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There's nothing missing from Xiaodian, but her arrival makes everyone so happy, so everyone thinks about how to hurt this little guy.

No, except for the two little brothers who are very excited, the other one must be simple.

Last night, Jane didn't sleep very much. She thought about this and that. She wanted to buy all the good things in the world and give them to their new baby.

Of course, she didn't sleep well, and Qin Yue couldn't sleep well either.

Seeing her excited, Qin Yue hugged her and said, "Jane, where is your calmness at ordinary times? Can you get excited like this by adding a new member of the family? "

At that time, Jianran's whole mind was on the child, and she didn't notice Qin Yue's face sunk because of jealousy: "Qin Yue, that's a Ze's child. Now a Ze has a wife and a daughter, and has a complete family, how can I not be excited. "

Qin Yue said: "a Ze has a complete family, we should be happy for him, but you can't always ignore the people around you."

"I know." This is the way to say it, but Jane still thinks about the child and doesn't pay attention to him lying beside her.

It's because he was ignored by Jianran last night. Qin Yue was sullen in the morning. When Jianran pulled him to name the child, he still didn't pay much attention to others.

"Qin Yue, are you really going to be angry with me?" she said

Qin Yuewei squints at her and says he's angry.

"Don't you really want to talk to me?" she added

Just like this, Qin Yue's face moved: "children's affairs let them deal with them by themselves, you should spend more time with me."

"Have we been apart for more than three days in these years?" she said? No, you said I didn't spend enough time with you. "

Qin Yue looked at her with profound eyes: "so many years, but I still wish I could have you with me all the time."

Qin Yue, a man who is not good at saying love words, is just because he is not good at it, so it's precious to say such words from his mouth, which makes Jane unable to parry.

"Mr. Qin, won't you be bored after all these years?" Looking at him, Jian ran saw the waves of water flowing in her eyes, shining brightly. "Qin Yue, after all these years, she has only been looking at me as a woman. Have you really thought of anything else?"

Qin Yue's eyes are heavy again: "so many years to me a man, you have other ideas?"

"How dare I?" she said with a smile

Qin Yue: "how dare you?"

Prove to be a thief without courage?

Jianran said: "you are such a husband. Many people can't ask for a husband for several lifetimes. I can be your wife. I'm satisfied not only in this life, but also in the next life. I dare to have other ideas."

Qin Yue is very satisfied with his simple answer, but his expression is still plain and light. No one else can see the change of his expression, but Jane who has lived with him for so many years can't.

Jane put her hand in his palm and asked him to hold it: "well, no matter what the children's business is, aze should have thought out the name for the baby early, so I won't worry about it. You can accompany me to have morning tea."

Qin Yue holds Jianran's hand and nods: "HMM."

"I like you holding me like this," she said

Qin Yue didn't answer, but subconsciously grasped her hands more tightly.

The best life is to hold one hand and grow old together.


Everyone was celebrating the arrival of the little princess, but there was also a man in caoyingxin in Han. He took out his mobile phone from time to time to have a look, and then put it back into his pocket disappointed.

- this man is the end of the war without accident.

It's been two days since he came to minluo city. He hasn't seen his sweetheart Zhuang Momo for two days.

Especially to see that everyone in the family is in pairs, his heart is as hard as rolling in the oil pan.

What's more exasperating is that in addition to his daily phone call to Zhuang Momo, the woman of Zhuang Momo never calls him actively, and she doesn't know if she doesn't miss him at all.

Maybe she doesn't care about their relationship at all.

That woman of zhuangmomo is so cold and heartless.

He was blind, too, to see her as merciless and heartless.

Although I feel that Zhuang Momo is cold and heartless, Zhan Li takes out his mobile phone to call her at the end of the day, but her phone is still shutting down.

This morning, he called Zhuang Momo more than 20 times, and he was in a state of shutdown. I don't know if she was controlled by her terrible second sister again.

Just thinking about it, the cell phone just put in his pocket suddenly rings. Zhan Li hurriedly takes out his cell phone at the end of the day. He doesn't even see the number on the screen, so he answers immediately: "Hello, Zhuang Momo..."

However, the voice from the other end of the phone was not Zhuang Momo's voice. He was furious at the end of the battle: "Wang, do you want to die if you don't have a mother to call my cell phone?"

Then he snapped up the phone and confused the people at the other end.


He is really angry!

He got in touch with Zhuang Momo all morning when someone called. He thought at the first time that the phone Zhuang Momo called was someone else. It was nice that he didn't explode.

In fact, he was not such a hot tempered person. How could he suddenly become so? In the end, it's not because of the woman Zhuang Momo.

He felt that he was passionate, but zhuangmomo was like a piece of ice. How he burned it could not melt her.

He devoted himself to the relationship, but Zhuang never got into it.

Originally holding a belly of fire, this time almost a lead, who hit who is unlucky.

At the end of the war, when he was about to explode with rage, the cell phone he just put down rang again. Damn it, he had never seen such an unintelligent person. He knew he was angry and dared to call.

Since he took the initiative to send him to look for scolding, he would complete him: "don't know I'm angry? Who the hell dared you to call? "

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

At the end of Zhan Li's reign, he thought it was Wang's fear. Then he roared angrily, "what's the matter? Call and don't talk, is dumb or stupid? "

Just at the end of the war, when the bombardment happened, the man at the end of the phone said softly, "it seems that I shouldn't have called you." Then, hang up.

Damn, it's the voice of Zhuang Momo!

At the end of the war, I saw the mobile phone display screen, and it was clear that there were three words of man and woman on the screen.

At this moment, the war left the end of the head as if exploded, repeatedly only one voice - the end! He quickly called back, but the people over there didn't answer, and there was no one to answer when it rang to hang up automatically.

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