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No trouble, no trouble. I'll open a room for you." At this moment, Chi Yang was just an angel in the eyes of the staff. When the staff got their ID card, they were almost moved to snivel.

The staff made a quick registration, paid for the business card printing, and soon gave them two room cards: "two, take the elevator to the eighth floor on the left, room 8818."

Hang Jin's face was cold, and Chi Yang Yang accepted the ID and room card: "thank you!"


"Give me a luxury single room." The staff watched the two men enter the elevator, and a man stood in front of the counter. More carefully, he was a man who looked a little cold but handsome.

What's the weather like today? Will there be a beautiful man in the thunderstorm?

Because of the lesson just learned, the staff didn't dare to stare at the beautiful man any more. They immediately straightened their work attitude: "Sir, please show your ID card."

Jiang Zhen hands in his ID card, and the staff says, "would you like to pay in cash or swipe your card?"

Jiang Zhen hands over the bank card: "swipe the card."

The staff quickly registered and handed the ID card and room card to Jiang Zhen: "Sir, your room is room 8816. The elevator on the left goes to the eighth floor. Have a nice stay."

"Thank you!" Jiang Zhen takes the room card and politely places his head down.


Room 8818.

When he brushed the room card, Hang Jin kicked the door open, hugged her into the room, kicked the door up again, and finally threw him on the big bed in the room.

"Mr. hang, can we be gentle?" Fortunately, the bed is soft enough, otherwise, he feels that he will be hit and scattered when he throws the goods.

"Gentle? I don't have a balance with you. It's not bad if I don't pick your skin. You still want to be gentle. " Like a bottle of angry God, Hang Jin stood at the bedside and looked down at Chi Yang.

"What happened to you?" Just now, I was not a little gentle to her, but I changed my face again. The Central Bank of the pool sighed, and she knew that she could not have too many fantasies about him.

"What happened to me?" Did she know how worried he was when he learned that she was in a murder? What if the murderer didn't run away and killed her together?

However, the idiotic woman didn't even realize that she had passed away with her not long ago: "Chiyang, are you tired of living?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

Don't want to fight with him. I can't fight but hide.

Hang Jin glared at her angrily. "You know what's wrong?"

Chi Yangyang: "I see."

In front of him, no matter whether she is wrong or not, it is her fault in the end. This is not the first time that Chi thought he had made a smart mistake.

Looking at her eyes, Hang Jin knew that she was perfunctory to him again: "let's listen."

Chiyangyang: "..." Hang Jin looked at her with serious face and deep eyes: "little idiot, listen to me, you can't drive alone when it's raining heavily, you can't go out alone in the middle of the night, and you can't act alone when you receive any clues about your parents' case."

Every time he said something, he nodded, until Hang Jin mentioned his parents, and Chi Yang immediately popped up: "how do you know that I have received the clue of my parents' case?"

Hang Jin ignored her question: "Chi Yangyang, I'm talking to you. Do you understand my words? Remember? "

Chi Yangyang stared at him with wide eyes: "I am asking you how do you know that I have received the clue of my parents' case?"

Hang Jin scolded angrily: "Damn it."

Chi Yangyang also refused to admit defeat: "Hang Jin, answer me." "In the evening, I went to pick you up from work, but I didn't get you. I found out that you came to Jiuyuan farm. You came to this ghost place in such a heavy rain, but you didn't get the clue. What is it? " How could he tell her? Because he was worried about her safety, he installed a positioning chip in her mobile phone, and he would not tell her. He asked people to check her communication and SMS records. Even though the reason was compiled by Hang Jin temporarily, Chi Yangyang believed it, because she knew that Hang Jin knew her and knew where her weakness was. She couldn't lie back on the bed: "Hang Jin, I also want to make it clear to you that these are my things

, don't interfere."

"You think I want to take care of your business? I'm worried about your fate. I have such a bad reputation for being widowed. " What is her business? Don't meddle in it. Every word of this idiot can make people angry. "Then we can get the divorce certificate first. My life and death have nothing to do with you. Hang Jin, just listen to me once. Don't worry about my affairs in the future. You can live as you like. " Chi always thinks that the case of her parents being killed is not simple. The truth behind it may be beyond her imagination. She doesn't want people around her to be involved in this case and be affected by innocence.

Hang Jin and she grew up together. Although she was bullied by him, he didn't do anything to her. She didn't want him to be involved: "let's divorce tomorrow."




This woman talks about divorce every day. Does she think he really dare not divorce her?

Hang Jin laughed angrily: "good!"

"You promised?" Chiyangyang didn't expect Hang Jin to promise so freely this time. For a while, he couldn't believe his ears.

Hang Jin: "what have you promised?"

Chi Yangyang: "I'm going to divorce tomorrow."

But Hang Jin said, "Chiyang, are you rich?"

"No more." Chi has not forgotten that all her savings on her card have been cheated by Hang Jin. She asked her colleagues to borrow the money she gave her car to refuel yesterday.

Hang Jin sneered: "there is no money. Do you want to divorce? It's ridiculous. "

Chi Yangyang angrily grabbed the pillow and threw it at him: "Hang Jin, do you say you are made of gold or diamonds? One night 120000 is not enough. Why don't you rob it? "

Hang Jin: "I also want to rob, but robbery is illegal."

Chi Yangyang is angry with Hang Jin's don't face. Forget it, don't talk with him. It will only make her more angry. She turns over and gets out of bed and takes a bath in the bathroom, so as not to catch a cold.

Without Hang Jin's annoyance, Chi Yangyang was able to calm down, so he thought about the murder this evening and what the half note in the dead's hand was about.

If the victim was a witness in the case of her parents two years ago, and now the witness is killed, the clue she just found is broken

Forget it, just break it. She has plenty of time to keep searching.

Facts have proved that there is no absolutely perfect crime in the world. As long as it is murder, it will definitely leave clues. Give her some more time, and she will find out the murderer.

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