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When he dials the second time, the cold robot voice comes from the handset - sorry! The number you dialed has been turned off. Please call again later!

I feel like crying at the end of the war!

He waited for two days and didn't wait for the call from Zhuang Momo. He finally waited, but scolded Zhuang Momo for turning off the phone and ignoring him.

He really wants to ask heaven, what evil did he do in his last life?

To make him like such a stubborn, bad tempered and violent woman, the key is that the woman is very careful. If he scolds the wrong person, she can turn off the phone and ignore him.

"Stinky boy, everyone is basking in the garden. What are you doing here alone?" When Qin Xiaobao came to find him, he saw that Zhan limo's face was not very right, and immediately reached out to probe his forehead. "Is that bad boy, is it hurt?"

"Mom, I'm fine." Zhan Li takes Qin Xiaobao's hand away at the end of the battle, turns around and runs out. "Mom, I have something to go back to Jiangbei first. Tell brother and sister-in-law that I will come to see them and the little princess another day." "Son of a bitch, what's going to make you hurry back to Jiangbei?" Even his favorite big brother doesn't care. There must be something more important. Qin Xiaobao smells a special smell and doesn't go after the end of the war. He immediately calls the old man of her family, "Zhan Nianbei, your son is going back to Jiang now

north. You send someone to stare at him and see what Mingtang he is doing."

I don't know what Zhan Nianbei said on the other end of the phone. Qin Xiaobao said with a smile: "I'll let you send someone to stare at him. Maybe this kid is really in love this time."

If Zhan Li falls in love with her, she will soon become a mother-in-law. Maybe she can play with her sister-in-law like her grandchildren in the future.

Well, it's nice to think about such a picture. I hope it will come soon.


He rushed out of the villa yard and ran like crazy at the end of the war. After a long run, he thought how stupid he was. Why didn't he let his driver drive him to the airport? Did he want to put on a pair of wings and fly back to Jiangbei?

He just looked worried. If he could, he really wanted to put on a pair of wings and fly back to Jiangbei, but now technology is not so developed, and he can't fly with wings.

He ran back to find the driver to take him to the airport.

Xishan villa area is only 30 kilometers away from the airport. It's not far away. It's half an hour. The car arrives. At the end of the war, you get off the bus and run all the way to the airport.

However, something that never occurred to him happened.

He never dreamed that he would meet Zhuang Momo in front of the self-service ticket machine at the airport.

Zhuang Momo!

Zhuang Momo!

Zhuang Momo!

Zhan Li stared at her at the end and rubbed her eyes. He made sure again and again.

The woman in front of me is really Zhuang Momo! It was Zhuang Momo who made him not like himself!

"Zhuang Mo Mo?" He called Zhuang Momo three words, careful as if a little louder would scare her away.

Zhuangmomo didn't expect to see Zhan Li at the end of the airport either. She had a surprise in her eyes when she heard his name, but she soon hid her face and said without expression, "if I don't see you in two days, Mr. Zhan won't know me?" Seeing her face and hearing the familiar voice, Zhan Lifang was sure that zhuangmomo in front of him was the one he was thinking about. No matter how badly she hurt him, he was so excited that he took her into his arms and held her tightly: "I don't know you, I can't believe I will meet you here. Zhuangmomo, you tell me I'm not dreaming. "

Zhuangmomo was still held by him and did not speak.

Zhan limo was so excited that he hugged her more and more tightly, hoping to rub her into his blood: "Zhuang Momo, tell me, how can you be in minluo city?"

The man didn't know how strong he was. Zhuang Momo was so wrapped up in him that he couldn't breathe. He wanted to push him away, but he couldn't: "at the end of the war, do you want to kill me? If you don't let go, I'll suffocate. "

"I've really thought of it, but I can't bear it." At the end of Zhan Li, he let go of her and pinched her face

Zhuangmomo looked at Zhan Li at the end with a sad little look that you almost strangled: "I came to minluo city to find my boyfriend, but before I saw him, I was scolded by him on the phone. I don't think he wants me at all, so I'm ready for Jiangbei. "

"You come to minluo to see me?" At the end of the war, I couldn't believe it. I just felt that a flower suddenly appeared in my heart, which made him light and floating.

It turned out that he couldn't get through to her all morning because she was flying to see him.

Zhuangmomonunu said: "people are in front of you. Can there be any false?" "I believe it." Zhan Li kisses her forehead at the end of the day. "I also want to tell you that it's not your boyfriend who scolds you. It's your boyfriend who has been calling you and can't get through. He waits for you to call him, but he hasn't waited for a long time. He's getting more and more fidgety. Who knows that when an old friend calls, he's so excited that he doesn't even look at the phone that he thinks it's you. He hears that it's you When someone else's voice, the moment disappointed to explode. Then it will happen that you call him and he scolds you. In fact, he is angry and answers without watching the phone. "

Knowing the reason of the matter, Zhuang Mo nestled in the arms of the end of the war and rubbed like a lazy kitten: "so it is."

War from the end said: "then you will forgive me?"

"You didn't apologize to me," said Zhuang

War away from the end: "I'm sorry!"

"Fool!" Zhuang Mo Mo smiled softly, "if I don't forgive you, how can I let you hug and kiss again."

She Zhuang Mo is not an ordinary girl. If she doesn't want to, men can't get close to her.

At the end of the war, he was so excited that he held Zhuang Momo up: "since you have come to minluo City, we will not hurry back to Jiangbei. I will play with you in minluo city."

Zhuang Momo: "so many people at the airport, you let me down first."

At the end of the war: "I hold my girlfriend and care about others."

Zhuang Momo: "..."

At the end of the war: "put your hand around my neck and don't fall off."

"By the way, how are you at the airport?" Zhuangmomo's reaction is that he came to visit his relatives in minluo city at the end of the war. He said that he would stay for a week and should not appear at the airport at this time. "It's not because you shut down and don't answer my phone. I'm in a hurry to go back to Jiangbei to find you." Fortunately, he came, otherwise, he would never know that Zhuang Momo was not inactive. She took the initiative and came all the way to find him. Finally, he knew that he was not working alone, and she was working hard.

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