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White Dragon Return

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This was his second Soul Skill, White Dragon Return. Liu Feng was able to temporarily draw upon the White Dragon’s unique bloodline by drawing the bloodline from within the spear and taking it into his own body. Under Lan Xuanyu’s golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass’ amplification, the effect of his White Dragon Return was exponentially increased. If he used it with just his own power, not only would his skin not change color, but the skill would also, at most, only last for 10 seconds. But under Lan Xuanyu’s assistance, the time would increase by more than double and the might would increase by a great margin as well.

With this in hand, the three were able to glide forward over 30 meters and managed to avoid the most dense pack of Ground Fire Lizards at the foot of the mountain. Although the surrounding Ground Fire Lizards were rushing towards them, the quantity was far less.

But right at that moment, as though it was able to sense humans flying, the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon unleashed a furious roar to the sky and spewed out a pillar of flames upwards.

Liu Feng and Qian Lei paled in fright. They were about 40 meters away from the mountain and were surrounded by Ground Fire Lizards. It was impossible to take shelter by the mountain. A shower of meteors was about to descend!

Lan Xuanyu, not having expected the meteors, immediately made a decision and ordered Liu Feng, “Charge ahead at full force. Head straight to the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon.”

‘If we die, we die!’ Liu Feng gritted his teeth and charged straight for the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon. The appearance of the meteor shower frightened the Ground Fire Lizards and caused them to curl up. This allowed the trio to pass without any obstruction.

Liu Feng’s unmatched speed in the elite junior class was displayed at full force here. Even while carrying two of his teammates, with Lan Xuanyu’s golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass’ support, he was extremely fast.

The descent of the meteor showers needed time, and they came at different periods.

As Jin Xiang and his team were too high up in the sky, they had been the first to be drowned and destroyed by the flaming meteors.

Since Lan Xuanyu’s team was gliding at a low altitude, it was natural that they did not receive the same attack.

As Lan Xuanyu calmed himself down very quickly, they were able to avoid the meteor shower without much difficulty. The troubling matter was the large sea of fire that formed after the meteors exploded.

Qian Lei was completely stupefied. At that moment, the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon looked upwards and unleashed another fire pillar into the sky. The Ground Fire Lizards either curled up in fear or scurried away frantically. The entire valley was filled with an aura mixed with terror and franticness.

“Head beneath the belly of the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon,” Lan Xuanyu shouted towards Liu Feng.

Liu Feng’s eyes lit up, as he understood Lan Xuanyu’s intention. The Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon, which had its throat raised to the sky, could not continue attacking to maintain the might of the meteor shower. After experiencing the first process, Lan Xuanyu figured that the casting time was approximately 20 seconds. This meant that the safest place in those 20 seconds was most probably beneath the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon’s stomach.

This was not Lan Xuanyu’s original intention. His initial plan was to enter the valley and distance themselves from the Ground Fire Lizards before investigating the inner part of the valley. However, after encountering this new soul beast, he could only adapt to the situation.

Lu Qianxun’s team was left without a choice and plastered themselves to the mountain wall in the face of the meteor shower.

They no longer cared about what Lan Xuanyu and his team were up to. In their hearts, the three knew they were done.

Liu Feng, still under the White Dragon Return state, was at his peak speed. It was as though he had turned into a small white dragon; the spear and him were one. Within only seven or eight seconds, he brought Lan Xuanyu and Qian Lei close to the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon.

At this moment, the meteors had landed on the ground and produced extremely loud explosions that induced heat waves that assailed them from all directions.

Lan Xuanyu’s eyebrows knitted as his eyes focused and released an ice mist calmly, alleviating the fire poison on his companions.

He occasionally observed the falling meteors. Using the golden patterned Blue Silver Grass on Liu Feng’s body, he was able to communicate with Liu Feng and remind him to avoid the incoming meteors.

Fortunately for them, they had long practised rapid changes in directions countless times. Lan Xuanyu carried Qian Lei with one hand and coordinated his footwork alongside Liu Feng. Liu Feng brought them forward like a car as the three sped forward, three as one. The three had reached a pinnacle in their speed.

“Boom!” A meteor exploded near them and unleashed a powerful heatwave. With a bellow, Lan Xuanyu congealed an ice wall and exploded it. He used his own explosive force to withstand the incoming heatwave.

At that moment, Liu Feng was also maintaining his peak form as he unleashed his Soul Power without restraint. He planted the White Dragon spear into the ground and sent the three flying forward once again.

Although their directions were altered slightly by the heatwaves, they were able to fall right beneath the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon.

Another blazing heat wave surged towards them. They were only near the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon, but the intense heat was enough to cause the temperature of their bodies to soar.

Fortunately, Lan Xuanyu was capable of using his water element control to alter the temperature around them.

Upon touching the ground, the three slid forward as close as they could to the ground. They arrived beneath the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon, where the temperature above their heads soared to an unprecedented level.

As they were close, they were able to truly sense the terror of the large soul beast. It was immense. The large scales on its bodies emitted high temperatures. Following the flaming pillar that spewed from its mouth, its entire body trembled incessantly.

Everything outside had transformed into a sea of fire. It felt as though only the ground beneath its belly was the holy land.

Right then, Lan Xuanyu, Liu Feng, and Qian Lei all felt as if their hearts had stopped beating. To them, the entire experience was a thrill ride, but at the same time, they felt an intense excitement surged from within.

Everywhere around them was a sea of flames, while right above them was the terrifying Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon. But the three of them were well and alive. Was that not some kind of fortunate encounter? It was a kind of unprecedented experience!

After another 10 odd seconds, the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon’s furious roar gradually ceased, but the plain around them had turned into fiery rain. Lan Xuanyu used his water element control to produce an ice mist that protected their bodies.

“What do we do now?” Qian Lei whispered.

The three of them clearly had no way of getting out. The sea of fire was not something their current cultivations could contend against. Going out would mean burning to death.

Hesitating, Lan Xuanyu replied, “The place beneath the light is the darkest. We will go wherever the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon goes. Since it’s too big, it shouldn’t be able to discover anything beneath its belly. We’ll wait until the fire outside extinguishes before finding an opportunity to slip out.”


This was the only plan they could follow. Since they chose to move under the gigantic dragon, they had prepared themselves for the risk. After all, they were in the simulated Soul World, not in the real world.

After unleashing its second meteor shower, the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon seemed to be fatigued as well. It stood in place to catch its breath for a moment before continuing on its path. The trio quickly followed along right beneath the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon’s belly, in between its two thick legs.

The Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon was simply too large, giving them sufficient space to walk together.

Loud thump sounds constantly rang out beside them every time the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon took a step. This caused the ground beneath their feet to tremble. Just then, for some reason, the scene of Tang Le stomping on the spaceship and the eight golden dragons that abruptly appeared to destroy the spaceship suddenly appeared in Lan Xuanyu’s mind. The sensation of the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon’s steps was faintly similar to one stomp from Tang Le.

Now that he thought about it, the golden dragons appeared when he stomped down. Did that mean that the golden dragon that appeared at the start and saved him was related to Tang Le?

The trio continued to walk beneath the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon with fear and trepidation. Whenever the large beast would suddenly switch from walking slowly to increasing its speed, they would wearily follow along. Fortunately, speed was not the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon’s forte.

The flames around them gradually ceased and left behind a humongous patch of charred earth. “Get ready, Liu Feng,” Lan Xuanyu whispered. “We’ll slide out from behind its left foot. It’s the most likely place where it’ll turn a blind eye.”

“Alright,” Liu Feng immediately agreed.

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