all the True God experts of Sky Feather Island and caused even the Sky Feather Island Lord himself to stand guard here! This made them all very curious as to Zhao Feng’s identity.

“Zhao Feng, why did you come out!?” True God Sky Fire of the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race showed a slight hint of concern on his face.

There were nearly twenty True God experts here, including the Rank Three True God Guisha and the Rank Four True God Sky Feather Island Lord. No matter how much potential Zhao Feng had, only four months had passed. There was no way he could fight these people. True God Guisha would only need to strike once to capture Zhao Feng alive.

“Zhao Feng?” The Sky Feather Island Lord’s icy eyes took the measure of this golden-haired man.

The fact that he was able to kill True God Guili was proof that this man was extremely talented, even more than Xi Feng. Moreover, the abrupt appearance and relaxed expression of this person made the Sky Feather Island Lord feel like none of this was real.

Suddenly, he grimaced. He realized that Zhao Feng was floating in the air!

It had to be known that they had laid out a Space Sealing Array in this area, which sealed off flight and the use of Spatial Energy. However, at this moment, Zhao Feng was floating in the middle of the Space Sealing Array.

How was this possible?

The next person to realize this was the array master that had laid down the array.

“It must be that treasure!” The Sky Feather Island Lord’s eyes fell upon the dark silver robe Zhao Feng was wearing. He could sense that profound Space Intent shrouded this silver robe, repulsing the power of the array.

This treasure was at least an average-quality divine weapon. It had to be his!

“Treasure!” The other True God experts also noticed the dark silver robe that Zhao Feng was wearing. Only a space-type divine weapon could ignore a Space Sealing Array!

Boom! Swoosh!

In a flash, the soul power of ten-some True Gods pressed down on Zhao Feng. This energy passed through, unleashing a burst of explosions against the soul. The amount of Intent energy they set into motion was enough to instantly destroy a four-star faction.


Clouds roiled around Zhao Feng, and the nearby mountains collapsed. It seemed like an apocalypse was descending.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng stood where he was like an immovable mountain.

The will of his soul was like a deep and vast ocean. With his Sacred Lightning Body at late-stage level seven, he could ignore all the attacks of Rank Two True Gods and below. These trifling Rank One and Rank Two True Gods could not even hope to harm with their mental energy!

“This… how!?” The True God experts were all stunned.

Even if Zhao Feng’s soul had reached the level of a Rank Two True God, he could not possibly block the mental assaults of so many True Gods. Could he also have a divine weapon that could protect his soul?

Greed appeared in their eyes as they stared at Zhao Feng.

“Did Zhao Feng breakthrough and become a True God?” True God Sky Fire wondered in shock.

Zhao Feng’s aura was enormous and steady, deep and profound. True God Sky Fire found it impossible to determine his cultivation level. Moreover, True God Sky Fire knew of Zhao Feng’s talent. If he attempted to break into the Heavenly Divine Realm, he had a very high chance of reaching Rank Two.

“Hmph, it seems like your strength increased quite a bit!” True God Guisha said, his face harsh and cold. If Zhao Feng had not gotten stronger, he obviously would not have dared to appear. However, just how much stronger could Zhao Feng get in four months? Even if he became a True God, he could not possibly be a match for so many True Gods, and even his big brother – the Sky Feather Island Lord – was here.

“Kill!” True God Guisha roared.

All the True Gods stared at Zhao Feng. Everyone could see that the silver robe was unusual, and they had also heard that Zhao Feng had revealed divine weapons of very high quality. The first to kill Zhao Feng might be able to gain a portion of his treasures.

At this moment, all of them were thinking about how to get something from Zhao Feng’s corpse. After all, they were all True God experts who had been forced to stand guard at this place for four months. They would truly be unwilling if they had to go back empty-handed.


Ten-some True Gods lunged at Zhao Feng.

A terrifying pressure instantly engulfed everything around Zhao Feng.


Lightning, fire, ice, wind; all kinds of terrifying and vast energies rumbled toward Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng seemed on the verge of being drowned underneath this deluge of True God attacks.

Suddenly, a spatial blur appeared around Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng instantly vanished.

“This… what’s going on?” Everyone who saw this was immediately confused and befuddled.

A Rank One True God naturally could not understand the Spatial Blink.

“Watch out!” True God Guisha suddenly noticed something and yelled out a warning.

But his warning came too late.


Zhao Feng appeared behind a Rank One True God.


Circulating the Sacred Lightning Body and activating the Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline, Zhao Feng punched.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

A massive hole was punched into the Rank One True God’s body, and his body became soaked in blood.


A searing blood-colored flame immediately spread through his entire body.


After a brief scream, this Rank One True God was dead in both body and soul!


All fell deathly still! The True Gods around Zhao Feng were slack-jawed and wide-eyed.

In one strike, he killed a Rank One True God without encountering the slightest resistance!

A chill went through all of them. The majority of the True Gods here were just Rank One True Gods. This meant that Zhao Feng could kill them as easily as flipping his palm, in a single strike! And someone who could dispatch Rank One True Gods in a single blow wouldn’t find Rank Two True Gods much more difficult!

An invisible fear began to seize the hearts of these lower-ranked True Gods.

“This person…” The Sky Feather Island Lord’s eyes turned gloomy, his expression turning grim.

He could also kill a Rank One True God in a single strike, but there was something unusual about the ability Zhao Feng used just now. This was clearly an ability only someone with strong Space Intent could use.

