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What Hang Jin thought about was how to eat the fragrant "roast duck" in his arms, so he ignored the content of Chi Yang's mobile phone until the soft and cute voice of Chi Yang came to his ear again: "brother Jin, please help me to have a look."

"Well, I'm looking." Hang Jin coughed twice in embarrassment. He tried to find his reason and put his attention on the cell phone in the middle of the pool. But he didn't understand what was in her cell phone. "What's the mess?"

Chi explained patiently, "this is a picture I took with my mobile phone at the scene of the murder tonight. Have you seen the coin with this pattern anywhere?" "Enlarge the picture for me to see." Hang Jin took Chi's mobile phone, enlarged the picture in the mobile phone, and carefully figured out the pattern on the coin. He was really impressed by the pattern, but for a while, he couldn't imagine where he had seen such a pattern in


"Two years ago, the evidence of my parents' case also contained such a pattern, which was also a coin the size of a thumb. But later, the coin did not appear in the evidence again, and the clue was broken," Chi said

After Chi Yangyang mentioned this, Hang Jin thought about it carefully, but still didn't remember: "I have an impression on this pattern, but I don't remember it has something to do with your parents' case."

"You don't remember?" He took back his mobile phone with a little disappointment and looked at the picture again. "Then think about where you have seen this pattern."

"Not yet." As soon as the words came out, Hang Jin watched the light in Chi Yang's eyes fade away, which made him heartache. "Don't worry, I'll try to think about it these two days." "Forget about it. Don't meddle in this case. It has nothing to do with you. You'd better not involve yourself." Chi didn't want Hang Jin to participate in the case of her parents, but she didn't have a second person to discuss

except Hang Jin. She couldn't even talk to people about the case she was secretly investigating.

Hang Jin is a man. Although she often bullies her so much that she can't take a missile to blow him up, she doesn't know why she trusts him more than anyone else.

Hang Jin kneaded the red face of Chi Yang's white face and said with a bad smile, "little four eyes, I will pay attention to your words in the future, and I will make you look good."

"It hurts. Can't you pinch it a little bit?" Chi Yanyang claps his hand and places his mobile phone on the bedside table. "What did you just look at over there?"

Hang Jin laughed like a rascal: "what can a man look at in the middle of the night with his mobile phone, of course, the swimsuit photo of a beautiful woman. They are in good shape. Would you like to see them? "

"Boring." "I'll get up early in the morning, and I'll go to bed first. You keep looking at the pictures of beautiful swimsuits. Don't disturb me any more. "

Hang Jin lay down beside her with her body on one side and hooked her hair with one hand intentionally or unintentionally: "little four eyes, it's better that you wear a swimsuit to my young master one day."

Chi Yangyang: "get out!"

He dreams.

Hang Jin had a thick face. She told him to leave and he left. It must not be him, so he went to her ear and whispered vaguely: "seriously, I really want to see your swimsuit photo." Although his small four eyes usually wear thick glasses and a rustic black suit, but that figure is quite material. The bulge is definitely not small, and the thin part is definitely not as good as the female models in magazines like men.

Chi Yanyang pushes him away: "let you go!"

Hang Jin came to her again: "although your figure is far worse than those swimsuit models, I am not a particular picky person. If you wear it to me, I may be able to give you two good comments. "

It's said that a man dies for a confidant and a woman is proud of herself. No young girl in her prime is willing to hear others say that she can't compare with other women, especially that she is still her nominal husband.

Chi had a lot of dissatisfaction with Hang Jin. At this moment, the fire in his heart suddenly burst out: "those models are beautiful. You marry them. You go to play with them. No one asks you to pester me."

Hang Jin: "but you are more idiotic than them."

"You..." Chi Yang was so angry that he couldn't lose to this bastard. "Uncle hang, do you think you are better than others? Look at your appearance and figure. It's not as good as Zhao Ziqian. "

This must be a lie. Chi Yangyang wants to revenge Hang Jin for damaging himself. She is an idiot in his eyes, so Hang Jin is no better in her eyes.

Hang Jin is a good-looking man. He has a good figure, but he thinks he can compare all the men in the world. "You little idiot, you are really blind. If you had not been born well, you would not have met such an excellent man as this young master in your life. " Hang Jin may lack heart and eyes, but he is absolutely confident. He has always understood how excellent he is.

Cut, cut!


Listen to him.

Give him a pair of wings. He is afraid that he can fly to the sky with pride.

But he nodded: "it's true! I'm blind! "

If she wasn't blind, would she sleep on him when she was drunk?

If she had not been blind, she would have chosen a better looking man to sleep than Hang Jin.

Hangjin didn't know what he thought, and he knocked on her head proudly: "little blind man, go to sleep."

Chi Yangyang put his head in the quilt: "good night, Hangzhou master!"

"Little idiot!" Her mouth was damaged, but Hang Jin's lips were slightly raised involuntarily, indicating that his uncle was in a very good mood at the moment. After being tossed by Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang slept almost in a second. He didn't sleep for a while when he was lying in the bed. Seeing this, Hang Jin could not help but pinching her face again: "little four eyes, don't worry, I will help you find out the murderer and comfort your father's in heaven spirit."

"Uncle hang, aunt Yu, if you really have a soul in the sky, you must take good care of xiaosiyan and let her be safe. I'll take care of the case."

But Hang Jin also knew that the murderer was cunning and might be powerful. Otherwise, he would not be able to leave without leaving any clues. The only evidence in the file Li Shijian sent him is the half note in the hand of the deceased, but the useful part of the half note has been destroyed by the murderer.

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