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Mr. Zhan, please come here. I want to ask you for help. If you don't understand me, please forgive me. " He spoke with a smile on his face, a typical smile with a knife in it.

There are two chairs next to him. At the end of the war, he was not polite. He took Zhuang Momo and sat down: "Mr. Gu asked me to come here with such a big formation. It's not a small favor for me to help."

"It's a big thing for us, but it's too small for Mr. Zhan." "Keep beckoning for two cups of tea," Mr. Zhan, please have tea

"You're welcome." This tea can be drunk at the end of the war, no matter whether there is any additive or not, but it can't be said directly. It's a circuitous tactic, "Mr. Gu might as well say what I'm going to do for you."

"It's very simple." Stubborn smile, "is trouble to fight childe to your father war chief to call, let him provide us with some arms."

"Well, it sounds very simple. It seems that it's just something that the war chief can handle in a word." It turned out that this old and cunning thing had never started against them. It was an idea in my heart.

Arms are the most important thing related to national defense for any country. It's a very simple thing to be shamelessly said by this hateful guy who can deliver them.

Even if he is willing to call old man Zhan, old man Zhan will not betray his country for him. This tenacity really belittles his family's old man Zhan.

"Please, Mr. Zhan, call the war chief now." As soon as the adamant words fell, someone put them on with a mobile phone. Adamant said, "Mr. Zhan, please."

"I can make this call, but I have one condition." The other side is laughing, and they are hypocritical and polite. At the end of the war, they are also accompanied to the end. "You send my partner away first. After she returns home safely, I will make this call." "This little sister is Zhan childe's little lover. Your lover, that is our VIP, as long as we get what we want, I promise to send her safely out of X city. " From the beginning of the war, when they left the hand of Mo Mo de la Zhuang, they found that the relationship between them was not ordinary.

Just can't be sure. Now let's send the little girl away at the end of the war, which just confirms his mind. Since they have caught such an important chip, there is no reason to let the little girl go before they get what they want.

"Mr. Gu really has a good eye. At a glance, he can see that the relationship between us is unusual." At the end of the war, he admitted generously, with a faint smile on his face, which made people unable to guess what he thought.

On the contrary, it was his performance that made the defender hesitant. Zhan limo was not a simple second ancestor. They thought a lot these days to catch him.

He admitted so readily, which made the firm doubt the real relationship between him and Zhuang Momo. Maybe he just wanted to protect himself from going out with no other intention.

"Mr. Zhan, I'm not used to using old things because of your noble status. This cell phone and phone card are new." Obviously, he was in a hurry to call Zhan Nianbei at the end of Zhan Li's day, but he just stuck to it and didn't say it directly. He said a lot in a roundabout way. "Mr. Gu, it's going to be light. I'm really tired because I didn't sleep this night. I'd like you to arrange for us to have a rest first. When my master has a rest, I can say anything." In fact, he is very good at playing these tricky things.

We can see it from the defenders and the people on the ground, but even if the end of the war is in their hands now, they are still passive.

If their power is damaged, the key lies in the lack of supply of weapons. If they don't have enough money to buy, they can only find other ways. Now the end of the war is in their hands. They ask Zhan Nianbei for weapons. Zhan Nianbei will not dare to refuse for his precious son.

We had this idea long before he Shoushou and Cheng. Now we are one step away. As long as we call at the end of the war, we will know the result of their efforts in this period.

"Since you are tired, I will send you back to your room to have a rest."

War away from the end: "thank you." With a wave of his hand, Zhan limo was immediately led upstairs by Zhan limo, who had just walked two steps. At the end of Zhan limo, he heard Zhan Shoumo say: "Mr. Zhan, my two-story house doesn't look very solid. I used to recruit thieves. After being stolen several times, Quanyi and Quaner found a way to use concealed weapons around the house, and some thieves broke in. They were also seriously injured. "

"Thank you for reminding me." This is a warning. It's obvious that we can't hear it at the end of the war, but he didn't say too much. He took Zhuang Mo to go upstairs.

Downstairs, Cheng Qian's face was angry: "Mr. Gu, that kid is obviously delaying time. If we don't give him a look, he won't call Zhan Nianbei obediently." "Brother, now his life is in our hands. Whether we can take his life or not depends on our mood. But don't forget that what we need most is his father. Whether we can get it depends on his father's mood. The current situation is not necessarily the best for us. "

The situation is too clear to stick to. It's not easy to have a chance to get what they want. It can't be destroyed because of the bad attitude towards the end of the war.

It's not that he didn't understand these things. What he was angry about was his attitude towards the end of the war. If he hadn't tried to control his emotions, he would have asked someone to clean up the kid.

Cheng Qian said, "I can't move until the end of the war, so the girl around him must move." "I don't know whether they are lovers or not, but just at the end of the war, he told us that he attached great importance to the girl. If the girl had something to do, don't let him call. We can't ruin our whole plan because of a girl.

”Before Chengqian, he said: "I can't move until the end of the war. The girl beside him can't move either. Do we have to let them two young people lead their noses?"

Stick to the shoulder before clapping again: "brother, sometimes you are much calmer than me. You will think of many possibilities before you do things, but why are you so impatient about this matter?"

Cheng Qian: "I......" He insisted: "the end of war is in our hands. What's the difference between the good and the wounded? You calm down and wait. See what else he can do tomorrow. "

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