“Attack together!” the Sky Feather Island Lord coldly ordered.


True God Guisha used the power of his Little World and charged at Zhao Feng. Even if Zhao Feng could display such frightening strength, he definitely couldn’t kill a Rank Three True God.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The other True Gods had no other option except to work together with True God Guisha. After all, the Sky Feather Island Lord was a Rank Four True God and could crush them like ants. None of them dared to go against his will.

Moreover, they had more people. If they worked together and were careful, then with the aid of True God Guisha and the Sky Feather Island Lord, they could definitely kill Zhao Feng.

“All of you are too slow!” Zhao Feng shook his head.


With a surge of Space Intent, Zhao Feng vanished again.

“Watch out!”

The moment he disappeared, everyone became nervous. It was just a moment ago that a Rank One True God had been ambushed and killed in a single strike.

But even though they were on their guard, there was still nothing they could do.


As Zhao Feng appeared behind another True God, yet another miserable scream rang through the air.

A second True God had fallen! It was done instantly, with a single strike!

“Seeking death!” With a cold snort, the Sky Feather Island Lord’s body flashed, and he appeared next to Zhao Feng.

He had True God Guisha and the others attack precisely so that Zhao Feng would be forced to use Spatial Blink. The moment Zhao Feng appeared, the Sky Feather Island Lord would strike, certain that Zhao Feng would have nowhere to run.

“Frigid Ice Underworld Palm!”

The Sky Feather Island Lord’s palm had concentrated so much icy energy that it seemed to be a ball of white mist.

Boom! Bang!

The Sky Feather Island Lord struck with his palm, and an icy palm image suffused with cold and sinister energy that could corrode all things flew toward Zhao Feng with a thunderous momentum.

“The Sky Feather Island Lord has joined the battle! This brat is doomed!”

“As expected of a Rank Four True God. This attack is enough to exterminate my entire race!”

The Rank One and Rank Two True Gods were all delighted and excited by this sight.


The massive dark gray palm crashed into Zhao Feng’s body.

Buzzz! Swish!

Zhao Feng’s dark silver robe began to produce layer after layer of spatial blurs. The power of the palm seemed to be transmitted to another dimension. Like a stone sinking into the ocean, its power rapidly drained away.

Boom! Bang!

When the greatly weakened Frigid Ice Underworld Palm finally hit Zhao Feng, it could only create a thin sheet of ice. Zhao Feng stood where he was as if he was completely unharmed.

“That brat actually came out unscathed!”

“How could it be!?”

The True God experts reeled in shock at this sight, mighty waves crashing in their minds. Zhao Feng was just a Quasi-God. How could a Quasi-God be this powerful? How was he able to block the Sky Feather Island Lord’s attack?

“How could this be?” The Sky Feather Island Lord stared in complete shock.

His attack that was backed by the full power of his Rank Four True God cultivation had not been able to do any damage to Zhao Feng? Not even a Rank Four True God could do this!

Of course, the Sky Feather Island Lord did not believe that this had been done through Zhao Feng’s own power. It had to be because of the dark silver robe.

That robe might even be a high-quality divine rank weapon!


Zhao Feng’s figure vanished once more.

“Not good! He’s going to use this move to kill another True God!” The Sky Feather Island Lord had a nasty grimace.

If even the Space Sealing Array couldn’t stop Zhao Feng, his own techniques naturally could not either.

“Hurry and run! He’s too strong, especially that movement technique of his!”

Zhao Feng’s disappearance instantly threw the True Gods into a panic. None of them knew who Zhao Feng would appear behind next!

Each time Zhao Feng blinked away, he seemed to be foretelling the fall of another True God!

“Mm?” At this moment, the Sky Feather Island Lord suddenly sensed a furtive spatial ripple behind himself! He hadn’t even imagined that Zhao Feng would target him!

“Hmph, you’re suicidal!” The Sky Feather Island Lord harrumphed as he activated his Divine Power.


Zhao Feng’s body emerged from behind the Sky Feather Island Lord.

“Go and die! You were actually so arrogant as to actually appear behind me!?” The Sky Feather Island Lord gave a sinister smile.

Zhao Feng was only skilled in Space Intent, which made it impossible for anyone to get close to him. But now, Zhao Feng had moved of his own volition next to the Sky Feather Island Lord.

Even if Zhao Feng had an extremely high level defensive divine weapon on him, the Sky Feather Island Lord was completely confident that he could kill Zhao Feng in close combat.

“Hehehe!” Zhao Feng’s lips curled upward as he backed up. At the same time, Zhao Feng’s left eye began to give off terrifying ripples of Eye Intent.

“God Eye Duplication, Frigid Ice Underworld Palm!”

An icy palm image suddenly appeared, rumbling toward the Sky Feather Island Lord with cold and frigid energy that could corrode all things.

“How could this be!?” The Sky Feather Island Lord’s face contorted in shock as he hurriedly activated his defensive techniques.

Boom! Bang!

The massive palm of ice crashed into the Sky Feather Island Lord.

Bang! Thump! Thump!

The Sky Feather Island Lord was sent flying backward and was only able to stabilize himself after traveling some distance. At this moment, his entire body was covered in a cold and sinister fog, a chilly stream of blood was trickling from his lips, and his face was ghastly pale.

All the other True Gods saw this and felt frozen to the spot, their faces twisting in fear as their courage failed.

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