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Zhuang Momo's confession was very useful in his ears at the end of the war. Just when he felt that he was floating, he still said: "I will be attracted by you, not because you can say sweet words, but because your excellence makes me want to get close."

Excellent people, whether men or women, will always attract people around them, while those who always bring negative energy to others can only make friends far away.

He is always confident at the end of the war, but praised by his sweetheart. He is so happy that he can fly to the sky with a pair of wings. But his reason is still there. To be exact, his EQ is not lost.

When girls and boys express their love like this, if boys don't respond, they will suffer a lot later: "Zhuang Xiaoniu, my young master is also attracted by your excellence."

"Are we boasting or are we courting each other?" Zhuangmomo looked at him with a smile on his face. It's really good to fall in love with and be loved by one person, especially two people are so excellent.

In the past, she didn't see her second sister making boyfriend, but Zhuang Momo, a man standing beside her, thought something was wrong. Now she understood that those people were not good enough to look at her with her second sister.

It's not that she judges people by their looks, it's that she thinks her second sister is so excellent, and only with a better man can she be worthy of her second sister.

During the conversation, the mood at the end of the war has recovered, and the next step is to wait for the opportunity to prepare for action. In order not to be noticed, they have to do it after all the stalls in the market are closed.

At this time, after zero point, take the equipment with them and go straight to the destination.

It should be that the enemy didn't expect the two of them to be nearby. They had no obstacles along the way, but they didn't dare to be careless and walk on the main door. Because there was a camera in the main door, before they entered the room, the people in the room would find them first.

They chose to enter from the rooftop down through the window.

From the end of the war attack, Zhuang Mo Mo in the roof cover.

Zhan limo climbed down the drain to the sixth floor window and carefully put the ecstasy in it. After a while, when he guessed the effect of the medicine, he just signaled Zhuang Mo to come down and attack together.

The windows are unlocked. The enemy should not be so careless.

He motioned to Zhuang Mo to withdraw, but just then, there were not many people in the empty alley and the roof, but there were also many people. There were about a dozen people on the ground and about a dozen on the roof.

Zhuangmomo bit his teeth and said, "Damn it, we are still trapped by the enemy because we are so careful."

"Don't panic. They don't have weapons. We still have a good chance." At the end of the war, he was still calm as usual. "Maybe they have found the bug we installed and have been acting for us."

Some people shouted, "son Zhan, are you coming down by yourself or are our people going to invite you down?"

Since it has been found, it's not the way to fall on the sewer again. Zhan Liming said, "I won't bother you. Let's go down."

He and Zhuang Momo went down the drain together and quickly slid to the first floor. Maybe they were too relaxed. When they slid to the ground, ten or so enemies all stepped back.

At the end of Zhan Li's reign, he put all their performances into his eyes and raised his lips slightly: "Oh, your Mr. Gu Cheng and Mr. Gu Cheng want to see me. Just let me know. How can you work so hard?"

"Mr. Zhan is really a smart man." It's really because they are told to be alive that they dare not act rashly, especially before they don't know how much weight the enemy has in front of them, everyone keeps a distance.

"Then I'll trouble you to lead the way." At the end of the war, he was very calm. At that time, he had a deep heart. Second, he reassured Zhuang Momo. Zhuang Momo didn't let him down. He was as calm as he was all the way. There was no sign of panic on his face.

"Mr. Zhan, please!" They didn't tie them up, and they didn't know what they meant.

At the end of Zhan Li, he took Zhuang Momo's hand and shook it hard. He didn't say a word more to her, but just then, Zhuang Momo understood. He wanted her not to worry.

Zhuang Momo doesn't worry, but is a little annoyed. She stayed on the roof for a long time, but didn't find any ambush. If the other side didn't leave a living mouth, now she and Zhan limo may have been two dead bodies.

Zhan LiMao and Zhuang Momo were invited to a military off-road vehicle. The windows were made of steel bars. When the doors were locked, the front and rear seats were firmly separated into two concealed spaces, and they were not afraid to escape.

After getting on the bus, the car started very quickly. They didn't know where these people were going to take them. They drove very fast all the way. The car was still very bumpy. It should not go to the center of the city.

It can't be ruled out that the car is equipped with a bug and a stealth camera. Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo didn't talk too much. What they wanted to say was that they both understood each other's eye contact.

They should have been out of the civilian area for a long time, but in order to lead them out, they made some false impression that they were still in the civilian area.

This is no, the two of them thought they were in the civilian area and were arrested.

The car has been driving for nearly an hour, and Zhan Li has been holding Zhuang Momo's hand tightly. He hasn't let it go for a second.

Zhuang Momo leaned lightly on his shoulder and handed him a smile, indicating that he would not worry about her. She would not be afraid, and she also believed that the two of them could find ways to complete the task.

I don't know if it's because they always win the first place when they train in the army. They are so confident when they are in danger.

The car finally stopped. The door was opened from the outside, and in front of them were Quan 1 and Quan 2, who had been cleaned up by them. They were gnashing their teeth at the end of the war. However, due to the instructions from above, Quan 1, Quan 2 and Quan 1 could not do anything about them. They were polite: "Mr. Zhan, please get off the bus."

Not only did they not get rid of them in the first time, but now they are still so polite. These people do not have time to act with them now. They should have other plans.

Soon, at the end of the war and zhuangmomo, they saw the target figures of their mission sticking to the goal and achieving the goal. They also learned from their mouths the real intention of the enemy to "invite" the two of them to come.

He looks young and kind in his eyes. If he didn't know his identity in advance, he would never have imagined how poor and fierce he was. He has a leg that is artificial. He walks a little stiff and even talks politely.

Before Chengqian, he was a little older, but he would not be more than 40 years old, with healthy limbs and a murderous look in his eyes. The true faces of the two men are totally different from those described in the materials they saw before at the end of the war.

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