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After finishing his work, it was already 12 o'clock at night when he got home.

When she opened the door, the lights didn't turn on at home. Hang Jin was not at home. Maybe she went out again.

In the middle of the pool, he turned on the light and dragged his tired body straight to the bathroom.

Today, she spent a day in the autopsy room with the rotten and smelly corpse. She felt that her body smelled of corpse.

She had to wash and clean quickly to forget the terrible things in her mind for a while.

Chi Yangyang adjusted the water to the maximum, and stood under the tap without taking off her clothes. Unexpectedly, the more she wanted to wash away those terrible memories, which flooded her mind like a flood.

Blood and broken bodies

"No, no, no..."

In a trance, it seems that Chi Yangyang has arrived at the murder of the corpse case a year ago. Now, the corpses on the ground, even the tap water on her head, have turned red and sprayed on her

"Chiyang!" Hang Jin suddenly burst in, dragged her into his arms and hugged her. "You stupid woman, I quit when I said I was afraid. You just wouldn't listen."

Hang Jin's voice was fierce and evil, but she felt special warmth in his ears. She was greedy to nest in his arms and breathe his masculine breath, which was much better than the smell of corpses.

Hang Jin still scolds: "Chi Yang Yang, you dead woman, I'm talking to you. Do you hear me?"

Chiyangyang ignored him.

Hang Jin pinched her chin and forced her to look up. "Chi Yang Yang, dumb?"

Originally, all the terrible things in his mind could not be waved away. At this moment, when Hang Jin made such a scene, Chi Yang had only this man's domineering face in his mind, and his fear disappeared unconsciously.

This bully man, indirectly became her savior.

Hang Jin frowned: "are you scared to be silly?"

"Hang Jin, are you God sent to save me or devil sent to torture me?" he smiled

Hang Jin's brow frowned tighter. He immediately probed her forehead and said, "it's silly not to have a fever?"

Chi Yangyang: "Hang Jin, I'm hungry."

Hang Jin: "hungry?"

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" hungry

Because I am busy to confirm the identity age and the cause of death of the headless female corpse, I have no time to eat at noon. Now I am so hungry that I can't work tomorrow without eating any more.

Hang Jin said, "go and change your clothes and come out to eat."

"I don't want to eat takeout, I don't want to eat instant noodles," said chiyangyang, looking at Hang Jin

Hang Jin looked at her pale, colorless face, and her heart ached for a while, but her mouth was fierce and evil: "Chi Yang Yang, some food is good, but also picky."

"Well, I'll get dressed," he said

Can she expect that the fourth young master of Hangzhou who doesn't touch yangchunshui can cook a bowl of noodles for her?


Hang Jin hates going to the kitchen. The smell of lampblack in the kitchen disgusts him, but Chi Yang Yang, a stupid woman, doesn't want to take out. What else can he do without going to the kitchen?

She cooks worse than he does.

Hang Jin turned over the fridge once. He didn't see a piece of meat. He found only two eggs and a tomato. He decided to make a bowl of tomato omelette noodles, but he took the eggs in his hand and didn't know how to fry them.

"Women are trouble! Especially the woman of Chiyang! " At the same time, Hang Jin got through his friend's phone and said, "how do I make tomato omelette noodles?"

I don't know what was said on the other end of the phone. Hangjin's face turned black. "What are you doing with so much nonsense? Take care of your own affairs. You can't take care of mine. "

After that, Hang Jin hung up the phone and threw his cell phone at will. He quickly picked it up and searched the Internet with his cell phone. There were thousands of tomato omelette noodles on the Internet.

Hang Jin took a look and chose a good-looking link point to go in. It's hard to be patient and follow the steps described by the author step by step.

Although he was very clumsy in washing tomatoes and beating eggs, he didn't do these things at first sight, but there was no big problem, and everything was still under his control.

Until the oil is put into the pot, because the water in the pot is not dry, the oil meets the water, and it bursts, splashing a few drops of oil on the back of Hangjin's hand. If it wasn't for his rough hand, it would burn a few bubbles.

"Chi Yangyang, you stupid woman can't do anything else, but she will torture people." If it wasn't for Chiyang to say he didn't want to take out, he wouldn't have been in such a mess.

When he changed his clothes and came out, he heard Hang Jin scolding her. He wished he could turn around and go back, but he was so hungry that he had to fill his stomach first, or he would not be able to work tomorrow.

Who knows to lift an eye to see smoke billow in the kitchen, there is a person to jump about faintly in thick smoke. Then, the smoke spread at a very fast speed and spread to the restaurant outside the kitchen.

As the smoke was too thick, the smoke sensor on the top of the restaurant gave a sharp alarm, the glass tube of the nozzle burst, and the water shot out of the nozzle, just to Hang Jin who escaped from the kitchen.

"Coughing and coughing -" Hang Jin coughed and was sprayed with water. It was the only time in 22 years that he had known Hang Jin.

Chi Yangyang forgot that the alarm at home was still ringing, and quickly took out his mobile phone to take photos for evidence out of professional sensitivity.

The once-in-a-lifetime embarrassment of Hang Jin made her encounter it. If she didn't leave evidence, she would certainly be sorry for everyone in their circle of friends.

Take a good picture, in case the evidence is lost accidentally, central Chi quickly sent it to the mailbox for backup.

Keep the evidence well. Chi Yang took a towel from the bathroom and wet it to his mouth in an orderly manner. Then he picked up the cover in the kitchen and covered the burnt pot. He opened the window in time to quickly ventilate the house. To do all this well, the smoke at home is almost gone, and Chi Yang has just been free to pay attention to Hang Jin. Seeing Hang Jin, she wanted to laugh, and she really laughed, but just as her lip angle rose, Hang Jin shouted: "Chi Yang, you dare to laugh and try


Chi Yangyang quickly held back his smile and pointed to his face: "those four little ones, your face is spent."

"I'm not blind. I need you to tell me?" Hang Jin glared at her and turned to the bathroom. He's not blind, but he can't see his face without a mirror.

"You are so skilled, but you can't fry an egg well, and you almost have a fire," he muttered

Hang Jin suddenly turned back: "Chiyang Yang, it's not that I can't do it well, it's that I don't want to do it."

Chiyangyang: "..."

She said so quietly, this man can still hear, how sensitive are his ears?

Hang Jin shouted, "what are you still doing? Go to prepare clothes for me."

Chiyangyang: "yes, sir!"

Why did she open the window just now? Why don't you let this man who doesn't know what to do?

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