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Instead of cooking the fried egg noodles, Hangjin burned the kitchen. For a while, the family couldn't cook any more. Chiyangyang didn't want to eat takeout. Hangjin drove her to a farm restaurant called "eat well".

[edible] located in the eastern suburb of Jiangbei, it is a very famous local farm restaurant. It is famous because all the ingredients used in the hotel are green and healthy food.

Vegetables are grown by the boss himself. They are absolutely green and healthy without pesticides. Pig, cattle and mutton are also dragged out from the owner's ranch and slaughtered. All the animals without feed are grown up on grass. The meat is delicious and tastes good.

[eat well] at the beginning, I always did it at a loss. Later, the people who ate it all said well. The good reputation spread slowly. More and more people know about it and the business is getting better and better.

As soon as Hang Jin's car stopped, a young and handsome man hurried to meet him: "Hey, fourth brother, what brings you here?"

"The evil wind in the car." Hang Jin got out of the car and strode inside. "Give the best dishes in your family."

After a few steps, Hang Jin found that Chi Yang Yang in the car didn't keep up with him, and then returned to the car: "Chi Yang, do you want me to take you out of the car?"

"Fourth young master, your old man has locked the car, I can't open the door. How can I get off?"

Hang Jin's sword eyebrow picked out: "the car lock can't get off the car, don't you say?"

"I'm not saying that, sir!" he cried from the bottom of his heart

Hang Jin: "my young master must have made a mistake. He would drive you for tens of kilometers in the middle of the night for a meal."

His mouth was extremely dissatisfied with Chi Yangyang, but Hang Jin's action did not hesitate. When he helped Chi Yangyang open the door, he was very "gentlemanly" and reached out to help her block her overhead, for fear that such a silly girl might hit the door.

Hang Jin's subtle action pool, Yang Yang, didn't notice that maybe he was used to it, but the owner of farmhouse music could see it clearly, but he didn't need to mention it when he saw more of it.

"Dear Xiao Yang, long time no see, I miss you so much." The man came up to him and wanted to give him a hug. Hang Jin stretched out his hand and pulled him to his back to protect him. "This is what your salty pig hand can hold?"

"Brother Zhiyang, long time no see!" Chi Yangyang was dragged by Hang Jin and smiled awkwardly. "Brother Zhiyang, seeing your marriage with sister Feiyang getting closer, I think I'm very happy. Congratulations."

"Thank you thank you!" Ye Zhiyang said thanks with a smile, led Hang Jin and Chi Yangyang into Yajian, and said, "but then, we've fixed the wedding date of Shuangyang. When are you going to get married?"

Hearing Ye Zhiyang's words, Chi Yangyang was stunned instantly.

From childhood, Hang Jin has changed his ways to bully her. How miserable is it to bully her. Chi Yang doesn't understand why all of their friends think they will be together?

She has no tendency to be abused. How could she marry Hang Jin, a bully and hateful guy.

Thinking of Hang Jin's long history of bullying himself, Chi Yangyang quickly shook his head and denied: "brother Zhiyang, what are you talking about? How can brother Jin and I be together?"

Because he accidentally slept with Hang Jin, and he wanted her to be responsible for him, she couldn't help but go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with him to get a marriage certificate.

But registering marriage with Hang Jin is just her life-saving strategy. When Hang Jin is tired of the game, she will naturally ask for divorce, and then she will be free.

Chi Yangyang naively thinks that Hang Jin and her get the license, but they just bully her in another way. When he is tired of the game of marriage, she will be liberated.

Well, it must be!

The woman denied their relationship in front of him, and Hang Jin threw her cell phone on the table. "What's Ye Zhiyang doing with so much nonsense? Go to the kitchen and get me two dishes!"

Everyone grew up in a family compound. When Chi Yang saw Ye Zhiyang, he would say his brother Zhiyang's intimacy. When he saw him, Hang Jin either called his name directly or called four young people or the big man who made people feel isolated.

Thinking of this, Hang Jin could not help stuttering Chi Yang.

Seeing the way that Hang Jin wanted to eat people, Chi Yangyang unconsciously moved to the side, trying to distance herself from him. However, as soon as she did, Hang Jin looked at her coldly: "Chi Yangyang, you dare to move to the side again."

Pool central central dare not, so quickly hold the cup to drink water pressure.

This man gets angry when he can't move, and murders her when he can't move. Really, I want to take the scalpel to cut off his tongue, so that he can never speak.

Hang Jin: "Chiyang, if you have any complaints, don't whisper in your heart."

"How dare I be dissatisfied with your uncle?" he said

Hang Jin looked at Chi Yangyang discontentedly: "don't you dare? I think you're too bold to dare to go to heaven. "

Chiyangyang: "..."

Hang Jin said, "let's listen to today's case."

Chi Yangyang: "keep it secret!"

Hang Jin reached out and pinched her face. He pinched it hard. "If you want to say it, you can say it. How can there be so much nonsense?"

Chi Yangyang: "I'm afraid I said that you won't be able to eat in a moment."

Hang Jin raised his foot and kicked Chi Yang under the table: "what's the matter with me?"

Chi Yangyang stares at him: "what to kick?"

Hang Jin: say it This man is too domineering. If he doesn't say it, he has to make a fool of himself again. After thinking about it, he is about to open his mouth. Ye Zhiyang pushes in with a plate of pig's head meat: "fourth brother, Yang Yang, this is a pig that was just pulled from my farm to be slaughtered tonight. This pig's head meat is

fresh brine. You have a taste."

Hang Jin picked up his chopsticks and took a piece of meat. Chi Yang's eyes flashed a fine light, and his lips quietly raised a beautiful arc: "brother Zhi Yang, can you show me your pig killing knife?"

Hang Jin didn't want to hear the case, so she made up a case for him.

Ye Zhiyang doesn't understand the situation: "little girl, I want you to eat pig meat. You need to see the knife for slaughtering pigs. I've really convinced you."

"You go and show it to me," chiyangyang said seriously All of them are older than Chi Yang. Because of the relationship between hang and Jin, everyone is used to doting on her since childhood. What she wants to do, everyone rushes to do it for her. Ye Zhiyang brings the pig knife without saying anything. Chiyangyang took the butcher knife and looked at it again. She took out her mobile phone to take photos. After a series of work, she looked at Hang Jin and said seriously: "the protagonist of our case today is a headless female corpse. According to the forensic autopsy, the head of the female victim was cut down alive before she died. The wound on the neck of the female corpse is similar to the mark of the pig knife. It is estimated that the murderer is using this tool. "

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