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The rain is still falling.

Listening to the rain, Hang Jin's troubles came to his heart. After a night of rain, it was even more difficult for him to find clues at the scene of the murder.

Even if he got the clue later than Chiyang, how did the killer know that Chiyang got the clue and could kill the witness before Chiyang found the witness?

Does this man always know the whereabouts of Chiyang?

And who can master the whereabouts of Chiyang all the time except him?

Jiang Zhen?

The name Jiang Zhen suddenly flashed in his mind, and Hang Jin trembled in his heart.

If the murderer is really Jiang Zhen, it means that there is a time bomb that may explode at any time near the Central Bank of Chi, but it's creepy to think about it.

But why did Jiang Zhen do this? Whether Jiang Zhen or not, Hang Jin immediately came up with a solution. He picked up his mobile phone and dialed a phone number: "old Qian, you don't always want me to take over the post of captain of Jiangbei criminal investigation team. I think I'm not competent for the post of chief of the criminal investigation team. I'm very interested in the chief of the criminal investigation branch in Cangshan District. " The other end of the phone: "well, if you don't, why do you want to be the leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment? If you are the leader of Cangshan detachment, where will Zhao Ziqian go? Over the years, he has done a good job, and I can't downgrade him to

Hang Jin continued: "I don't care what Zhao Ziqian does with me. Anyway, I need to work with Chi Yang Yang."

The other end of the phone: "I said that my master hang, you are not in love under the banner of work."

Hang Jin didn't think there was anything wrong with falling in love under the banner of work: "yes, I just want to take advantage of my position to fall in love. Do you have any opinion?"

The other end of the phone: "cough Mr. hang, how can we pay attention to the image? You want to talk about the time after work. Why do you have to talk about it at work? "

"I don't want to miss working and living time." Hang Jin thought for a moment and made a concession. "It's not bad that you want me to be the captain of Jiangbei criminal investigation team, unless you find a way to turn over Chiyang."

The other end of the phone: "at present, the Central Committee is mainly cooperating with Jiang Zhen. She can't complete the work independently for the time being. You shouldn't be confused."

Hang Jin: "yes, at present, she can't be alone. Then you can match her with a new master. Can't you be old money?"

At the end of the phone: "Jiang Zhen is the first forensic doctor in Jiangbei City, ranking first and second in the country. There is no chance for many people to learn from him. You transfer him away, and it's strange that he doesn't work hard with you." For the sake of the safety of Chiyang, and for the sake of his little daughter-in-law not to be robbed, Hang Jin could not listen to any advice: "before you asked me to ask, now my request is just like this, whether this can be done or not is all up to you, but it has nothing to do with me."

After that, Hang Jin hung up the phone again, regardless of who is on the other end of your phone. Anyway, in his lord Hang's world, it only depends on whether he is happy or not, and other people's emotions are beyond his consideration.

Unexpectedly, the phone just hung up here, and another call came in. Seeing a few words on the screen of the mobile phone, Hang Jin's eyebrows were almost wrinkled into two vertical lines.

He immediately coughed softly, and then answered: "my mother, it's so late. You don't have a rest. Be careful of wrinkles on your face."

The voice of a middle-aged woman came from the other end of the phone: "Oh, it's been months since I came back home. I didn't even get in. I thought you forgot your surname."

Hang Jin touched his head and smiled stupidly, "isn't it busy? When it's over, naturally I'll go back to see you and old hang. Don't dislike me for bothering you then."

The other end of the phone said: "tomorrow weekend, your father happens to be at home, you come back to our family for lunch."

"Mom, I have something to..." Hang Jinzheng said that he had something to do. The man at the end of the phone had already hung up. He was so angry that he could not help smashing his cell phone, but he restrained it.

This is the only person in the world who dares to hang up his phone first.

But I can't help it. She gave birth to her baby in October.

Looking back, he saw that Chi Yangyang, the "culprit", was sleeping like a pig again, and the imbalance in Hang Jin's heart suddenly came back. He went back to the bed and raised his foot to kick her, but he still failed to kick her.

He lay down beside her, pulled her into his arms and hugged her. He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead: "good night, little idiot I raised!"


After a night, the weather cleared up and the sunshine seemed to bury all the bad things that happened last night.

When he woke up, it was nine o'clock in the morning: "why is it so late? The alarm clock of the mobile phone is broken? "

"I turned it off for you." Hang Jin's languid voice came to Chi Yang's ear, and then he held her tightly with a strong long arm. "Little four eyes, I haven't woke up yet. Don't disturb me to sleep."

"I still have something to do," he struggled "What are you busy with? Ask Li Shijian for murder information? Who do you think you are? You're a small forensic doctor, and you don't have the above approval. Why should someone give you the murder information? " Hang Jin's words are directly embarrassing, but they are not unreasonable.

"I......" Chi knows that Li Shijian won't disclose the murder information to her last night, but she's not willing to try, even if she knows whether the victim last night was a witness two years ago. "The victim of last night was a witness two years ago." Hang Jin seems to be able to hear what Chi Yangyang thinks and give her such a positive answer, "but Chi Yangyang, what can you do if you know? In addition to making you more desperate, what else can you do? "


Besides making her more desperate, she really didn't know what else she could do. In an instant, Chi Yang had no strength to struggle and lay powerlessly in Hang Jin's arms: "Li Shijian told you everything, didn't he?" It's a question, but Chi said definitely, "now that you know it, tell me all the details

Hang Jin's eyes did not open: "do you really think I can do anything?"

"Isn't it?" But why did she think he was omnipotent? A question suddenly appeared in Chi's heart, "Hang Jin, who are you?"

If Hang Jin is only the grandson of someone in the central government and the son of a senior official in Jiangbei, it is not enough for law enforcement officials like Zhao Ziqian and Li Shijian to obey him.

So he must have other identities. Hang Jin slowly opened his eyes to the confused eyes of shangchi central. He could not help pinching her nose: "little four eyes, who are you talking about?"

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