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Dong Dong -

"little four eyes, are you going to swim in the bathroom?" It's annoying that Hang Jin's annoying ghost knocks at the door before he cleans up Chi Yang.

"You can come in and show me one." Chi wanted to go back to him like this, but he managed to control his temper, "I'll be fine soon."

Hang Jin leaned against the door: "little four eyes, I suddenly thought of something."

"What is it?" He put on his bathrobe, opened the door and came out, wiping his head with a towel in his hand. Because he didn't wear glasses, he looked at him vaguely, which made Hang Jin itch.

He looked away reluctantly. "If I didn't come, would you like to open a house with Jiang Zhen?"

Hang Jin didn't forget Jiang Zhen's bad look at Chi Yangyang. Damn it, if he didn't arrive in time, he didn't know what he would do.

"Yes." Chi Yang nodded honestly. Jiang Zhen had just agreed with her to find a hotel nearby to stay. If Hang Jin didn't come, Jiang Zhen must be the one who came to the hotel with her.

Just now she was carried away by Hang Jin. I don't know what happened to Jiang Zhen?

Chi Yangyang decides to call Jiang Zhen to ask about safety.

Hang Jin's voice rose several times in a flash: "Chi Yang, do you know what you're talking about

"What happened to you?" He didn't know where he had offended her and made him so angry. This man is really more and more fond of making fun of nothing.

Just now I thought this woman was a little pretty. Now Hang Jin still thinks that she is an idiot: "do you know that you are a married woman?"

"Hang Jin, let's not make trouble without reason. Can we talk about something properly?"

Hang Jin was discontented and said, "am I making trouble for nothing? You idiot is carrying me to open a room with another man, and you say I'm unreasonable? " "What's the matter with me opening a house with someone else? He lives with him, I live with me. " Chi Yangyang was very angry, but in order not to let him continue to dream, she tried to explain to him, "Hang Jin, can you not be so dirty in your mind? Jiang Zhen is not only my boss, but also the teacher who takes me into practice. He's not like you. "

"Not like me?" These three words are like a fuse, which immediately blows up Hang Jin's Qi. "Believe it or not, I will kill you now?" "Hang Jin, you pee to see what you look like, and then you want to think about what Mr. Jiang looks like. Isn't he better than you? Isn't he more dignified than you? Isn't he more trustworthy than you? " There are a lot of words in her stomach to refute Hang Jin, but Chi didn't dare to say it after all, because she knew Hang Jin's fried chicken so well. If he heard these words, he had to kill her.

In order to have a better life in the future, Chi Yang continued to be a turtle with a shrunken head: "whatever you think, I'll go to sleep."

"I don't know what to sleep for." Hang Jin said to her, "I told you, Jiang Zhen is not a good thing. Do you listen to him?"

Chi Yangyang was also angry with him: "yes, Jiang Zhen is not a good thing, everyone is not a good thing, just you hang Jin is a good thing, are you satisfied?"

Hang Jin: "I'm not satisfied." "What else do you want?" In your eyes, it's not a good thing that I am an idiot, so why don't you stay away from me? Is it because of me that we look at each other like this

Hate each other!

Hang Jin knew that this woman didn't care about their relationship, but when she said the words "hate each other", her heart was still severely pricked by sharp things. There was an unspeakable pain.

In such a moment, Hang Jin would like to knead the idiot woman who can make him ache, but his mother would not like it, so every time the result is that he slams the door and leaves in anger.

Just after the door was closed, Hang Jin looked up and saw a man who wanted to beat him up.

The man was standing at the door of his next room. It said 8816 on the door, which made Hangjin's eyes almost spew out fire: "you are still haunted."

Jiang Zhen just took a bath. He was wearing a white bathrobe. He opened the door because the hair dryer in the room was broken. When the waiter gave it to him, he was surprised to see Hang Jin appear in the next door. However, he didn't plan to pay attention to Hang Jin.

He gave Hang Jin a cold look and was about to step back into the room.

After a long leg, Hang Jin stopped Jiang Zhen from closing the door. "Jiang, I think you should change your working environment."

Jiang Zhen smiled and said politely, but it's not hard for people to recognize his disdain: "what worries young master hang? Worried about the central bank leaving you? Worried that the central bank won't like you at all? Or worry about me in the heart of the Central Committee? "

Why is this man so annoying to talk about? It's a real impulse to tear him up: "Daydream! Do you have the eyes of my little four eyes that you can enter in such a dignified manner? "

Jiang Zhen said again, "since that is the case, what else does young master hang worry about?"

Hang Jin: "..."

Once again, he was shocked by the river. Jiang Zhen then said, "Hang Jin, I can tell you responsibly that you will continue to treat the central bank in the way you call it a good one. Not only will you not narrow the distance between you, but you will only push her further and further away from you. She is a human being, a living, thinking, flesh and blood individual, not all of your personal belongings, but you, the fourth young master of Hangzhou, don't understand the crucial point at all. " "I don't understand?" Hang Jin smiled coldly. "Oh, Jiang, how long have you known Chi Yangyang? Do you know how long I have known Chi Yang? Don't think you can understand our relationship just by dressing like a human. She is the woman of Laozi, and the object of Laozi's protection. Whoever wants to make her idea, Laozi will destroy her. "

How can hang Jin not know that Bai Chiyang is an individual with independent thinking and flesh and blood? He only uses his own way to deal with her because he knows him too well.

Tonight, she was murdered again at the place where her parents were killed. How scared she was. Many people didn't see it, but he saw it. If he doesn't try to distract her, she will have another nightmare tonight.

He didn't want to tell him that he liked her. He didn't marry her for fun, but he wanted to take good care of her with his husband's identity for the rest of her life, but he didn't believe it at all.

Since she doesn't believe it, then he will wait. One day the little idiot will open his mind and understand his mind. He knew it might be a long process, but no matter how long, even for a lifetime, he was willing to wait for her. Unless, after she understood his feelings, she told him that she didn't need his love or his protection.

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